Il Volo - Grande amore (ITALY) Eurovision 2015: GRAND FINAL

Live performance in the Final of Grande amore representing Italy at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

  • Chismes de Thalía

    Non capisco perche cazzo questa canzone non ha vinto...

  • common sense

    sono una grande FAN dal Sud Korea!!!! BravI!! IL VOLO!!  I love those three guys!!! GREAT PERFORMANCE!!!

  • Strange Color Blue

    This was the best song of all! Why this didn't win??!

  • Larisaios


  • Gloria. Nails y algo mas

    The only winners of Eurovision!!!!!!

  • Diego Perez Perea

    They diden´t win but they are selling millions of records all over the world.

  • Gunsu van der Avoird

    I was there ...... I think this was my last Eurovision as well, enough is enough ......THE ARENA WAS KNOCKED DOWN WITH APLOUSES, SCREAMS & CHEERS ALL DURING THE SONG AND THE END...... I have been watching Eurovison all my life time, this performance is by far THE BEST PERFORMANCE EVER, 27 million watchers on youtube, 400 interviews all around the world trying to get a chance to talk with the guys, all their Latin Grammies, numerous golden / platinum records all over the world...... We havent waited last two countries and left the arena with many Spanish fans which they totally had very very discriminated as well . Now i have a question to ESC ........... Dont you have any regulation & serious control at least on ``professional musicians national juries`` ?????? I MEAN REALLY YOU REALLY THINK THAT THIS FUNNY, UNBELIAVABLE , BOOKIES EXPECTED RESULT IS THE RESULT ???????????? Not even one month after nobody remembers your winner song & him but IL VOLO WILL BE THERE WITH RISING THROUGH ...........

  • Diego Perez Perea

    Sweden was good, but the italians Il Volo were very, very good. Thery were the REAL WINNERS. ¡Good! What a magnificent perfomance. ¡STUNNING! 12 big, big Points.

  • Antonella Mancini

    fantastici,risollevano il nostro orgoglio italiano

  • Larisa Trakhtman

    The best song, the best voices, the best looking guys and also best dressed in these gorgeous Italian suits. They deserve 1st place, not 3rd.  They received 1st place in San Remo  in 2015.  This is a great honor, particularly for these young talented singers.

  • Johan Fagerström

    I don't understand why this song didn't won!!!!! And, am I the only swede that didn't wanted sweden to win?!?!? I hoped that italy would have been the winner

  • Mr. Heisenberg

    Respect from Ucraina! BRAVI ITALIANI!

  • Toffee K

    I giudici di Eurovision hanno la merda nelle orecchie. Eurovision judges must have shit in their ears :D Il Volo grandi!

  • Ελένη Δ.

    I will never forget the night i fell in love with the italian music💗

  • irsinium

    I dont remember the winner but i remember them !


    it should have won , the best love song ever

  • Keyra Tovar

    How is that Italy didn't won is out of my mind

  • marina pisareva


  • Sabina A

    I was just shocked they didn't win :( I stayed up all night just to vote for them (it was on at 3am in Australia) Australia love you xxx

  • Tim Car

    Absolutely the only winners.

  • Rosa Nada

    Espetacular. Grande amore é linda. Interpretação dos meninos é emocionante, encantadora. Venham cantar no Brasil.

  • Moonchild

    Amazing job, beautiful voices, Im so in love with this language! 😍😍😍 Congrats from Greece Italy!! ☺️👏👏👏👏

  • beadsstitcher


  • Fior Di Loto

    belli e bravissimi!! quando vi ascolto sono orgogliosa di essere italiana.

  • pippo saraceno

    What is certain is that Italy has literally swept the televoting: the performance of The Flight in Great Love was the most voted by viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 (remember that each country was unable to vote for their representatives). This means that the trio has won the highest number of votes among the 27 artists in the race, resulting first in the standings with a wide margin of advantage over Russia and Sweden, before the response of the televoting was combined with that of juries national and relegasse Flight in third. Here are the complete results of the fruit only televoting.Italy - 366Russia - 286Sweden - 279Belgium - 195Estonia - 144Australia - 132Israel - 104Latvia - 100Albania - 93Serbia - 86Armenia - 75Romania - 69Georgia - 52Azerbaijan - 48Poland - 47Lithuania - 44Norway - 43Montenegro - 34Slovenia - 27Spain - 27Greece - 24Hungary - 21Cyprus - 8UK - 7Germany - 5France - 4Austria - 0

  • MsHighcee

    Wonderful son, wonderful performance. A winner!

  • RosaDiamante 7

    Italia, Macedonia loves u!!! You rocked darlings

  • Diego Perez Perea

    Uauuu... Extaordinario. ¡Stunning! Maravilloso! They are the real winners. ¡Bravisimi!

  • Diego Perez Perea

    Uauuu.... ¡God! They are the REAL winners at Eurovisión. ¡Stunning! Bravo! ¡Olé!

  • zolos1985

    these guys should't participated in Eurovision, they belong in Scala of Milano! Respect from Cyprus!!



  • marina pisareva

    Mama mia...what a beautiful voices...I adore the song))

  • Outos Maria

    this Song should have won there is no doubt about it. Italian is such a beautiful language I truly love it. This performance was so simple yet so beautiful. Well done Italia.


    Per la prima volta nella storia di Eurovision voi siete stati gli unici Italiani ad aver davvero rappresentato la nostra Italia su l'unico palco mondiale d'eccellenza. Siete il nostro orgoglio.

  • Kate Perednia

    I enjoyed many countries this year, but these boys are in a class all by themselves!!! BRAVISSIMO!!! Win or not, the sky is the limit for you!!!

  • Catarina Pereira

    I'm so proud of being 50% Italian, I love everything about this country <3

  • Feliks Maslov

    L Italia la Patria Del Arte Del Monde e vero Grande Talente Piu Bella Canzone Grazie

  • samounetteux 13

    Mammaaaaammmiiiiiiiaaaaaaaa io adoro !!!!!! MAGNIFICO

  • Tess Von J

    1:03 my heart stopped .... Ignacio voice it's juts 😍

  • fabbazipo

    just the best song, the best voices i've heard since a long time,unfortunately they didn't win the eurovision but they have won our hearts,best wishes and big love to you guys you are amazing,you make me feel falling in love, from France.

  • Nick Tempest

    La mia versione

  • Elif P.

    They showed that music does not need stupid shows on the stage. Respect from Turkey.

  • andrea rossi

    Proud to be Italian,grandi ragazzi finalmente avete riportato la musica italiana ai livelli che merita

  • Carlos Fuentes

    the best our neighbours italians. Congratulations, its a great song!

  • Nena Ath

    Unfortunately in such unfair and pointless competitions , the real music and artists like these are not getting the place they really deserve. Italy should have won! I don't know about you, but I get goosebumps every time I watch their live performance. Sweden would be nothing without the impressive background and effects. HERE are the real winners! Enjoy!

  • terry83 godess

    I still wonder why these guys didn't win the first place.Greetings from Greece.

  • Teri Teri

    Their voice alone brings you to tears !!!

  • Spanky Rindone

    this performance still makes me so emotional. I will never get my head around this disgrace of the jury votes in 2015. This was purely explosive.

  • Kristi P.

    still can't understand how this song didn't win.... 😤😑 this song made me love Italy even more than I already's like in the top 5 of the best eurovision song contest ever ❤❤❤ love the song and their voices 😍😍😍👌🎵🎶

  • JessB

    Pero que increíble cantaron, hasta se me erizo la piel de escucharlos !!! debieron ganar

  • Gladys Nobert

    WOW! SUPERB ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Live-Life-Like-A-FairyTale

    they are cute, great at singing and it is all in the beautiful language of Italian ... how did they not win??!! Also they have stolen my heart :)


    Tenia que ganar eurovisión !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bellísima canción y letra espectacular , grandes voces. felicidades ITALIA

  • atanasov valeri

    Perfecto! Greetings from Bulgaria

  • Asia Giusti

    S non abbiamo vinto l'anno scorso con Il Volo non credo avremo altri cantanti all'altezza. L'Italia è quasi 'odiata' dagli altri Paesi Europei altrimenti non si spiegherebbero tutti quei fischi iniziali e durante, hanno fatto vincere il trash.

  • Narmin Sydalyeva

    still watching still falling in love. Best song ever of ESC history!!!

  • Lara Blasco

    they should've won! <3

  • lory argon

    come si fa' una canzone cosi bella con tre ragazzi cosi bravi a non vincere se vede che siamo italiani

  • Carla Carrera

    il volo grandissimo successo vi amooooo

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