Best of Trip-Hop & Downtempo & Lofi & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol. 3 Re-Upload

This is our best of Trip-hop & Downtempo & Lofi & Hip-Hop Instrumental Vol. 3 Re-Upload
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🎴 Painting by Adrian Borda:

♫ Tracklist:
00:00:00 The Gaslamp Killer - Nissim (with Amir Yaghmai)
00:04:25 Emancipator - Dusk To Dawn
00:09:36 Gramatik - Chillaxin' by the Sea
00:13:28 RJD2 - Smoke & Mirrors
00:17:40 Mounika - One & Two
00:20:00 Masterless Samurai 武士 - Samurai Champloo/Nujabes tribute
00:19:57 jungle52 - underthesea
00:22:37 OHD - Priorities
00:25:39 KarmawiN - Time grind
00:28:45 The Geek x Vrv - Stand By
00:30:27 Triplem x Goldsmith - The Pale Blue Dot
00:33:51 Alter Ego - No Limits
00:38:11 Giyo - I Wanna Get High With You
00:43:37 Ours Samplus - Minor Alpha
00:46:27 Dienst&Schulter - Indigo
00:49:15 Mr. Green - If I Don't Go To Hell
00:50:57 Mothra - Rain Dogz
00:54:12 Poldoore - Hard To Forget (Moods Remix)
00:58:00 Onra - Waterlily
00:59:23 The Cancel - I Believe
01:01:53 RBN - O.J
01:04:44 L'Orange - Her
01:07:55 Fab Beat - Get No Peace
01:11:26 A s h n' S o u l - Genius Jazzy Moon
01:13:33 Darkside - That Night (Define My Days)
01:17:31 Mothra - Skip (People)
01:18:14 SoulChef - Rising Sun
01:20:49 Vrai Jeu - Meyso
01:23:08 Solrakmi - Waking Bliss
01:26:06 Degiheugi - Kolkata
01:29:37 Mi Ka - Ana Gabriel
01:31:17 Slam53 - Something Slow
01:34:22 nymano x Pandrezz - you should have known
01:36:17 Chairman Maf - THE SYSTEM
01:38:58 Aroto - Autumn Leaves
01:41:12 Hamilton Bohannon - Singing a Song For my Mother
01:47:21 Eisenhauer Beats - The Changing Times (Instrumental)
01:49:57 Savan DePaul - .quaint.
01:52:45 GlobulDub - Sweet Storm (Instrumental)
01:55:23 Emiliana Torrini - Gun
02:01:04 Outro (Person of Interest)


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  • Musical Tea

    This is a smooth, flavorful track selection if I've ever seen one.🍵

  • Marluxiar

    about 150 views are mine alone listening to 100% of the mix

  • Bon Sheedy

    Re-upload. It doesn't sound exactly like the original one I remember is that why it's in black and white..?

  • Cristian de trinidad sánchez

    Better if you increase the speed to 1.25 jejejejjeej And it still triphop

  • Lu GK

    Thank you, I can finally study with dope music.

  • John

    Good, gooder and goodest all here! Party on Garth :^)

  • Marvin Hell

    I am so glad I found this. Thank you very much.

  • Ziliacus Alchemista

    This is the hell´s back gate. It is hungry. Man´s fault. Is nothing is simpler weed means is good. Men the other and Man just a joke.

  • Staci B

    Hiiii. Where did the one go that had the guy 🚬 smokin n good beats n music? Its gone on my play list. I neeeedddd it

  • Just a random dude

    Nissim from gta5❤️❤️

  • EveryBodySucks100

    Instrumental my ass, half the fucking songs have lyrics, can't fucking work on a essay like this

  • stringsnare

    what if what you like doing leaves you broke and then makes you miserable? THEN WHAT MR ALAN

  • ravachol

    can you put this playlist on spotify?

  • GrindingGrindcore

    me finds songme:"ohh instrumental, very nice"hears sample of ppl talking like first 2 min of the songme:"FUCK THIS SHIT!"

  • pubthumper

    Had no idea what "trip hop" is but now I know I like it.

  • Aleksandr Borovskiy

    Отличная музыка)))!!!

  • Hyuna The Hyena

    Why insert some 2 fucking Americans talking for 2 minutes straight? Ruined the entire upload

  • Youssef Bendagha

    I don't smoke, but now.. well, I'm thinkin' about it

  • Jean Sebism

    where can I download this track ? please

  • Adam Škňouřil

    wonderful. greetings from czech republic!

  • Malone Ford

    SIX Music is the boooommmb - where can I get these mixes other than youtube?

  • SrGenaroGD

    Upload the previous mix please, I need it

  • Rob

    You know that im right... Keep swinging for the fences and youll eventually out thouse of us who are f@@gots. Not gay, but people who have raped.

  • flare

    White collar opening. that's interesting

  • Ramtin Masoori

    thanks for the mix I loved it I was down but some how it tern me on thanks love from iran

  • RadiantSun

    Salam ve sosis,bu miks nefisPnB

  • Mike Stoltz

    I have been searching for a mix that can beat this one significantly, and for the past year I have not found a better mix yet. If you have any suggestions please post that shizz. Merci. ∞808∞ . This is High Quality work of a Master in Rhythm & Vibration. Your language is a universal human binding element. Keep Creating in the nature of the Creator, it makes the world a better place. S¡X

  • John R

    The first song is Amazing

  • SHIVΛ MuzZik

    Crazy Beat man ! :D You have a new Abo :D

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