Fraudulent For-Profit Schools Make a Comeback Under Betsy DeVos | The Daily Show

Education secretary Betsy DeVos shuts down investigations surrounding for-profit colleges that fraudulently misguide students about job placement and salary rates following graduation.

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  • Ladykyra101

    Yep, kinda how government works...unfortunately. 😔

  • Ryan Johnson

    DeVos is the patron saint of a stupid future.

  • Michelle Terrell

    "Swamponomics 101" - LOVE IT!

  • Banish All

    Private schools are what we want the public school system is beyond repair and needs to be dismantled

  • Aariel Nigam

    'He's stealing jobs from English Majors' XD

  • Baby Giraffe

    Very Beautiful & Lovely 😎 Awesome channel

  • Ayélé Mensah

    The guy said “sussess” and I found myself wondering if he was related to Star Feraldo...

  • River Nile

    deep shit. imagine after high school or college, just spend your researching anything u want to do....

  • Vashti7


  • Kuma Inu

    Where's Trump University? Hahaha! That Fraud-in-Chief...

  • JageshemashFTW

    No no, this is fine. I want the White House's entire administration to be run by supervillains. It will make the revolution all the more satisfying.

  • Les Plus Belle Choses Dans Le Monde

    You know it's a legit college when Lil Romeo is in the commercial.

  • Wayne Malcolm

    I like this video and the message, but have to push back with lumping University of Phoenix (UOP) into this group, and implying that online learning systems provide a lower level of education. I sought my education through UOP and the experience and education were top rate. The teachers, curriculum, and administrators were nothing short of quality. I compare this to the brick and mortar school I went to for undergraduate studies - Syracuse University (SU). SU was also top notch and I feel UOP as far as the graduate studies are concerned compare admirably. Also, when I talk to my colleagues and friends who are engaged in similar online courses via other universities not in the sphere of the ones named in Trevor’s piece, I feel my experience and education are superior. The thing people don’t understand is that online education, which used to come primarily from for-profit organizations, require a great amount of discipline. Fortunately, UOP asked me about my goals, my strengths and weaknesses, and what kind of learning environment I was in (I live and work in Japan, but am a US citizen). Again, I felt they were beyond professional in their approach and business practices. Finally, why is it bad for a university to want to make money? Yes, regulate and make sure things are going well, but don’t demonize a model that really isn’t any different than what is currently in place. Ivy League schools in the US charge a ridiculous amount for the privilege of attending. Instead of calling the income “profit”, they call it an “endowment”. If Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and other world renowned universities were not making money they would not be open. Georgetown doesn’t give away degrees for free, and when you do get one you have debt and no guarantee of a job. I am no fan of DeVos, and the move to lift the investigation is stupid because of the new overseer. That said, a more middle of the road approach is warranted. One that looks at the gap for profits are filling and how we can best utilize the model and educational curriculum they offer because that trends in some industries are moving towards online and vocational education as a way to supplement job training.

  • M. M.

    Betsy seems to be out of touch. Trump is getting away with his plan to dumb all of us way down.

  • OriginalTharios

    You know what the real crime is, here?Not that students are getting scammed, or that it only serves to worsen our nation's economic security.No, the worst part is, that the failure and fraud of these institutions only serves to bolster the claims of the fools who insist that education, as a concept, is not only pointless, but harmful to society.Education is fundamentally the most important aspect of our entire civilization. Without it, nothing about our society is even possible. And yet, here we have people not only claiming that intelligence is a detriment, but that education harms the nation. And it's all about making sure that individuals are either too stupid to catch on to to the fraud, or so stupid that they swing completely the other way into catastrophic naivete.

  • xhagast

    If Bernie gets elected his Justice Department will spend its first three years cleaning up Trump's mess.

  • Spaceman Dude

    Very Beautiful & Lovely 😎 Awesome channel

  • Terri -

    What metric defines a traditional, non-profit, for-profit and private post graduates success ? i.e. Salary, Social Currency, Knowledge.

  • Belinda Dragonstaye Gagelman

    Deceivers & Thieves!

  • David Knight

    Thanks Trevor for making me feel better about getting ripped off from my college (SWFL College). Misery loves company and I have a ton of it. My college charged me over 20k for an Associates degree for Graphic Design (focused on print technology). Not long after, they dropped the entire field. I have a diploma that the school no longer teaches. But it could've been worse. Thanks to the pell grant and me paying for all my books used, I left with only 14k in debt. Yay. While it's not the fault of the college Desktop Publishing field dropped off a cliff (what the degree was supposed to get me), it seems more than fair they could've let me into the field they replaced GD with, Digital Design. I should've known something was up when a month after I graduated none of my professors would speak with me or even look me in the eye. Also, I remember the head of the design department gave my class free books a few months before we graduated. One of them is titled "Digital Design".

  • Elijah cesspoole

    Trevor, go back to your shithole country and try to fight the white side of you. You filthy piece of shit, you come to my country to criticize my president and my country. You insult us with your ghetto victim mentality and pretend it´s all in good fun. You are a wolf in sheep's clothing and will be dealt with as such. Go back to your own country you piece of trash.

  • Mary "Cissy" Majebe, OMD

    Many of us are supportive of having standards that ensure For-Profit Colleges are offering educational programs that prepare students for their career choice. Unfortunately, this law was written so expansively that it will also eliminate some excellent For Profit colleges. Gainful Employment rules and regulations are important, yet they are not just directed at large colleges such as those with mostly online courses. This rule was so poorly written that it is impacting on small For Profit schools that are educating Professionals in the US.

  • William Craig

    Ouch. I'm an English major.

  • Jean Xu

    All of this happening while public colleges are experiencing funding cut that lead to termination of courses and cut of scholarships etc. It is so f*cking depressing!

  • Mariana V

    This is B.S. they are literally preying on people and keeping them in poverty that they are trying to escape

  • Teresa Martino

    This bitch lol a former dean from Devry omfg

  • Scott e

    Is Devry really a scam? Their BSEET is ABET accredited, which is the main thing employers look for when hiring engineers.

  • Kingman Memes

    This administration needs to be stopped

  • demonqueen26

    Well...I am $80,000 in debt to University of Phoenix Online who promised me the same things but I have a Bachelor's in Business and nobody wants to hire me. It's incredibly accurate. Another reason why i hate Trump, who did the same thing with his University, and DeVos who knows about the same as Trump about the Educational system.

  • PeterDad60

    Sue every school on earth because no school has ever had 100% of their graduates working in their field of study. I despise fraudulent news stories and news outlets like this one.

  • Ronnie Wells

    This is why these fuckers need to be voted out. The corruption is right in our faces but Republicans are still going to vote in favor of this bullshit. Its disgusting.

  • Gerry Nightingale

    "College" itself is a fraud and a cheat! No matter what University is involved...including 'Ivy League Mausoleums' in the East! You want a 'good job with a future?' Then study and learn 'front-to-back' any skill-set that requires a 'State Issue' license, like welding/plumbing/electrical installation & repair/skilled nursing/ and a host of other careers that require both skills and intellectual abilities...skills that are critical to the functions of modern society, because anything else guarantees NOTHING!

  • Jannah is my Goal

    How I knew he was gonna end this video with the word sucess😂😂😂

  • Elijah cesspoole

    The education system is in shambles because of one race: the black race. They are destroying every school they set foot in.

  • Monster Family

    Very Beautiful & Lovely 😎 Awesome channel

  • nathan nomad

    A most disgusting turd of a secretary, to say the least! Let's build a wall around all these turds associated with trumpty dumpty. I bet all the real humans worldwide would help build it!

  • Tish Marie

    I started off going to the "University of Phoenix", it was a nightmare. I switched schools and UOP tried to give me the run around concerning the remaining of my financial aid. If I go to a school for a month and half then decide the school it not right for Me. Why should the school try to charge me the whole tuition of $88,000?! GTFOH

  • Sawyer Northrop

    Get connected! For free! With education connection!

  • GSSwordsmen

    @ 0:51 I always wanted to know what Bizzaro world looked like. I didn't want to live it dang it! Usually when you INVEST into something, you can get something out of it positive. Nothing is positive about debt before you get a foothold in life! And they wonder why people are ticked!

  • Lori Madison

    SMH! This is what its all comes down to; mean spirited accusations veiled in sarcastic, witless humor? Shame on you for making fun of people who need options and a second chance in life. Traditional schools would not even give nontraditional students a glance, let alone an opportunity to attend their college or university. Every student must make the most of the degree earned and pay back student debt. Why not prove the allegations prior to making false claims and ridiculing people who are trying to take steps forward....Why not talk about Legacy Status', preferential treatment or the millions, sometimes billions of dollars traditional universities amass in trusts? These inordinately large sums of money could be used to provide scholarships to students that would not otherwise afford to attend a traditional school. Why not discuss the millions of students graduating from traditional universities with enormous school debt and struggling to find a job? I'm always amazed at how little people actually know and how mainstream media distracts the ill-informed with humor, sarcasm and veiled dishonesty. I'm currently working on my doctoral degree at the University of Phoenix. I've risen in my field and amassed a wealth of experience. I've worked a full career and my post grad education at UoPhx has afforded opportunities beyond measure. I wouldn't trade it for anything. We Rise!

  • theoriginator 99

    Shit now i get why Malloy from Brickleberry said"Thank you University of Phoenix" after he got his fly-by-night law degree

  • Aleta Mize

    She just against all poor children who are smater than she is . she us a traitor to all children get this bitch fired . she uesless as a PERSON.

  • Karen Shaub

    Who could foresee that under the Trump administration accused offenders would be placed in the position of investigating themselves? I mean beside anyone who knows what Trump is, was, and always will be...a Con Man and garden variety crook?

  • werqwe adcwer

    Yikes !!! the more I see the more convinced of US is becoming a third world filled with dangerous murderers fraud criminals and it has nothing to do with ilegals but politicians

  • Angela Calip

    Thank you Trevor ! 4keeping it 100!!!!

  • Chris Ashcroft

    I haven't used the word evil in the past 10 years, as much as I have in the past year.

  • M. M.

    Keep the masses down, makes for more control by dictators.

  • funkyflights

    Vote people, vote ...

  • D Goshay

    The Anti-Education Department

  • Samir Saweras

    People who work in organizations that are being investigated should not be put in charge or even on investigation teams in the government especially if it the unit that was just investigating them or their last employer yesterday and today. Both him and Betsy should have been fired a long time ago.

  • Alan Choi Chang

    when i heard devos at the confirmation hearing, i knew she was a total bitch.... so.... no surprise there really... what is actually most surprising is how surprised people still seem to get over the shit this administration does.. like, "OMG! the cow that we bought just mooed!! I can't believe it!!" .... seriously??

  • Brigitte Scott

    Don’t forget Trump University

  • Jesus patino

    Make the criminal the judge at his own trial? Sounds like trumpanomics

  • Cosmic Tinker

    The only really important points missed here were that Betsy DeVos's own boss, President Trump, had to pay a settlement of $25M for defrauding students at Trump "University," and it was their Republican party which changed the bankruptcy laws so that students cannot discharge school loans through bankruptcy, so you can get stuck paying off student loans for the rest of your life (including having your income garnished when you are retired, like me), while a real estate tycoon can file for bankruptcy a half dozen times for business failures and walk away unscathed and continue to live the high life --also like DeVos's infamous boss...

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