Top 10 Most Surprising The Voice Blind Auditions 2017 | BEST MOMENTS EVER

Check our new video! Contestants sing better than coaches!

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Top 10 Most Surprising The Voice Blind Auditions 2017 | BEST MOMENTS EVER

ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за 2017 !Судьи в шоке от Голоса!

Группа ВК -

ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за всю историю!Судьи в шоке от Голоса!
The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!!
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  • Shelli G

    What is up with the one where they turn around and the singer is behind a curtain?!

  • Junmo Koo

    10min10sec _ What is her name?

  • enigmamz

    We didn't even get to see the one girl!!!! WTF??!?! Who edited this???

  • vahan kupalian

    what was the name of the last singer girl from HOLLAND somebody???

  • Jeff Mungai

    how many people know that when you scroll then continue to long press your screen the list of videos automatically scrolls down😁😂😂😝

  • Jamie Lynn

    song at 4:40 ... wth?! No one on the stage? Or hidden by a dark stage? I don't get it. Why show an empty stage, how is that even allowed as an audition?

  • margbiii

    who is the guy from minute 7:00 ??... I think I'm in love with his voice

  • Gunnar Jones

    When women see my penis for the first time 04:53

  • Azatron

    so basically the curtain sung whitney houston.

  • Al Ale

    is that Lauren from 5h?? 6:00

  • Isabel RodríguezM

    Watch thiiiiiiiis omggggg

  • Drew

    Has Lou Mai caught your eye? Talk about sending shivers down your spine ....

  • Andrea Vanderslice

    I would like to hear more from some of these voices. Be nice if there were names attached to the videos, so I could look for them.

  • Nat

    These judges are so aggravating.

  • Best Moments EVER

    Check our new video! Contestants sing better than coaches!

  • SunTree

    half asian girl has unique voice, super talented and prettiest one

  • Invista

    What is the need to come to a talent show and take the stage, if you do not want your face to be seen..? Go audition for the Radio...

  • Dar'ya s

    Это Антон С орла и решки! Капец я его не узнала сначала

  • Yoi Red

    So I only like the video because of the girl at 10:46 and straight from here I want to watch her actual video like an actual addition

  • Tat'yana Drey

    Вау! Антон Лаврентьев! Вот это "выступ". Браво!

  • Kevin Crawford

    who does the original of the song that is 11:00 in we're down or something I can't find it and I can't read the text in the video

  • ioan ciure

    brava amigo no 1 mondial

  • vahan kupalian


  • Raffa Rodriguez

    Grande Gianmarco......,

  • Louise Paraluma

    All the frm philippines hereCheeerrrssss

  • bolat kalybay

    8.48 minutes wonderful

  • ronie texera

    Que mulher mais gata esta de 8:50 e uma voz belessima

  • stacie cook

    Holy shit the first guy I thought was puerto Rican for sure till I saw his name !

  • stanley xavier lim

    What is the name of the song in that no 3 guy sing? Minute 8

  • Beth B

    6:49 Love his voice, and he's so cute. He looks like Spencer from (I think) NCIS.

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