"Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding" Live at the O2 London - TREVOR NOAH

Here's a clip from Saturday nights show at the O2 London! Thank you to the 16,000 people that came out and made this show a dream come true!
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  • Awanthi Munasinghe

    Trevor, u r the best in whole world... we love u sooo much and don't miss any of you. Pls visit sri Lanka...

  • lwandile phill goniwe

    You was chubby here boy.

  • Ibsizzle

    I was trying to figure out what slavery has to do with black pasta.

  • Arina Savva

    He is missing a point..its not about black...anymore..It about how British monarchy trying to survive ..in the future world ..with a little distress for now..."color +popularity"..If Harry would be a future king- Megan Markel would never happens.... very sad..every one still stuck on the "black"...

  • Esther .period

    His Nigerian interpretation was so spot on was laughed so hard I cried


    Fantastic , such humour !


    Trevor walks like he has to pee 😂

  • Your Son

    The video should be named:"Black wedding vs White wedding "

  • Nifemi Makinde

    😂😂😂😂 yes oooThat Nigerian accentAll of us must enter the carriage😂

  • Terry Walker

    Lol, when he references "black people" he does it in an African accent and with African references. Although funny, I could not relate to those "black" references. Just goes to show "black" is not a one size fit all term. Depends on your national and ethnic background.

  • Emmanuel Okwesie Arhin

    Trevor, you are so good

  • oyinbo peppe

    His British accents are crap, they are American impressions he is copying, not accurate.

  • Jessyca Yong

    He’s awesome! I’m here (too) for his cute ass.. and accent 🤣

  • Bianca Toivola

    Game is in the end !

  • Thurance Cameron

    Omg Trevor you nailed it...Respect to your hustle

  • Charlotte Makuvire

    I always come back to this video it cracks me up God save the Queen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lisa Hoyt

    Oh no I'll trash other whites on a whole. You know like Southerners. 🤔😜

  • cheeese bomb!


  • Bianca Toivola

    Trevor Noah is Meghan baby's dad!

  • Bianca Toivola

    So funny Man!kkkkkkkk

  • Abbot david-west

    This is my first Trevor Noah show.

  • Fatxi Ahmed

    You the finniest comedian ever

  • Jianna Jackson

    "Let me tell you something. A black cellist has cancelled itself out!"-Trevor Noah (2018)

  • S R

    People from Arab countries are called Arabs. Plz dont say Arabic.

  • kk ok

    Meghan's dad is white Trevor her mom is black

  • Rae Rara

    😂😂😂😂 please the black wedding

  • Mo Beats

    "If it was a real black wedding, it would never end" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Flourish Omoregie

    Omg damn Trevor's Nigerian accent is on point...ok not so on point he didn't say Adebayo right but he did good

  • Brown Sugar

    I agree with him 😂 😂 in Mexico wedding is not just the bride day or groom day it is family day too 😂

  • Jill I

    Meghan Markle is NOT Black....she is Mixed race and identifies as such!Funny video tho.

  • Satoru Kuroshiro

    When you forcefully point out inclusiveness, it stops being inclusive and becomes tokenism.

  • charnte carolus

    Lol that Nigerian Uncle sounds like a coloured mother

  • Teex XHIKARU

    lol. nice one but the Nigerian impression was quite South African ha. Nigerians don't add ha ha 😂 @Trevor Noah

  • Bianca Toivola

    M.M. gGonna see funy Man in America ,love!

  • jabulani theron

    "I don't need you a******'s to save me, I drive myself" 👀 that's a very dark joke

  • legend

    just here for NOAHdnt give a damm care about the weeding

  • Kees Manuel

    Trever is hilarious.

  • Fathima Aamina Nawaz

    Tough crowd...barely laughed compared to most of his other audiences

  • Ally Mngwaya

    I like you Trevor, you talk reality in funny way

  • Conservos

    Give this guy a few minutes, and he is bitching about race.

  • Jill I

    Of course the pastor had to talk about Slavery.......The English literally were masters of slavery, you can't just ignore that obvious fact!!!


    True shit .. cool set ❤❤

  • Khushboo Pidiyar

    Absolutely love his sense of comedy and timing.

  • Andre Newcomb

    Tradition is tradition. And it was their event in a family building.

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