Fraudulent For-Profit Schools Make a Comeback Under Betsy DeVos | The Daily Show

Education secretary Betsy DeVos shuts down investigations surrounding for-profit colleges that fraudulently misguide students about job placement and salary rates following graduation.

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  • KingOfMadCows

    DeVos helps DeVry defraud depeople.

  • hailu roth

    Thanks Trevor you saved a lot of people from Betsy's scam.

  • Jen Tuesday

    Thank you so much to the daily show for putting the spotlight on these scam "colleges"!! I remember reading a cracked article highlighting the same fraudulent ways of theirs several years ago on them that I credit with saving me (as someone who didn't do well in high school and was tempted by these for profit schools often) tens of thousands of dollars... as I was getting tons of mail and ads from them after I got my GED. Some other practices not mentioned that are also very diabolical and very fucked up of them that these so called schools often do are: Targeting young vets with limited grants. Taking the one chance they rightfully earned to get a useful degree free of charge away from them, after they risk their lives to serve our country. Targeting students like I was, who do/did average to poorly in high school, promising them "sucess" with minimal school time, when those same students would be far better off with far less debt if they go to their local community college or trade school instead...then those students who do attend their schools end up with loads of debt and a useless degree.....(and even those who figure out something is wrong before finishing, end up with often untransferable credits to show for their end up having to start from scratch at a real school if they still have the determination)....then have to pay off all that debt after actually trying to work to make their lives better, while working a shitty minimum wage (or not far from it) job. I'm lucky enough to have done my research before taking any of them seriously, but I can't imagine how many billions they've scammed from others over the years.

  • fernando

    This is just gross and sad You get in so much debt and your not getting a real education

  • ChefMimsy

    Is anyone in this administration NOT a criminal?

  • James Burgess

    When you want to destroy a country, you start with the education of the future generations.They didn't want slaves to know how to read because we've known knowledge is the key to overcoming oppression. Now, just replace "slaves" with "lower and middle class children". In the future, there will be a direct correlation between wealth and education. No longer will "determination and drive" help you to become knowledgeable, when if you can't afford to go to a private school, you go to a tremendously underfunded public school.Also, mentioning that 91% of ALL children in America go to public schools. So anything they do to public schools will effect 90% of the future population. And with the wealth gap increasing, it'll rise even more.NEVER let the government touch with education.

  • Daryl Carr

    How appropriate for the Voldemort Administration to plant a Dolores Umbridge as Education Secretary.

  • Radio Nowhere

    Everyone seems to be forgetting what Betsy DeVos has done for the safety of our schools. Answer me this. How many bear attacks have happened since she took office. NONE!!!

  • DXmaryoOD

    “An accounting major working as a cashier at McDonald’s. That’s not right. He’s stealing jobs from English majors.” Damn. Trevor just came for my whole life.

  • _X Y Z_

    Is there no end to the Trump Admin's corruption?

  • Jim Fortune

    What do you expect from an appointee of the head of Trump University.

  • ImBuddhaD

    Unfortunately it seems the U.S is quickly turning into a banana republic...

  • The Trusty Sidekick

    DeVos is in that percentile of people that in 2008 the vast majority of Americans would gladly lynch. But it's 2018 and she's now Secretary for Education.Wasn't this woman part of a family business that profits off of student debt? Conflict of interest, right there.

  • GrimX

    Yeah and I keep getting them "Grand Canon University" ads on YouTube. I knew it was a scam college when they said " Education through a Christian world view"

  • Brandon Best

    If you asked Betsy what 2+2 is she'll give you a reason why she can't answer it.

  • Post Oak

    The plain and simple truth about this move is to dismantle everything good that Obama accomplished.

  • MegaGoinpostal

    To Betsy DeVos and all other right wingers, don't get mad when we boo Betsy DeVos, turn our backs to her in speeches, or simply walk out on her. She is evil as shit and is part of the swamp the Trump administration harbors.

  • lop3z2055

    Man, I used to roll my eyes when ppl said Republicans want to keep the masses uneducated ( I attributed their attitude to religious beliefs). however, the resistance and disdain of the teacher's march revealed that to them, schools are a holding place, and teachers are simply monitors. I was baffled that politicians on TV would delegitimize education as a need and as a profession.

  • Freedomo Speech

    What's amazing about all these rich douchebags is that they're allowed to function legally as rich douchebags. They use the system to essentially rob us blind, whereas a poor person committing robbery goes to jail because "it's illegal to steal". I hope Trump and all his cronies go to jail.

  • David Kempton

    EVERY Trump appointee is there to DESTROY the department. His version of draining the swamp is removing democracy, accountability, honesty and function from the government. Once it is powerless, corporate rule will be complete and we will have the Fourth Reich. As planned.Are you ready to execute these traitors yet? If not, why not? It's YOUR child, DeVos is preventing from learning. It is YOUR apartment Ben Carson in raising the rent on that you already could not afford. It is Scott Pruitt who is eliminating science from the climate discussion, who steals from us to feed his ego and believes that no human has the right to breathable air. They are killing us, and we do not fight back. They are robbing us, and we send them still more money.REVOLT, DAMMIT! Even if you don't care about YOUR kids, I have a granddaughter I would like to be able to BREATHE in 20 years. THEY will not fix it, WE have to.

  • Mau Mau

    Even Hollywood can not write this script. Amazing what is happening in the US. Truly amazing

  • Briana Peterson

    God, so many people in this cabinet are blatantly undermining their departments. They should be charged with criminal negligence and theft, among other things. DeVos is so horrible, how do these people sleep at night? Don't they feel any remorse or guilt? It seems like psychopathic behavior to me. . .

  • DPowered Smith

    i think we should hire people cheating on their spouses to investigate themselves

  • Victoria VictoriaC

    Isn’t a reverse superhero a villain Lolol

  • daniamz

    Drain the swamp and fill it with toxic sludge and feces smh I can smell the stink from Washington all the way in Georgia 🤢

  • nevereverwinter

    this woman should lose everything and suffer.

  • J. Lahtinen

    This is overt and blatant corruption, but can we expect any consequences for the facilitators of t his corruption? Of course not. You've gone and legalised corruption in the US. And the people keep voting in Republicans, who are 99.99% bought by the corporations, and working for their own enrichment, and the enrichment of their large donors. And democrats aren't much better - they are maybe only 80% bought, and a little less shameless than the Republicans. There's an effort to kick out the corporate democrats, and replace them with progressives who won't take a penny of corporate money, look into that. Find out where the candidate you are thinking of voting gets his/her money - who their donors are - and if they include large corporate interests, don't vote for that candidate. And let that candidate know that the reason you won't vote for them is their acceptance of legalised bribes from large corporate interests.

  • Vegas242

    I'm not surprised by anything these assholes do anymore I'm so tired

  • Heracross X

    Education and knowledge are this administration’s worst enemies, and they seem to be aware of that.

  • Sid

    Trump supporters...please explain?

  • Star Cherry

    I loved round-away Roy’s ad!!

  • A P.

    Why you blast master p and Romeo 😂

  • Sacchi

    Trump is so broke, he needs Betsy to defraud people. #BetsyDeVosDefrauds.

  • Star Cherry

    “I love learning new things in my pyjamas” said no one ever

  • TJ Starr

    There really needs to be a better name for this phenomenon. I mean, all colleges are "for profit" in this country. It's just that some schools actually teach you things in exchange for your money, and have a better return on investment.

  • Isaac Kamau

    Betsy got her education at Trump University! That’s a fact. Her not understanding the basics of her department is not a surprise. By the time they are done America will be the sh*tHole that tRump was calling other countries. Just watch! 😏

  • meow rage

    Honestly she doesn't have any idea of what she doing at all

  • open eye's

    Trevor should have his team look into trade schools that target minority's also. The loan is tied into the board of education and the interest rates are ridiculous . I've seen 3k loans grow less than 2 years 24k. They target minority's that dont read what there signing.

  • strikeslifer

    I'm certainly glad my little sister never went to those colleges, and went to another one out here in California

  • Esmeralda Bruno

    The people who shut down the for profit colleges are just like trump- they kill the program with no good solution to replace it. I was taking a computer program that would give me a bachelor's degree, fully government funded, so in my case I didn't wind up in debt after the abrupt closure, but i also wound up with no degree. I couldn't take the same degree at normal universities because the government funding and other grants did not fully cover college expenses, which would mean I would end up in debt. Because of circumstances at the time I could not take that risk, instead deciding to work to help my family. And never in my desired field.Going to a normal college afterwards was vastly different from heald college. At least the teachers were attentive, the classes were small, everyone dressed professionally, overall a positive environment. It bothers me that a lot of for profit schools are frauds, but it's not like there are really better alternatives, the only way to end up with as little debt as possible is going to a community college, otherwise you're not really gonna be spared from college debt.In case anyone wonders if I just sit miserably from being screwed over by politicians with a stupid shortsighted agenda and mostly scammish schools, I am taking electrical engineering courses at a community college. Not my desired field but good knowledge to move up where I currently work.

  • JT

    THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH! JESUS IS RETURNING SOON! REPENT! Not really... just seemed appropriate to say at this juncture

  • Michael Reynolds

    this was a really funny and well delivered monologue it felt like a polished standup trevor didn't even laugh at his own jokes solid delivery

  • philipralph

    The fashion major in shoe sales, and the accounting major who's a cashier at McDonald's... technically speaking, they're employed in their broad field of study.

  • Star Cherry

    Ugh why is it so hard for people to agree that basic education should be free? At the bare minimum

  • Just Kamal

    The corruption in this administration is much worse than a third world country’s.

  • Big Bird

    I thought checks and ballances kept ridiculous things like this from happening. Why income gap why?

  • michael K

    Never go to a college that advertises at 3:00 AM with a rap song

  • lollybrant

    "Governments don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests."-George Carlin

  • M. Ael

    Thank God Betsy is a born again Christian, honesty, morals and ethics above everything else.

  • salg

    Gah damn! That swamp is just getting bigger and bigger. Do trumpers realize Obama was doing good by them yet? Or is it still because he's black and they're white that they think he was ignoring them?

  • anita clarke

    Lmfao. I just love America's Freedumb' s !!!

  • Kim Jong Fun

    War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength. - the slogans of Trump administration

  • D Mcken

    This administration has every cliché movie policatical scandal happening all at once. The gag is this isn't a movie, it's real life.

  • Wahid Zaman

    Very good point made by Trevor. Right now what the Trump administration needs is a ship full of "educated" fools to back them up. They scammed their way to attract the mostly "uninformed" people who over the years have not been able to get into real colleges. To build a perfect ship of fools, you would need to break the education system and that's what Betsy Devos is doing for Trump. This is a common third world country strategy where the powerful dictators build an army close minded idiots for fulfilling their own agenda. It's dangerous !

  • Struggle Gaming

    Well shit I now know what happened to ITT, thanks Obama

  • Pat Rhiannon Griffith

    My daughter went to one of those schools for two years, got an "associate's degree" and only found out a couple of years later that NONE of her credits transfer into an actual bachelor's degree program. She would have to start from scratch. It makes me SO angry.

  • PowerUnknown

    How do so many of these so called Christian's on the trump team over look these types of acts? Did their church skip morals and values day? I'm not attacking Christian's as a hole just the ones on the trump side. I guess being in politics Grant's you immunity to your actions if you claim to be Christian.

  • Izzy Coburn

    I can't name a single thing she's done, minus this XD

  • George Hill

    This is just typical behavior of many of the Trump's cabinet appointments. They are making the swamp look good by comparison.

  • thefeniksflight

    I would like to open the conversation in regards to the University of Phoenix. Despite the fact that it's a for-profit university, some people in my family has seen success with this, despite them being in debt. This school has shown them that even though they had to put their lives on hold to take care of their kid(s), they can still go back to school and get the education they always wanted to get. My aunt, uncle, mother and grandmother went there. 3 of the 4 received Bachelor's in their respective fields, and my mother received her Master's Degree around 7 or 8 years ago, makes almost 6 figures, and will be done paying off her loans in 2 or 3 years. I can't say much about one or two of the universities there, and I'm so glad I avoided DeVry in my academic career, but what can't be denied here is that the University of Phoenix has really helped people way better than these other for-profit universities.

  • Joseph Yang

    Things like this used to be almost funny. But the truth is that this administration is blatantly corrupt and inept. I wish we weren't so divided along party lines, that a large part of America thinks Trump is doing great. What happened to being American? We should all be Americans first, before we are Democrats or Republicans.

  • Daniela Figueiredo

    This is getting to a point where I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  • TheBraunMachine2011

    "Suh-sess." 😂😂 😂

  • Ronaldo River

    Education is the Republicans true enemy it started with bush and no child left behind see Republicans don't want an educated voter. Uneducated voters elected trump. They give billions in taxes to the big corporations while cutting the education department budget. "I love the poorly educated." Donald J. Trump quote.

  • AllYourBase

    It's amazing people who were attacking Obama are ok with blatant massive corruption

  • Jaimi Cottrill

    Wtf America? You’re already far down the list when it comes to education compared to many other developed countries. You want to go further?

  • Rebecca Ansari

    For profit such as Trump University?

  • seededsoul

    Deville should be impeached for all her conflicts of interest.

  • R. McBride

    Slimey, slime, slime of the slime, slime, slime... The new normal. Disgusto.

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