First Take interviews Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman | First Take | ESPN

First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman interview Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman.

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    Cleveland A Smith and a bunch of friends will go see this movie lol

  • Pablo Barrera

    Chadwick Boseman and Stephen A are 9 years apart 💀

  • Steven Espaniola

    Max...Blade is Marvel too. smh

  • N.W.A.

    Chadwick Boseman is 41 years old. Looks like he's 21.

  • MrSober4now

    Who remembers Meteor Man? This Black Panther movie was incredible. It had action scenes in different parts of the world, too, not just in Africa. Meteor Man had a black lead super hero but it was just a comedy movie much like the Wayans brothers’ Blank Man or Will Smith’s Hancock. Spawn had a black lead super hero but Spawn wasn’t really a good guy. He just didn’t get along with the other bad guys, and his face was burned beyond recognition. Still, Spawn was a serious, high quality super hero film. The quality of this movie was just as amazing as any other huge, serious superhero movie. Great acting as well.

  • Richard

    Wesley snipes was marvel lol blade

  • Andrew Bullard

    The movie was so good!

  • Charles Owens Jr

    Black Panther...🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • JusBeeChannel

    Bouta sneak and see it on my lunch break lol

  • Jenn1382

    I love how Chadwick is giving props to Blade in his interviews. Love him 💖

  • Travis Releford

    Blade is a Marvel character😂

  • Cj James

    great job in Marshall.

  • D’Anthony Williams

    I'm black and im very proud of this movie and it was great in my opinion. Some people just don't want to see others succeed, this movie has definitely made people feel some type of way. Others are praising the two white actors in the movie than actually watching, and enjoying the movie itself. Smh.

  • Clark Titus Caberto

    first. black panther was awesome

  • So Unique

    The other black dude ain't saying nothing lol. Chadwick is very handsome and talented and knows how to talk. I like how he mentioned Blade, which was a great movie. People are quick to forget.

  • Ahmed Ali

    This one is for Africa!!!!!!!! Shout out from Somalia 🇸🇴 east Africa.

  • Night wing

    KOBE wants a sequel already...Black Mamba v Black Panther

  • Pablo Barrera

    I want a Stephen A Smith cameo in Black Panther

  • Stanislav Šturm

    Blade is Marvel Mr. Dumb

  • Big Rob

    this movie is hands down one of the best films marvel has to offer, with a antagonist played by Michael B Jordan that is as great as Heath's Joker in The Dark Knight!!!!

  • Josh Norris

    LOL Black Panther isn't even the first black superhero. Just stop..

  • Albert Bandin jr

    I’m guessing everyone forgot about blade he’s a marvel hero too and black

  • bob jack

    I'm white and Blade was one of my favorite marvel movies never. Also Spawn had a black dude as the main character idk why they are acting like this is never happened before cuz it's just not true

  • X makenarya

    Im asian but i wanna be black panther too

  • Tatted Smoove

    If Static Shock ever was made into a movie I think it would be better then black panther 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • TripleX2600

    Black Panther was amazing!!! Saw it last night. Loved the culture of Wakanda and Africa in general. Chadwick Boseman and Micheal B Jordan was phenomenal!

  • John50 Beach

    If chadwick boseman can start being a superhero at 41, then goddammit hugh jackman can come back as wolverine!

  • Willie Carswell Jr

    I'm heading to Atlanta today to see this movie with a friend it's going to be lit. Can't wait to see it

  • Clips 36

    He also stars in Thurgood Marshall which is a great movie, showcases his range so y'all should check it out

  • ProfessTheFan

    Lol, Max stick to Boxing.

  • Victor Vasquez

    I haven’t seen the movie but the soundtrack is 🔥

  • Mohammed Alam

    Black Panther had only 2 white actors, Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman. I guess you could call them the tolkien white guys

  • calstatebadboy1111

    Black people look so young when they age. This guy is a great actor and looks like 21.

  • Lexicon Prime

    This is the first blockbuster superhero movie that has an all black cast that will not be viewed as a black movie. Amazing.

  • Alan Sneider

    No idea why people are making this movie out to be a racial and cultural movie. It’s just a marvel movie based on the comics.

  • Uber Rideshare King

    They are making this a race thing right off the back. It's good but stop with this fake BS it's patronizing.

  • Nuk Nuk

    The lady from walking dead is good to in movies like this

  • Lebron James

    Lol first thing I said after watching it was “I kinda wished it was longer”

  • erbgorre

    to the people who keep harping on how there was already a leading black comic book superhero type movie role, what theyre really talking about here is that this is the first black superhero movie that actually includes black culture as a main theme, and thats why its more important.after all, blade is a badass human/vampire hybrid that just so happens to be black. him being black is largely irrelevant to the character. you could literally cast a white guy in the same role and the movie wouldnt change one bit. which is great in the sense that ideally, that is how it should be. it shouldnt feel surprising or even noteworthy to see a leading role in a superhero movie, or really any movie, not being white. but black panther actually tries to apply the cultural themes of black main characters into a superhero movie which hasnt really been done before on that stage. thats why everyones talking about it.

  • Nick Lambros

    great movie in general and great super hero moving forward into avengers 3

  • FTD Social

    Respect to Max enthusiasm.

  • JKennyPro

    Okay coming from someone who can actually step away from recency bias I can say this movie is definitely solid but stop praising it like it's the best marvel film, not even close. This film is a 7-8, 8.5 at best/10 movie it's good, definitely a good time but settle down on this excessive praise it's uncalled for

  • Haya Glamazon

    This guy is going to be in Denzel status

  • 649306

    black panther is a great movie

  • lonnyboss7570

    Just saw the movie, the action was crazy!!!

  • Dallin Stagg

    The way Molly's question is phrased in the beginning I'd disgusting. What do you mean, 'kids who look like you'. Who cares if they're black or white. If you take 'the black side', that divides us more.

  • onslowjax

    Best. The film was damn fantastic.

  • Nikki Johnson

    He has a quiet confidence about him and when he speaks it's eloquent...

  • John Dockery

    Best movie all time! Wow I have to see it!

  • Brayden Van Tassel

    Quit making everything about race. It's a good superhero movie. Leave it at that

  • Marv Knowledge

    Watch how many black kids be black panther this year, I hope every kid does too. Damn, I'm so happy to see a blockbuster movie staring a black man next to Iron man and so on

  • ayana curtis

    One of the best movies I have ever seen. #Wakanda4EVER 🖤

  • KKönigFiFa

    This whole race side to this movie is ridiculous.... Marvel has made incredible movies for many years now, so why would this one be any different?... This is the issue with the race climate in America. You can't even enjoy a Fantasy film without someone bringing up Race!... It's just F*€king Ridiculous.... The actor earned the job because he is Great & the director got the job because he is Great... So why can't we all be proud that 2 Americans have earned what is coming to them?...

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Blade was an anithero.

  • christian henry

    Black Panther is the symbol for Black History. But honestly all Jokes aside Wesley Snipes was the first to do this. I enjoy both Panther and Blade.

  • N D

    Max tries to hard to get black approval

  • Tony Crockett

    “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped off the ships because they knew death was better than bondage”

  • George Toney

    the 147 dislikes are white ppl butthurt because he weren't a white superhero

  • darrell Jones

    Been a fan since his Lincoln heights days

  • Wisest Owl

    One thing I've learned in all this is that white people love them some "Blade"! That's all they bring up when other people are talking about the Black Panther movie. As you can see, just because Blade was black doesn't mean black people were going to love him or the movie. Blade didn't have a largely black cast, black director and this type of budget and promotion. Blade is like the Minor Leagues and Black Panther is like the Major Leagues.

  • Kyra Dudley

    I want him omg😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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