Gutfeld on Elizabeth Warren's DNA result claim

Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts releases DNA test with 'evidence' of 1/32 Native-American ancestry. Greg Gutfeld reacts on 'The Five'.

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  • Zhi Li

    American women all as arrogant as her, there would have been no 'me--too'.

  • Davonte McPherson

    3...2...1 let's see how Juan going to spin this one 😀

  • Vivian Thibodeaux

    My Daddy said his grandfather was a full blooded Indian Chief. Now tell me. Does this face look Indian, lol?

  • zero g templar

    if everyone is native american then all the indian casinos need to start paying taxes, and the indian tribes need to give back the land given to them by the Government!

  • anthony esparsen

    She failed her dna test she is 99.9 white ok the dna says this and it don't have an agenda

  • G W

    Vote Dr. Shiva AYYADURAI to stop Warren! This Doc has 4 PHDs from MIT! Amazing man!

  • real american

    I love what she does with her hair .So,so sexy.

  • Jayjay Myers

    The black guy is an idiot smh

  • Kevin K

    Lizzie is more F Troop than Hekawi Tribe

  • Just Me

    She might have had a relative 6 or 10 generations ago that wasn't white. And now she's being investigated for inspiring and flaming the Kavanaugh storm to illegally raise funds for her campaign. SMH

  • Louis Frost

    The average white person has 0.00001 watever African DNA, I'm over 1% & white afLet's not start dropping N bombsBeing on the left means never having to say your sorry

  • Jayjay Myers

    Loool white people dont even want her no more smh

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Elizabeth Warren subsequently got re-elected with a resounding 63% of the vote in the far-Left kook state of Massachusetts. There are lot of left-wing kooks in Massachusetts, and most of them vote Democrat. Being a kook is no bar to getting elected if you happen to be Left-wing and a Democrat.

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