Garry Frank's Weather Rant - 4/10/18

Meteorologist Garry Frank is tired of the cold weather and everyone, including his co-anchors, complaining about it.

  • AnimalsAndReports

    That's called burnout

  • s a m p l e t e x t

    Nice to see a real live human being on a news channel.


    haha that's funny man

  • Micoola

    THAT WAS TERRIFYING that was actually hilarious

  • This Little Critic

    Omg! I didn’t think this stuff actually happens on tv! It was like a movie. YES!

  • Hog Man

    That's as real as it gets!!! 😃😎 LOVE IT!!!😂😂😂. Our weather people here are just some damn chippy cheery but then again it's been 84° the past couple days. 😲

  • lavapix

    That was great!!! He could always do what I did and leave Michigan for Hawaii.


    I speak for the entire Internet, "that was terrifying."

  • Brendon O

    The end is what gets me. That was terrifying

  • Manny S

    That was amazing, can we have more snappy weatherman?

  • Matrix Adjustment

    Another reason cannabis should be legal.

  • Luna Night

    Title should be: "How to get fired from the news in less than a minute."

  • Noah Animations

    This happened on my home state, lol

  • Metanoia •

    Why did the dude at the end think we’d say it’s “terrifying?”

  • Kelly Pastelly

    He needs his own show for crying out loud 😂


    Try selling insurance and tell me how badly you want to go back to forecasting the weather

  • Squiggy Wigginz

    This made it on the news here in Cincinnati. TOO FUNNY! WE ALL LOVE THIS GUY AND WANT HIM HERE IN CINCINNATI!!!!

  • O-EH

    This is our local news channel OMG! XD

  • Su Hugo

    Hilarious not terrifying...

  • johnnypk1963

    Was this actually a live broadcast? Doesn’t seem to be. Looks like a taped run through or at least something off-air. That behavior could easily get u fired.

  • Kate Luxor

    That was hysterical! He was really giving it to them. Finally, an honest, non-chipper weatherman. Hallelujah!

  • fig. 8

    i hope he gets a raise

  • Ray Miller

    "Here's some wind.. some temperature. 20's..." That got me laughing.

  • Mofros Reef

    About half the comments say... Ohhhh that was terrifying.. Get Real.. Give that man a raise, put him on a national channel. That was from the heart entertainment..

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte

    That was terrifying...

  • sandy89107

    Time to find a new job...clearly he hates it

  • Wendy

    Hey 1st HONEST weather report for that area EVER

  • azulmidnightful

    The weather is what it is , is not up to him , adults act like children lol

  • Obsession of the Month

    we need more news casters and weathermen like that, the phony fluff crap on the news everyday is sickening.

  • meliss1220

    Omg I absolutely loved this weather report ! I wish my news had someone like him, I would definitely watch it every day. YOU ARE AWESOME !!

  • Antonio Del Rio

    Hi, it's me the internet. That was terrifying.

  • millie rone

    ''That was terrifying!''

  • TheLastHylianTitan

    My god, that was terrifying.

  • talentless hack

    I love this dude so much

  • Roselie Gabriel Lassale

    That wouldn't fly in Miami!🤔

  • nubcake67

    It's Michigan weather. Do they honestly expect it to be consistent, let alone remotely nice outside, in mid April?

  • Better526

    This guy tells it like it is 😂😂

  • Karen Linnenkamp

    Maybe he needs a different kind of JOB!

  • KeatonFox47

    Yeah you tell them Garry!!

  • Johnathan Andheather

    Panties in a bunch . Ego much

  • Maria Gonzalez

    SO PROUD OF MY CITY. Grand Rapids is cold asf but at least we got a sassy weatherman to keep us entertained in our WARM homes 😂

  • Boris Tyson

    I live close, in ontario. People here never stop complaining about the weather, it gets old fast. I totally understand this man

  • Alspet • Gaming And Music!

    And we said: That was terrifying!

  • Jomar Medina

    Lmao that guy is awesome

  • Kevin Sippel Jr

    "I could just lie to you"...this is wonderful:)

  • Sky The Guy

    "Hello, this is the internet, and that man was terrifying!"

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