London's first capsule hostel - BBC London News

When was the last time you stayed in a youth hostel? It probably didn’t look like this one – London’s first ‘capsule hostel’. It’s a dormitory with just enough room for a bed and everything you need inside a self-contained pod. They've been popular in Japan for years – reporter Thomas Magill goes to Borough to see if they'll take off here.
  • Livin In A Box

    Why not make some for the homeless ?!?!?!

  • Ethan Gladwell

    They’re way smaller than the other ones I saw before. And much less futuristic.

  • lisa starves

    Now thats a good idea man... cool pods.. why not.. why not pods... for a good price ... 30$night.. COOL way to cool ...

  • Kirsten Chatter

    A washing machine to sleep in. Not paying for thah

  • Dylan Brewis

    Are only curtains as doors safe

  • Dan Bate

    Defeats the purpose of hosteling.

  • Stephen Wilson

    These are terrible quality compared to japan

  • Randy Hendrix

    Stick your bare bum through the curtains and make the loudest fart. No one will know who dun it

  • Brütal Kush ∞

    I thought of starting a business like this a few years ago. I WAS FIRST GODDAMMIT.

  • Grespino 1

    lol £30 a night just go to premier inn mate

  • J. K.

    Why the pedophile symbol lights?

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