London's first capsule hostel - BBC London News

When was the last time you stayed in a youth hostel? It probably didn’t look like this one – London’s first ‘capsule hostel’. It’s a dormitory with just enough room for a bed and everything you need inside a self-contained pod. They've been popular in Japan for years – reporter Thomas Magill goes to Borough to see if they'll take off here.

  • Josh Nichols The Twitching Weatherman

    What if they are secret washing machines. Oh the claustrophobia 😖

  • Jamie Brennan

    They should make these fir homeless people

  • ye s

    Very good idea, works really well in Japan, it's about time we had something like this

  • daydreamerindian

    Feeling claustrophobic and short of breath by just a look of it.

  • Amy Wheelwright

    £30 is way over priced for what you get with this capsule. With a couple of months of advanced booking, you can get a private room with your own bathroom, double bed and TV at one of the central-ish Travelodges.

  • ShAdOwMaN

    Americans will not like it.You'll need double size of that capsule to fit Americans.

  • AB 313

    This is where clone troopers sleep in star wars

  • N. Ali

    Feeling claustrophobic just by looking 😢

  • Luis Figo

    Looks ok for €30 per night plus breakfast. The most important is to be safe. Thanks for the video...!

  • Jayyy Jay

    £30 is way too much can get a full hotel room for that much

  • Armstrong Chan

    It is actually very ccomfortable to sleep in such a tight space bed, it is like our ealiest stage of life -- sleeping in the womb!

  • Oscarama

    It will be sad if this ever becomes 'mainstream' in youth hostels... So many great nights + friendships have started, meeting backpackers across good ol' fashioned bunkbeds 😆 However I can see the benefits here for introverts + business people.

  • none ofurbizness

    big lad just crushed his ilaptop thing at the end lol

  • شیر خان Sher Khan

    This proof that fittest will only survive in future

  • Clarissa McPigeon

    The way London's going, you will live in there as a young professional and pay £650 a month. In Zone 4.

  • Greenpoloboy3

    Inspired by the local Morgue

  • Jimbo Slice

    R.i.p. to that MacBook 🤣

  • LifezLife

    Looks better than the ones in Japan

  • David Fernandes

    This is will Jeremy Corbyns plan to solve the housing crisis.

  • Sabrina G.

    What if a drunk idiot accidentally went into the wrong pod...🤔What if someone snores loudly 🤔What if someone is lactose intolerant 🤔What if someone tried to tickle your feet, then run away 🤔 What if damn-it! 😡🤣Just joking! Cool concept!

  • Richard Andrews

    I don't really think this would work well outside of Japan. I actually stay in these every-time I go to Tokyo, and I immediately know when there is a foreigner staying, because they are loud and inconsiderate. Granted it's nothing a pair of earplugs couldn't fix, but I guess this is a better option than paying out the butt for an hotel that most of us only use to sleep in. About time, but interested if it will work.

  • Pal

    Why did they make him pretend to go to bed with jeans on lmao


    There's not enough room for a threesome.

  • Ryan S

    Why is London so weird

  • aviv s

    great idea,this is the future

  • Ajay Singh

    This is what we call a place to hide head.

  • Purple Box

    It's not a "cool" idea. It's just another way of demeaning human dignity.

  • R F

    One day Londoners will be living in these, eating insect protein out of a sachet. Obey drones.

  • KC 2016

    £30 is a lot for a Hostel even in London, I've stayed in loads and never paid over £20

  • Karen Llewellyn - My Mum Has Epilepsy

    What if someone nicks your shoes?

  • Truth Hurts

    Hey the UK has affordable housing again!

  • Marky

    Agenda 21 in full effect

  • Jamieus Rowlando

    I'll have to pass on this, I will stay at a 5 star hotel instead. Come on London, what the hell are you doing?

  • Charlie Lee

    stay in a hotel. if you cant afford it, don't go on holiday​.

  • Michael Clark

    They have these pods at some airports. But for multiple nights would get claustrophobic

  • Oliver Veale

    Pealla tv live youtube PEALLA TV LIVE YOUTUBEPerhats he came to uk for 1 night.

  • Listra Gilzene

    Horrible and patronising.

  • Achilleas Labrou

    It doesn't look very secure to me and how silent can be when so many people are so close to each other.

  • Christine Thornhill

    Aw shucks , bees in a honeycomb !

  • Howard Fisher

    Also these things really oughtta have bloody doors!

  • Cresent

    I mean go to Japan and there is one around every corner, we already had capsules in the UK its called a cardboard box...

  • Livin In A Box

    Why not make some for the homeless ?!?!?!

  • Isabel 2277

    I'd only stop in one if it was like the ones in Japan with locking doors and a tv.

  • kim warburton

    i wouldnt feel safe, i would feel claustrophobic, fire risk with electronics and bedding, i dont want to be tramping all over my sleeping area -i am not a pet that needs to scent-mark it's territory XD, no storage, no floor space to interact with other travellers (the whole point to me of choosing a hostel), too many beds in 1 room = snoring, bodily functions and smells, people going in n out at too many different hours. For £30 i expect twice this! for half the price, i have stayed in some lovely hostels in Amsterdam, Leuven (next door to Brussels, it's a student city) Antwerp and Brussels. for £30 i'd expect a single room and privacy albeit a v small room n basic, not some death-trap capsule

  • Sayed I

    Mood lighting? What if I am in the mood to take a dump? Where do take a dump?

  • Moore Marriott

    Hope you like pissing in a bottle, enjoy your stay

  • RandomPower

    What about safety for female travellers

  • Rage

    Imagine being stuck inside that 😶

  • LucAbroad

    That's the future for London, soon a flat will be the size of a coffin

  • Greg Caesar

    Waste of taxpayer dollars for a death trap.

  • crysis4real

    Can two people make out in these pods?


    Soon to be the staple homeSize for the UK population going by how many people want to live here and the shortage of space. . .

  • Kaleeswaran .B

    This is nonsense ! you can get a 2 star room in France or a 3 star room India with that 30 pounds.


    With 8 billion people and immigrants pouring into western cities, this may be the only way to warehouse humans.

  • Best Of Youtube Worldwide

    I had an experience in Tokyo. 35£ is very much expensive....!!! In Tokyo I just paid 20£ for a night and that was awesome feeling.

  • Demons Wings

    I would trade my american citizenship for uk

  • Shirwa Nur

    what if someone creeps in there on you? theres no protection.

  • Onika G

    Uk is going to lowest level to make money by selling coffins. ..This is not it...not just travellers. ..the standard of bedrooms in uk is like box room or can say a prisoners cell.. that's in the market..renting is like paying for a cell in cities. ..the space of the rooms standard of houses in uk is probably going lower ...train service with high price of the most unreliable. .especially in weekend. ..I.T services are completely reliable to indian companies. ....lot of scams..I'd thefts...increased crime rates...donno what else

  • Guido Kaczka On Drugs

    Romans call it catacombs

  • boimackhead

    Seems good for people who like practicality but not worth £30 at all. Should be £10 a night, £15 if you want breakfast included

  • Blue Rainbow

    One way to degrade regular people. Pathetic.

  • Howard Fisher

    What a waste of time and money it must have taken just to rig that shot at the end when the presenter jeff goldblums's himself from pod to pod... typical bbc waste.

  • Rhea Rhea

    Greed never ceases to amaze me.

  • A J

    Feel claustrophobic just looking at it

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