Monologue: Abusive Aides and Military Parades | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including White House domestic abusers and President Trump's desire for a military parade.

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  • Mark Blair

    Trump should lead the parade in his golf buggy which will be driven by America’s Sweetheart, Stormy Daniels. #RoyMooreRobPorter2020

  • Jason Blade

    Trump wants a military parade to admire big missiles because you know.... projection.

  • Jason Blade

    That hair stuff never gets old 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Scott Lahteine

    "GOP will eat itself."

  • Wolfboss7

    A part of me still can't believe it's only been six weeks since 2018 started, I'm already out of liquor.


    You know this is live. "Whatever I was gonna say. There's a joke in there"

  • Evan Faas

    "He didn't comb hairs from his nut sack up over his head" Perfect, Bill!

  • Jean~Luc Picard

    Of all the French things he could've copied. How about Baguette Day, striped shirt Monday.......or healthcare?

  • Sigrid Hamilton

    We found Voldemort when Trump's hair flew away.

  • Ameya Gokhale

    Mike Pence doesn't like something? In other news... Water... Wet

  • Louis Leung

    With the Trump presidency, the jokes write themselves.

  • James Harris

    On Trump's "hair-reveal" did it bring to mind that scene in the "Star Wars" episode when Luke removed Darth Vader's mask? Another "What the hell" moment to be sure.What is really frightening, is if he kept removing 'stuff' until we discover Trump is really Rudolph Giuliani.

  • brainflash1

    And you know Trump's parade was inspired by the one he saw in France. Nice going France, can't you go just one century without creating a fascist dictator?

  • Sahil Makhijani

    I thought that was a damn good Marlon Brando impression

  • darknightoftroy

    If anyone ever builds a statue of Trump, I really must insist that it is with his hair like that.... with that thin flap blown to the side.

  • Jesus saw that

    his hair waved bye too

  • NaiiFluur

    It appears that Trump's the first Drag Queen president.

  • Armed Wombat

    Usually I would consider it a shitty move to make fun of someone's looks. But Trump has attacked all kinds of people for all kinds of ridiculous reasons (inluding their looks), so he's pretty much fair game.Of course, to him it will be just more proof that everyone is treating him unfairly.

  • Nietzsches Muse

    I adore Bill Maher the sexier most brilliant witty male mind in America!

  • SCP- 36363

    Lol that hair style is Trump in the front, Bernie in the back.

  • Tshepo Motshwarakgole

    Dude, you wait til 7:00 to talk about his hair??!!! That made my WHOLE week!!!! I too always assumed the bald spot was on top of his head, UNDER the pompadour!!!! 😂😂😭😭

  • Panamari

    God bless Americaragua 😀

  • Dahkittydoonsta

    5:29 when you run out of weed and the dispensary is closed.

  • Kdhr3tbc

    "General Unelectric"? fire the guy who wrote that gem...

  • Eric deBussy

    Bill, you're great!

  • Sean Rosen

    Great opening monologue, as usual! Also, Bill’s reference to the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby wasn’t lost on me.

  • João Antônio

    The audience should stop clapping and let him speak. Gosh, it's so annoying!Can we have an edited version without this annoying clapping.Wait until the end to applaud! 🙄

  • John Henderson

    I'm starting to think that the Trump administration isn't really an administration, instead its the name of a really bad sitcom.

  • Chidubem

    Military Parades will ruin the already bad roads in DC. And it will cost more than $145 million.

  • beethovensbeloved

    Trump was "inspired" by the French and wants a military parade now? What will be next? More defeats, Waterloo? He's already the Water-looney.

  • xCaptxCrunchx

    Hope Hicks was bangin Lewandoski AND Porter? So much for being a "Conservative Chick." lmaooo

  • Dahkittydoonsta

    5:29 Every time Sarah Huckabee Sanders is on stage.

  • Heather Remlin


  • MBailey ESL

    This is one of the greatest monologues of all time.

  • richard wysham

    MAGA. Make Americans gag again

  • LibHunk

    Like Rob potter, Trump should not be given security clearance to work in the WH as he is under criminal investigation.

  • Jackie Roberts

    Elenor Rigby/Drugstore Cowboy ?

  • 1128 Mbq

    While some get scalp rotation / reduction surgery to correct / combat the results of various injuries / diseases, President Man-Baby seemingly got it for cosmetic reasons. And apparently from a less than reputable doctor.

  • Varun Kenadath

    "Westwing meets clueless"😂😂

  • Error Eliminator

    General UnElectric... haha

  • Pinky StinkEye

    Keeps his face in a jar by the door 😂

  • Dahkittydoonsta

    5:29 November the 8th, 2016.

  • Krissthen Trujillo

    United States is like George Orwell´s Animal Farm under the republicans

  • Coy Hampton

    That's what happens when you don't pay your doctor for the last session of scalp reduction surgery.

  • Dahkittydoonsta

    5:29 When you walk in on your parents.

  • maria robles

    "Americagua" 😁😁😂😂🤣😃

  • Lester Magnuson

    Hope Hicks, the Whitehouse bike - everybody rides her

  • blue4me43

    Loose cannon that's true.....

  • Adam Jameel

    Finally secret revealed, feel so satisfied thanks for the Holly Wind.

  • MrBibi86

    Kelly looks like colonel klink

  • David Guelette

    A new low every day for Trump and his enablers

  • Donna Howorko

    I do laugh at people still bringing up Hillary in posts. She isn't in office! Of course she's evil but she's NOT in office. But this moron trump is. And people believe he's doing a great job.... Wow. Love bill man

  • Jeffrey Moscardelli

    This president represents the most inscure generation ever

  • Timothy O'Toole

    Another WH Aide resigned, this morning, for allegations of beating his wife.

  • Susan Florence

    Guess how far we've descended! In the ancient Greek and original Olympics, poetry also competed! It was in the form of plays. Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes were Olympians. That's when we remembered that you have to have a sound mind and a sound body. Just sayin'!

  • Chris Mason

    News Flash! Military personnel will be unable to participate in Trump's parade. It seems that they all contracted bone spurs.

  • Jeff Robbins

    If the tanks and missiles are all in Washington to be in a parade, isn't  that the perfect time for someone to attack the US?

  • Really Disappointed

    Be careful Bill. This guy allready despises everyone but 35 percent of the deplorable. He's going to blow his top and get us all killed.

  • John Robinson

    We will shrug off this Russian-Australian infection in time (Fox News is Australian and they are terribly jealous of Americans. Have worked and even lived with them for a quarter century). This dictator will not last.

  • Michael Young

    The US military already had the biggest compared to other military of other countries by far. Trump really knows how to play our country. Military parade: sounds very patriotic while he's doing lots of harm to our country for his own personal gain.

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