Top 10 Most Surprising The Voice Blind Auditions 2017 | BEST MOMENTS EVER

Check our new video! Contestants sing better than coaches!

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Top 10 Most Surprising The Voice Blind Auditions 2017 | BEST MOMENTS EVER

ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за 2017 !Судьи в шоке от Голоса!

Группа ВК -

ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за всю историю!Судьи в шоке от Голоса!
The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!!
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  • Bà 8 cùng Sơn Lê

  • Tanilo Fithu

    All are 🔥🔥 but the last second guy made my day💕💕🔥🔥🔥 make my mood🔥🔥


    Alguien sabe ¿Cual es el nombre de la cancion del min 11:09 ?

  • Emru Y

    11:05 that guy is very good, I don't get how no one mentioned him here in the comments.

  • aleksandr hachikyan

    дизлайк .надо выставлять имена певцов и названия песен.я должен знать , кто поёт .и названия песен , что бы сравнивать с оригиналом

  • Vitopu Ayemi

    Please tell me he title of the second song

  • Kiran Gohar

    I love talented people 🙋🙋🙋


    first person look like vin diesel

  • Diệu Hiền

    Song 's name 7:30 please

  • Mintthee Winter

    French girl what....

  • Norman Matte

    Marevillosso tu cancion es mi Favorito WOWWWWWWWWWW

  • DU 30

    Looks like liza seberano in the philipines so pretty mama...

  • Bruno Brito

    Vin Diesel rocked with despacito.

  • Rima Al'Arabi

    The name of the song 5:55

  • Karel G

    The Russian guy who sang Kaleo <3

  • Asteria Tayamora

    The lady who sang Bohemian Rhapsidy diction is not clear.


    Number 2 is the best

  • Chaos Tade

    wow the half asian girl was stunning!!

  • Stas Vl

    Автор ты ГОВНО.... выступления (даже по мнению судей) далеко не лучшие...

  • Ms. Selenophile

    I love the girl who sang bohemian rhapsody. So pretttyyy. Fvck. ❤️

  • Vladimir Nilov

    А кто эти все не русские люди ,но так классно говорящие на русском языке ?)

  • Harold Kelly

    I really dislike the blind curtain things (and do not understand it) the girl who sang bohemian rhapsody was the best of the group....others not bad, and a couple not sure why.....but all have our own taste

  • Löwe

    10:00 love her eyes...

  • JT

    The girl singing bohemian rapsodey gave it a great sound. Very awesome excellent version. I'll listen to it over and over again.

  • Best Moments EVER

    Check our new video! Contestants sing better than coaches!

  • Debbie Kubiet

    Why can't we mute the judges?

  • Roman Holodov

    самые придирчивые судьи в укр и рос ,хотя грачи ....

  • S.A. Miler

    Where is Poland and Natalia Sikora? ?? ,,Cry baby'' :/

  • DeyritLr

    I need to know who sang i have nothing.. i coudn't see anybody

  • juana toledo

    A esos rusos les gusta el ritmo!!!!

  • Big Red!

    I didn't understand one word of the last song, but it was absolutely beautiful sounding!!! ☺👍🌹

  • Nahc Mr

    Bald Sergio Ramos singing despacito

  • Khawtea Mualhlun

    What is my girlfriend doing out there 8:57 ,i told her to wash my clothes in the morning

  • Löwe

    12:03 she is so cute! ;)

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