Sam Nunberg Loses His Mind on Live TV | The Daily Show

After receiving a subpoena, Sam Nunberg takes to cable news to discredit the Mueller investigation, only to offer up his email passwords a few hours later.

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  • Ameya Gokhale

    Sammy boy.... It's Mueller Time!!!!

  • id104335409

    America is the World's reality show!

  • N R

    Trump either draws bat-shit crazy people to him,or turns regular people into jabbering head cases.Either way, not a good sign.

  • Kenny

    Nunburg was high on Covfefe...

  • Agulani

    You know US is done when House of Cards looks more realistic than Trump administration ...Btw Nunberg reminds me of Jon Lovitz in Rat Race

  • TheNocturnalGamer

    ...Remember when politics use to be boring? I miss those days.

  • TheSickness1234

    Ohh man that face screams meme :D

  • Jessie Roe

    I quit here’s my resignation for being a US citizen. Canada here I come

  • James Volk

    That guy is scared shitless, he knows something went down with Trump and the Russians

  • Susie Jadric

    When your coke binge is televised

  • Larvitar Dratini

    This nunberg guy might be more childish than Trump.

  • Rudi Hendricks

    Trevor Noah is so sexy!

  • mkleejr34

    That was nice of CNN to have the Nunberg intervention broadcast on tv. It took Nunberg five hours to finally admit ....he has a problem😣😣😣

  • DBrasco

    This is hilarious! Welcome to the Trump regime. The greatest comedy ever written, starring the biggest clown in presidential history.

  • Maki Roll

    He just went through the 5 stages of grief in one day

  • Super Secret

    You're hired! You're fired!

  • Poojita Shivamurthy

    Trevor il never be bored of ur show

  • TechGoggles

    Women don't snitch 👍🏻

  • Jason Holtkamp

    Hahahaha he’s obviously terrified

  • Estela Escalante

    I enjoyed rewining the video to see the face of Nunberg when he said I'm not going to jail you think I'm going to jail??? 😎😎😎😎😒

  • tariq ramadan

    I'm about to inbox my resume to Trump...... Fucc it... What's the worst that could happen.... He's down to only one black person... So he needs 1 more after Omarosa is gone

  • Eva BitterSuite

    I CANNOT write or make these cast of characters up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃

  • Abraham Lincoln

    I just can't wait to watch a documentary about this or a movie like All The President's Men in 20 years because right now this shit's too crazy yo.

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    Nunberg? More like Nutberg...I'll walk myself out

  • Wolfboss7

    "I'm not going to jail!" So said by every man and woman...right before they go to jail.

  • Jeff Bachman

    Wow this dude lost it lol.

  • Suzanne Berry

    This was his way of letting Roger Stone know what was in his subpoena.

  • 223Drone

    Trump supporters are resorting to mental gymnastics. They think the resignation of Gary Cohen is part of Trump's "draining of the swamp" despite the fact that he was appointed by Trump. This isn't "draining the swamp" its just another display of incompetence from Trump and his administration.

  • TheNzFox

    and that kids is what you call 'high on ALL the meth' . Its the only thing that explains his erratic behaviour followed by his 180 when he starts to come down

  • Kevin Murphy

    "I'm not going to jail", yeah, you are.

  • Merilla Hicks

    And he gratuated from law school!

  • Craplatte

    He's like a small, nervous woodland creature that keeps looking over it's shoulder for predators while nibbling on autumns last nuts...

  • Muhammad Faraz Akram

    White house is like big brother.... Every week a guy leaves the house😂

  • Venc Victor

    Seems like apprentice white house special going on... you are fired

  • mulwa7

    You're hir… fired!

  • blasteroid

    America is the best reality show ever.. hope it won't get cancelled.

  • Simmonds

    Why does numberg not only sound exactly like Wallace Shawn, but he also has the same powers of deductive reasoning as the Sicilian in the princess Bride

  • LibHunk

    At this rate when everyone is leaving, they need to close WH and Trump needs to work from southern WH Maralago.

  • Lemonie Lala

    The Nunberg interviews were popcorn funny entertainment the first thurty minutes, then I got seriously worried for the guy. At some point I got quite convinced either he was going to off himself or some mobster paid for by Stone or Dump would help him with that.

  • Marcus McKinnon

    He needs to contact the FBI for some protection until he cooperates, b/c someone in the WH is gonna try to call a hit on him before he can! This just got scary... Again.

  • lumiesgotcha

    i have to watch this video again. His facial expression was priceless. doesnt he has till this friday to answer his subpoena? I kinda want him to go to jail to think it over. at first he refused to produce his emails and now he's saying he's just gonna give Mueller his passwords. LOLOLOL I want more interviews from him. too funny.

  • blueminnie13

    Remember when "House of Cards" seemed like an impossible political fantasy? OMG!

  • elmerdrums

    "Verbal car chase" LOL brilliant!

  • nabeel DXB

    Nunberg would be the worst spy ever. i'm sure he will never have an affair either, his wife doesn't need to worry if he stays later in the office. he would just tell her about it and say 'i'm fine, i didn't do anything wrong lol"

  • king kofstar

    This is madness, this is the USA. How can we have such incompetence .

  • Majikalnight

    The ship is sinking and this is what happens when rats try to stay on the ship until the very end

  • ch3burashka

    Point 1, the media gave him way too much airtime.Point 2, the fact that he was probably drunk taints the whole episode.Point 3, he's gonna cooperate now, so we all just wasted our time watching him that entire day.

  • Taqi Yasir

    The dominoes are falling in on the orange orangutan in the white house. All of the pieces will fall and the end result : IMPEACHMENT

  • reg cla


  • 5kemosabi1

    I was just hired by trump....he fired me three minutes later

  • 88HD

    It's just a setup for an insanity plea.

  • debbiedoodiedandi

    I also loved the face he made after the other lawyer mentioned that Kenneth Starr sent someone to jail for a year for contempt. He was like "Yeah right! Wait - really?"

  • APPLE & HAPPY x-files

    I pity the fool who go against MUELLER🤔

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker

    Glad it's not just the majority of the American public that is going a little insane. Trump's people are too.

  • MadriFilmArt

    Dude went off his meds...

  • gnbman

    Sam Nunberg is just trying to get Our Cartoon President canceled by making it redundant.

  • Ebony Monet

    Listen all I want to know is what law school this man went to so I can never go there.

  • Sharojan

    This is gold...........Entertaining on a higher level.........No wonder the rest of the world is laughing at USAThank you...From Denmark

  • Lucy Ar

    Love Trevor Noah, humor with truth, great combo. Thanks for the show.

  • Bamidele Akinwolemiwa

    actually, if the activities of this administration were a t.v. series, viewers would consider the plots to be implausible.........

  • mkleejr34

    I like how the CNN put his words on the screen. I'm not cooperating. Arrest Me. Muller at home watching with a big smile.

  • Ethiopis Abrahamovich

    If you were in coma like in March 2016 and wake up like now damn....

  • Eric Ling

    Wonder how the Trump family will handle their meltdowns. Should we get them some adult diapers? Or at least some pacifiers.

  • GuilelessDragon

    Says he's going to ignore the subpoena then starts giving out important information on live TV. Probably not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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