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  • Stay See

    Tracklist1. Bonus Points - Morning Mimosa2. Flamingosis - That's Cold3. ProleteR - Alone After All4. Bonus Points - Italian Weather5. Poldoore - First Day Of Spring6. Laster - Palm Tree7. SoulChef - Mellow8. Flamingosis - Flight Of The Flamingo9. Gramatik - A Bunch Of Questions10. Laster - Smooth11. Vanilla - Too Much12. Grumble - Rarejuwelz_JonBlaze13. SoulChef - California14. Poldoore - Carefree


    I came back to see if he's finished rolling. 😂

  • XxENSxX Ninjaaa

    Some say he is still rolling that joint.

  • jchdwck

    you gonna get that shit too tight..

  • DiggyT

    who rolls a blunt for 49 minutes?

  • Ben Schebella


  • Dampfnase

    This makes me like and reply to my own comment

  • Anonymous Turtle

    I smoke too much weed. I have too much weed.On another note its my life essence.I hope this gets lost in the comments

  • Kevin Sierra P

    1. Bonus Points - Morning Mimosa 0:012. Flamingosis - That's Cold 3:243. ProleteR - Alone After All 5:354. Bonus Points - Italian Weather 9:235. Poldoore - First Day Of Spring 11:326. Laster - Palm Tree 14:387. SoulChef - Mellow 18:328. Flamingosis - Flight Of The Flamingo 22:079. Gramatik - A Bunch Of Questions 24:4610. Laster - Smooth 28:2511. Vanilla - Too Much 32:5612. Grumble - Rarejuwelz_JonBlaze 36:1413. Peter Pearson - Say It With A Song 38:5014. SoulChef - California 42:1415. Poldoore - Carefree 45:34Que parche de música 👌🍄🍄

  • High boy

    This is that kind of slow jam that makes me want to abuse marijuana and leave my remote in the fridge

  • Akameta

    I am guessing thats his second joint....

  • Darklord L

    When you get caught up storytelling while rolling up...

  • Reygissify

    This must be a weed section no hate, no insult :D

  • Daniel R.

    Does he finished rolling up?

  • Cerisefia Don

    Why does he wrap his condom?

  • Trigger Hippie

    Best wake&bake in a long time, thank you!

  • tom van eyck

    gotta love stay see! love from belgium

  • Startev

    Must be tough rolling with only 4 fingers

  • Fuhki Tandoori

    A black man who knows his fine Swedish Cheeba is so sticky it needs to be handled with gloves and the proper tools. Once rolled the joint is gently caressed on both ends like a beautiful young nymphs nipples until it becomes firm and well distributed.


    Sweet selection bro !!Also sweet people in the comments man :D

  • John Neal

    My goodness this playlist is so good!!!! As always 😉

  • Matt Read

    Put it on 1.25 speed and you'll experience greatness.

  • Matt Briggs

    is he waiting for a lighter?

  • Jamaican MeCrazy

    Really cool mix. I normally listen to Reggae or Pink Floyd when I smoke, but this aint bad man.

  • Anthonee A

    Sorry can't wait for you today hands... I rolled my own for this study session.

  • Muchamad Arif Rachman

    i'm waiting for donald or goofy to stop mickey from being an asshole rolling the joint way too long.

  • Razvan Constantin

    French people be like "80 blaze it"

  • dimitris avr.

    Nice, chilling stuff. Blaze it guys!

  • Fernando Cortez

    Holy Shit.. Good stuff

  • El Jefe

    I love escaping my reality with drugs and music, the problems will go away after this blunt i knowi will never achieve my dreamsit's oklet's just get high

  • Love Life


  • OG

    aight good news yall the homie finished rollin the blunt and we bouta hit it rn

  • Fox Maven

    he aint rollin that... hes freakin it XD

  • theofficial devonnguyen

    whens he ever gonna spark that shit

  • Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaurus

    Peace in our minds is what makes us stoners alike✌ probs to this awesome comment section 🤙

  • Elliot Harper

    Isn't it ironic that an anti-smoking ad played before this vid?!

  • Luis enrique Hidalgo

    this music exites my CAT !!! wtf jajajajajjaja

  • warlox zulu

    makes me think,write,smoke

  • Marjan Perveinis

    Tsundoku is the japanese word for acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them :)

  • Gloria Alosio

    it took this guy 48 minutes and 54 seconds to roll a joint?

  • Danny Smith

    It's really not even a joint it's rolling tobacco LOL😅😂🚬

  • Blaze It 420

    Happy 420 everyone who is smoking now.

  • Jalyn Marks

    3:26 is the best 420 everyday

  • xxXdankmemer420highscopesXxx

    I watched him roll that shit way too damn long.

  • grandmastr98

    still waiting on this joint !!!

  • dwngrt

    Who's listening to this on 4/20 anno 2018?

  • Timothy Blankenship

    You gotta move past this weak shit, try some LSD

  • That Stony Dude

    My god.... this music + high = Life.

  • joe smoe

    Never smoke with this dude, he take FOREVER to roll up

  • Johnathan Custom

    Ahh shit......Gots me feeling pwodeeay on a sunny day.

  • Bryan Lomax

    This is sooo sick! I've been listening to the everyday.

  • Phånk One

    It's nice, no doubt, but is it triphop? The triphop I know is a lot different. Haven't heard it in a long time though, so correct me if I'm wrong.Stay high out there. Peace.

  • Eller

    I actually F*CKING LOVE this!


    happy 4/20 - 2018 <3greeting from Hamburg

  • Pete Nana

    when hes done that babys ganna be pullin like a pussywagon

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