DANGEROUS OVERTAKING! 😬 Most Stupid DRIVERS in the World 2017

DANGEROUS OVERTAKING! 😬 Most Stupid DRIVERS in the World 2017 #4 - Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  • Igor'

    Пипец! Сборник долбо*бов!

  • GlebORGhust

    У вас в Рашке права покупают всякие кончи, либо тупо не учат в автошколах...

  • korona aurora

    Take their drivers licence and never give it back

  • Paw X Paw

    O:11 Oh dear, as I always say when something like this occurs. Why? I got the impression watching this that the overtaking driver didn't go down the gears enough to boost their speed, timed it wrong and or totally underestimated the power of their engine. To put it technically what a twat and a dullard.. Looks like you don't have to be insane to drive in Russia ...it just helps a whole lot.

  • Steve C

    Russians are shit drivers

  • Miss Goldie

    I had wanted to visit the area, but the way those nut cases drive, NO WAY. Geeeeeezus, are they all drunk all the time?

  • Ajuvam juvam

    Povo cego do caralho

  • Sabrefire916

    Who passes in a blizzard wow you Russians are hard-core

  • hillmanant

    God so loved stupid people he blessed us with allot of them.

  • E K

    Stupid Russian drivers !!

  • Sandra Buechner

    Russians are the worst drivers.

  • John Stinson

    I pray to God you people are ok!

  • S Din

    The greatest goodness

  • BoredArmour

    Only in Russia 3 car is overtaking same time

  • JVS 3

    There is no hope for humanity, the world is full of dumbshits

  • Moss

    I'm surprised anybody lives to an old age in Russia

  • Ken David

    If your car cant overtake,why try???in snow and in cars not capable, small imports have no traction control, electronic stability control,like mine does.

  • The Watermelon Felon

    Risking death or crippling injuries to get where you're going 3 minutes faster seems very high risk, low reward lol.

  • Himanshu Sharma

    In Russia the road drive's you

  • soon

    wow whatever language it is that everyone is typing in, it looks cool man

  • James

    Russians are the most impatient race on earth. They don't use their brakes. They don't wait for anyone. They don't even need brakes, just an accelerator . Maybe they are use to horses

  • Pawel Skiba

    Does anybody noticed, that Lada drivers don't have survival instinct at all?

  • Erik

    Lol LADA drivers is the best ones in the world for sure!

  • Joseph Norris

    How the heck do these people who play chicken with large trucks survive?

  • 大朝鮮民族

    Куда ты так быстро едешь в сверкающей машине? Это туалет?

  • Marko Lukic

    most of these guys deserve some jail time to think.

  • TreX Trikii

    I think that the Russians get their drivers license either from McDonalds happy meals or cereal boxesYes I am an English comment

  • Nick Molloy

    Why bother with vehicle crash test laboratories? Just take new models to Russia and let Lada drivers test them.

  • DatDamMexican

    rasta wansta conste rraka ie£ ₩ushtute

  • Le Jeune 6troëniste

    I get the feeling all head on crash testing manufacturers do is for Russia

  • Michael S. Ingle

    Only in Russia do you have to look behind you before safely turning left.

  • Nthato Malope

    Fucking Russians CANNOT drive.

  • Ramiro Salazar

    Animales al volante..con disculpas a los animales ..

  • a man of many parts

    In a nutshell: Where their brains will fit with room to spare 🤡

  • Dylan 81

    I’m still wondering if there is a singular person in Russia that isn’t a blind dumb idiot behind the wheel.

  • CesarGames 2580

    Y pum comentario en español

  • paco gonzalez

    estoy convencido de que estos rusos conducen con el culo.Con carreteras estrechas, lluvia, nieve y unos coches que son una mierda se ponen a adelantar.

  • Kevin Carvalho

    If you wanna know how to overtake, ask an Indian😎

  • 1369Stiles

    if you're gonna make the move....then move your ass; dont act like you're on a leisurely sunday drive and have all day.

  • countteddy

    to save a few minutes?? it costs hours of clearing up...

  • Schell 01

    Plenty bleeyats there, eh?

  • Toni M.

    Mas burros imposible 😂😂😂😂

  • brown fox

    2:45 He wanted to overtake someone who's overtaking someone else?????

  • Nothing


  • Zoid71 Pickle2007

    A load more idiotsThat water down theGenepool. Nevermind.

  • CC TUBE - Driving Fails & Road Rage

    Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!

  • pyronmasters

    Fast + Icy road = Bad

  • Mendez Achumi

    That's why ! 10 & 2 on the wheel and focus!

  • Kim Gibson

    What's every one hurry

  • Rain man

    Having a high speed collision is part of the Russian driving test lol

  • Turk Kilic

    Russians are THE worst and most stupid drivers in the world. Even worse than Asians now

  • Kevin Roberts

    Holy shit, that was a whole lot of stupid!

  • Joseph Norris

    That head on collision is why I hate dumb sh*t drivers! Someone is stupid selfish and because of that, the person who did no wrong is now literally suffering for it.

  • Nick Foord

    A lot of soiled pants there...

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