Culture Wars: Episode 69 | October 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

It's brother against brother here in the culture war, but what do voters care about more: shouting and pussy hats or health care?

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  • Paul Lomax

    I would pay good money for the opportunity to punch Samantha square in the face.

  • Eliza Wulf

    5:43 - I heard that Hair.

  • N S

    Trump insites domestic violence at his rallies, the angry rioting mob. They chant on command. They mail bombs. Arrest Trump for domestic terrorism.

  • Bassaholic

    MCGA!!!!!! Make Comedy Great Again!!!!!!

  • NewGuy Channel

    Is the Left Crazytown? Well, the Left does claim that the White Race, as a Sociologically Identifiable Group, is privileged and dominant in a nation where political oligarchs have maintained a monopoly on political authority, to the exclusion of the vast majority of the White Race, for hundreds of years. In hundreds of years, the vast majority of White Americans have never had any realistic chance to run the US Congress, to command the US Military, never wielded direct democratic authority in our political institutions. The USA is literally a Constitutional Republic, run by privileged and dominant political oligarchs. The White Race, as a Sociologically Identifiable Group, never ruled the USA. Political oligarchs have always run the USA, from their polished Marble buildings. Political oligarchs have ruled over White Americans for hundreds of years, told Whites what is law, what will be or not, for hundreds of years! For hundreds of years the vast majority of White Americans have had no real say in the running of our lives, just elections, where we can vote for the spoiled oligarch we would like best to tell us which was is up. Yet, the Left is convinced that our laws, legal traditions, and political institutions are all about promoting White Supremacy? And what of the political oligarchs, the Men and Women actually running the USA? Are they

  • IronskullGM

    More proof that the left is falling off the cliff into despotism. The term cultural war and cultural revolution is a communists and socialist ideology that led to millions of deaths in China. This rhetoric to divide and demonize thier opposition. Which at this point it seems that the goal is the US to become an authoritarian regime like China. The DSA even admits this in thier own website.

  • Probably a Mermaid

    THERE'S A COMMERCIAL JUST LIKE THAT SHARK ONE IN FLORIDA! It's calling this woman running a fox for wanting certain things about healthcare, and saying we the people are daity chickens who need to be protected from evil foxes

  • C Lynn

    I just want to know how many of those people that gave up their football tickets in protest of the protest are back at the football games this season.

  • Yukon Cornileus

    The laugh track is so sad.

  • ronald sugden

    now why is jim all over my game industry thats my area of experertise. i think sam is a bit conflicting in ideas her greatest day were on daily show. she had the greatest team ever. all togeter you are unstoppable altough to see you on you own is refreshing

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