New FBI Plan To Expose Trump’s Secret Talks With His Lawyer | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, joins Ari Melber right after attending Michael Cohen’s court hearing where the FBI accused Cohen of misconduct in a scathing new court filing. Avenatti says there is a “high likelihood” that not all communications between Cohen and President Trump are attorney-client privileged.
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New FBI Plan To Expose Trump’s Secret Talks With His Lawyer | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Priestly Lotus

    Don't let Trump's Syrian bombing distract you :)

  • Frank Kelley

    The criminal enterprise, aka The Trump Organization, is coming down. The only hope is now is to start a war and hope dead soldiers can distract us.

  • Eo Tunun

    Holy flock. I guess the real range of those news will take weeks to become clear. Now there will be people putting two and two together with Cohen Docs, Paradise Papers and Panama Leaks and what not.I guess they will find a huge house of cards around the Trump Organisation comming down now. Laundered billionaire´s fortunes, Mafia money, huge tax frauds, corrupt bank deals… this is an earthquake.

  • Amsterdam Calling

    Geez Ari, can’t you let your guests finish a sentence? Don’t be the Michael Cohen of tv hosts.

  • TheFarmanimalfriend

    Orange Sphincter is going down - and there was great rejoicing.

  • 937dboy

    haha im hollering😭! Avenatti is single handedly doing what two trump lawyers cannot. he embarrassed one last week who was not even licensed to practice law in CA! now the other has gotten his door kicked in by the FEDS😂! Avenatti is highly intelligent and also strategic af! Avenatti finished two jew lawyers and now trump will be the main course🍝👍 with mad finesse tho😫

  • Say What

    A man that loves to scream fake news had a fake University, is a fake Billionaire, hires fake lawyers, is a fake stable genius and a fake President.

  • circa now

    I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but does the former FBI head like to dress as Howdy-doody and do unspeakable things in the dark, it’s hard to say but I don’t know, it’s possible.

  • LardGreystoke

    Firing either Rosenstein or Mueller will have no bearing on this case. If Trump goes after the NY federal prosecutor the question is: can they then hand it off to the Attorney General of state of NY, over whom Trump has no authority and no power of pardon? Trump may finally be boxed.

  • Sharon Martin

    Can this get any more delicious? 😃

  • Kelvin Ham

    As I've said before, Trump will be the first sitting President to face criminal charges, very serious criminal charges. Lots of people are going to spend a lot of time in court, lots are going to end up in jail.

  • jp jp

    Avenatti is the makes law proud and Cohen makes law cheap

  • Alan Heath

    I think the comparison with the Godfather is a bit unfair. I know plenty of lawyers who work for only one company - in effect, it seems to me as though Michael Cohen was the in house lawyer for the Trump Organization.

  • donny russell

    Trump has never been a good person, why are people so surprised?

  • Peter Barber

    Michael Avenatti is like a breath of fresh air. A great ally for Mueller and the majority of the US people.

  • Ian McGarrett

    Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti have been a God given gift to the investigation of Trump, or should I say Spanky. The Mueller investigation was probably already focused on Cohen, how could it not be when Cohen himself characterizes his relationship to Trump as being a fixer or consigliere - if anything criminal is going down then Cohen is going to be at the heart of it, because Trump wouldn't have the smarts to insulate his chief counsel from criminal activities... as a mob figure, think Fredo, not Michael. The Stormy Daniels story brings together all the plotlines, the dodgy payments leading to questions about financial dealings, the salacious story that earned Trump the nickname Spanky and lent credence to the pee pee tape allegations, and of course Trump's foolish denial of knowledge of Cohen's payment to Stormy which blew away the shield of attorney-client privileged communication.

  • oceannavagator

    MAGA! My Attorney Got Arrested. Lmao.

  • John :3

    getting my popcorn ready. show is about to start!

  • Rafael guzman

    spanky you re fired !!!!

  • Ben Galvin

    Cohen seems to be nothing more than a Consigliere.

  • Agboola Daniel

    "Prostitute and the president of the US peeing on each other" is such a funny story, if not for the gravity of the effect of this on the world. Missiles are going to be unleashed to distract from the corruption of the president of the US.

  • Greuge 31

    That's not a lawyer, it's a henchman

  • Michael Billington

    Trumpers won't believe any of this, of course, but for the rest of us this indicates that the President is in deep trouble for years and years of shady business practices and lies...

  • Ahmed Balfaqih

    When Ari meets Avanatti, you just have to watch.

  • Ernesto Beltrez

    These crooks belong in jail. I wonder who is chanting lock em up!! Syria attack is a distraction to this scandal, and it's at the cost of us taxpayers. Make America great again!!!

  • Yolanda McBride

    I bet he wish he could have Avenatti represent him.

  • Eric Koontz

    Ah, Avenatti is a superior strategist. He is beating the holy shyte out of Cohen and Trump!

  • B. White

    I wonder who will play Avenatti in the movie 😂😂😂

  • Nguzo LoveInLoFi

    This is bull$**t, the feds were supposed to do this during his campaign. They let this man run probably the shadiest campaign in history, not release his taxes, become president, appoint a judge to the Supreme Court and NOW they want to take a good look into his business practices?

  • nelsonta00

    LUL Avenatti is now brought it as a regular analyst.

  • m. mck

    Trump is acting and being a Mussolini, it is for real. this is a dictator in the making, with the mafia's help.

  • Liz Masi

    Dang! Ari is easy on the eye! And he is smart too!

  • Sandra rodriguez

    I love Avannati!!!!!!, now he is a celebrity 🤗

  • Cy Porter

    I need to go to Cosco to get more popcorn, I've run out again! :D

  • Sereana Duwai

    The Lawyer is not areal lawyer, the President is no a real President- in conclusion the Lawyer needs another lawyer for direction and the President needs another President as imprisonment is now a reality!

  • Rez J

    Where is his lawyer, that all-the-double-cheeseburger eating David Schwartz?

  • Andrew Marcus

    Stormy has a better lawyer than the President.

  • santolify

    spanky is as dumb as ever!

  • Dapper Laughs

    MAGA! Making Attorneys Get Attorneys

  • Scott Wallace

    I wish this were fake news.

  • Christian Breitenstein

    Jesus.30 YEARS? thousands, if not millions of documents?Mr. Cohen's status as an Attorney seems to be in question?Now if the worst happens, and it seems like it actually might, 3 decades of Donald Trump the Civilian's conduct becomes public knowledge. In Dubio Pro Reo of course, but in all honesty the doubt is small at best. I was stating before that the Trump Presidency will end up being one, if not several movies. If that Pandora's Box gets truly opened, we'll have years of entertainment to look forward to! :-DAnd if no movies come out of this, all the lawsuits that will come out of this Pandora's Box that is Mr. Trump the Civilian's conduct over the past 30 years will be entertainment enough. This is bigger than huge.

  • lilian alcasid

    Keep exposing the Shithole's criminal activities and Cohen.

  • Bruce Smith

    Way to much winning.....

  • Nina Kupchenko

    The fixer needs a fixer lol. Dang. Comey is keeping it real.

  • Lanse1984

    It's funny. If Trump is such a criminal and I have no doubt he is. Why would he want to be President. Where it would definitely put him in the crosshairs of prosecutors. Either he was power hungry.... OR someone is blackmailing him into doing it. Which is think is a little of both must mostly the blackmail

  • Rory Fraser

    Hannity must be freaking out

  • funny cyclist

    the cohen guy looks way more like a mobster than a laywer simply the way he walks.... only blood on his ankles is missing

  • McVeritas

    ahahaha Trump called him to fire him ;  He said he was only a coffee boy !!!

  • Mohamed Al Aufi

    Soon, very soon, very very soon Trump will Tweet asking who is Michael Cohen, I don't know him, I never met him before, And Sarah Sanders will add up, he was just another tea boy

  • Neice

    I guess Cohen might be a thug???

  • Gone Fishing

    Mueller has new evidence that Cohen was in Prague August 2016. Cohen lied to Congress.

  • Djn 403

    Fake lawyer for a Fake president

  • Eduardo Trujillo

    Melania allegedly did not want her husband to be president maybe because she knew he is as dumb as dumb can get

  • Jordan Marlin

    Tragically Ridiculous Unfit Moronic President... T R U M P... and what of these Republicans who speak not against him but make excuses for his deplorable administration...? VOTE THEM OUT!!!!

  • Chris Clover

    Pee Pee Spanky Bonespurs is in trouble! No collusion? Let's see Faux News try and spin all this!!

  • Michael Schwartz

    Half of my recommended videos are about the pee tape. Is this Friday the 13th? 'Cause it feels like CHRISTMAS

  • Tango Bango

    Trump is toast. A “woman” will ultimately bring down The Donald.

  • f430 turbo

    Cohen: Real Occupation: School janitor,

  • m. mck

    Trump will go out screaming & taking everyone down with him, move aside if you have any brains. America will preserve, nothing can stop the blue wave.

  • Gilles Charbonneau

    Mueller had a stroke of genius passing this affair to the NY attorney, this way if Trump fires him, the Cohen affair will still go on, and hopefully they will get him with it, never forget that they got Capone on tax evasion!

  • Cyndi Moring

    cohen looks stunned.Christmas in April:)

  • Hanle de Beer

    MSNBC has some of the best reporters around.

  • GR. Hollman

    Eureka! The mother load - brillant!

  • zita harper

    Check mate! Excellent move FBI.

  • Mary Ann Lammersen

    Cohen is Trump's "fixer".

  • Adam Silva

    the complete and total annihilattion of trumps life has begun, nothing is gonna stop this from happening. Hannity is gonna go nuclear

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