Why Introspection Matters

Most of our mistakes come down to one crucial error: our failure to understand ourselves well enough. That’s why we need to learn the art of introspection. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide): https://goo.gl/kLu7HJ

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“One of the hardest things to describe or to be properly aware of is what it feels like to be inside our own minds: the second-by-second flow of images, words, feelings and sounds inside our heads that philosophers call our ‘consciousness’…”

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Tom Kemp

  • TheHalawaniTube

    Would be cool if you'd make a video about ways of introspection and detecting mental fallacies

  • Amar Bhujbal

    this should be taught in schools.

  • Up and Atom

    This channel is always an emotional roller coaster...

  • Micah Buzan

    Pleasure to listen to as well as watch. The art style on these videos is inspiring.

  • Dylan Caleb

    This animation was especially well suited for the narration. There is no other way to describe this video better than simply saying it was 'pleasant', the word seems to capture the video's essence wonderfully

  • Mustafa Kulle

    I strongly recommend writing down your thoughts and keep a record of them. It's a useful catharsis. It's also a good way of understanding yourself better, piece by piece. Hope this helps.

  • Aubrey Hesselgren

    I bloody love this channel.

  • terriesmith1981

    Thank you, School Of Life! You're teaching life lessons that parents were suppose to teach their kids.

  • Maani Bee

    I haven't encountered many things as enlightening and empowering as this channel.. it is absolute gold. Eternally grateful to its creators.

  • Elyzium

    Can you guys make a video about the introspective personality. At least about people with heightened introspective personality.

  • Varun G

    This kind of ''story" telling is better to understand. Thank you.

  • Duke Pflieger

    Ughh. It's crazy how I can just completely shut out not doing something that I know I have to do. I wll fight it off tooth and nail until I just can't find any way around it any more then finally relent and take care of the issue. Afterwards I am greatly relieved but, it's short lived because I then feel really idiotic because it wasn't hard to deal with. I was just that dumb enough to think I could cut the corner somehow and get to the result I wanted or even needed quicker when really I fought off doing something so long it took 3-5 times as long as I should have... Even worse is there's no lesson learned from it. I just end up doing it all over again later. What's that all about? I'm aware of the problem. I know how to solve the problem. However I create an even bigger problem by consciously avoiding the problem... Is this just a guy thing or is this just a me thing? I hope it ain't just me. That's right ladies! Come date this extraordinary man with the uncanny ability to create big ass problems from little stupid problems! Trophy husband in training!

  • mark jonkman

    Most of the points made really hit the thorn on the head.Ouch.

  • 209awsomeman

    My question is where does someone get the profound knowledge to write a script for something like this.

  • Ritvik Khare

    I think it is very important, during the introspection process, to forgive ourselves and others. During the course of our lives, especially if one suffers from low self-esteem, one tends to blame oneself if an event goes wrong. School of Life, how does one forgive oneself? And not only that, but how does one acquire back the zest of life?

  • Dmitro Kostyushko

    So... what if you know the source of a pain but there is no way of eliminating it. Like embarrassing memories or bad decisions that have taken place in the past and there is no way of fixing them in the present.

  • Tiaan De Swardt

    Honesty is probably the most important part of introspection, though. You can only discover the source of your pain, if you admit to yourself that that specific thing hurts you.

  • gustinex

    What if we saw someone else's thorn, and try to pull it out but they devour you instead? What do?

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    This was a really good one!

  • tile late

    This is better than religion.

  • Kimberly Clark

    Great video. Watched this one with my kids. We'll be (hopefully) implementing the idea of asking "Where's the thorn?" when we're upset. Thanks!

  • Haha No

    How do I find it? Please tell us how.

  • Vickens The Ascetic

    What if the "Thorn" is something that cannot be avoided, or perhaps, something that cannot easily be addressed??I've been taking care of my disabled mother now for almost 7 years, and she is also the origin of my most horrific troubles I've ever endured (as a child; she is severely bipolar, cruel & now, after 2 strokes, cognitively impaired). I have to work 2 jobs to keep her (and I, for that matter) afloat, very little help (if any) from anyone else in the family and the more I leave her alone at home, the more issues I come home to, so I stopped having friends or going out, even minimally, years ago. I recently visited a doctor and he told me I have one of the worst cases of PTSD he'd ever seen, on top. I'm just not sure how to make things better for, both, her and myself. Any help would be much appreciated. Long time fan, here

  • Issa Kawwa

    I come to those videos and this Channel for an Inner peace 😊

  • Jesse Lapham

    I didn't know how much I needed this until after seeing it.

  • Jakov Vodanović

    If I write first, you will kill me, right?

  • Robs Tech Channel

    And the simple solution to this is... drumroll ...meditation.

  • FaraH NaZ

    Wow, this puts things into perspective

  • Shahram Qureshi

    This was so fucking intense ! 😂

  • Vinicius

    such a nice art. the channel has aged very well and i am glad to watch ever since its early steps

  • Hessam Mousavi

    That should teach us to be more humble. We are not the rational sensible people we think we are. Every time we find ourselves justified to hurt another person, we should remember there's an injured lion in us. And if we tame him, you will feel sorry for and sympathetic to those who haven't.

  • Mr. Thorax

    This channel is like all the teachings my parents wished they could instill in me, but either didn't have to time or the wisdom to do so. Thank you.

  • The Chrono Pat

    Oh my god, talk about the right video at the right time, in my case. It's actually one of these things that is quite obvious when you think about it, but is easy to lose track on. Thank you so very much! You made me feel better!

  • Samescape

    Absolutely breathtaking and resonating

  • noventar

    one of the best videos from School of Life

  • Gabriel Smythurst

    My thorn is staying up late and watching YouTube....

  • James Aw

    Now that I think about it, I'm ignoring the thorns by watching youtube...I should get it pluck

  • Lua Veli

    In my humble opinion we need two things for this:To find the right tools to look inside. To find the right words to describe what we see. 1. The best tool I know is Alain de Botton's philosophical meditation. They have a video about it on this channel. Don't miss it! You must then print the questions below the video and go through them every day if you can. They are extremely helpful. One tragic thing about almost all of us, is that we really don't know how to think. It is so difficult to think " clearly" about yourself. What we call "thinking" is often just " brooding". And we have all sorts of mechanisms to delude ourselves too. So it is great to have a clear question in front of you, to which you must find an answer without changing the subject!2. Wittgenstein says:" All I know is what I have words for". In order to have more words at hand to describe what we are suffering from, we need to read a lot of good books, poems, watch good movies, listen to beautiful songs, and listen to the people around us very well. After all, our stories may be very different, but we all suffer more less because of the same things. 3. Thinking clearly is extremely important, but of course there are cases that can't be solved by thinking. Painful memories that you can't change, family issues that will never be solved , chronic diseases with no cure etc. Meditation is extremely helpful for all this. If it is impossible to move the thrown, then you can change the way you perceive it. You can just accept it and let it be, instead of fighting against it one life long. Here are two books about meditation that are wonderful:Happiness, Matthieu RicardMindfulness , Mark Williams.4. Psychotherapy must be extremely helpful too. I never had the chance to see a shrink , but if I won the lottery I would move to Buenos Aires for a couple of years to be Gabriel Rolon's patient. Friends who speak Spanish: all if his books are excellent. Very heavy stuff though... I mean the stories are so sad. It is incredible to see how somebody else can tell you " the proper version of your life's story". We will never know everything about ourselves. But it is also very scary to see how many prejudices, misconceptions and misunderstandings we have about ourselves...If you want to "change the narrative" about your own story, and don't have the chance to see a shrink, you may want to read the book: " Redirect, Changing the Stories We Live By " by the psychologist Timothy Wilson. 5. There is an excellent TED Talk by Shaka Senghor about this. He was a prisoner who discovered the value of introspection during solitary confinement, when he read Socrates' " an un-examined life is not worth living". It is a very moving and encouraging speech! Thank you for this wonderful lesson I will never forget. The animation is amazing too!

  • risainternet

    Lots of people don't want to go within, because they think it's too hard. It too scary. But everything...EVERYTHING we seek from external sources? We can find in ourselves. It seems so silly now that we grow up being so concerned about loving others, yet no one really teaches you to love yourself. It's the most freeing thing I've ever done.

  • Nixx

    As someone who could likely be considered a "workaholic", it does somewhat hurt to hear. I was already aware of the problem, but it's difficult for me to lift a finger when I've already settled into a routine in my comfort zone. Although the video isn't just intended for me, thanks for this, I probably need it slammed in my face more.Work gives a sense of fulfillment hard to find in other places, and seems to be used as a substitute for a lack of happiness throughout my life. I've always had a very low base level of happiness, as soon as I get acclimated to a situation, it resets. I have sought psychiatric help before, but it didn't work for me. I guess I'm what a sympathetic parent would call "different". The techniques and advice that would fit most didn't really fit me, and talking was little aid, so I eventually left.I'm doing my best to deal with things on my own, since I don't have a lot of people, but I at least think I'm making progress. I learned the difficult way I had to introspect. I even used to be a horrible insomniac.This is a great video, sorry for venting.

  • Tmec Rep

    Fluttershy is Androcles

  • Mario81178

    So what is the solution for our "lion"?

  • Bittersweet Natalie

    "Introspection is a devouring monster. You have to feed it with much material, much experience, many people, many places, many loves, many creations, and then it ceases feeding on you." "There were silences in my head. I could abandon myself completely to the pleasure of multiple relationships, to the beauty of the day, to the joys of the day. It was as if a cancer in me had ceased gnawing me. The cancer of introspection." Anais Nin

  • dr_mikoom

    this channal is amazing. cheers :)

  • fannarrativeftw

    Really, the animators think he wrapped the THORN in his blanket, not the lion's paw?

  • Guy Lloyd

    I'm confused as to what he says the solution is..

  • Panda Monium

    Cant sleep.Creepy crying lion will eat me. . . . Cant sleep. Creepy crying lion will eat me. lol

  • Confused Films

    Yeah but what if I don't want the fable to metaphorical, what if I just want a lion best friend??

  • Bilal Green

    I've grown in the heart of the Atlas mountains in Morocco where stands the highest peak of them all, Mount Toubkal, as a kid i remember hearing the lion fable from our elders but without the roman emperor part.

  • Joe Bonen

    I want to tongue five a lion

  • Tashelle Btmiller

    I love the animations in this video. the tongue high five! xD

  • Elena G

    In the end, it was the stranger that saw the thorn.This might mean that in addition to introspection, we should be more open to how those around diagnose our pain. Strangers to Ourselves is a great book that provides some insight on the topic of introspection.

  • a string of buzz words

    this illustration is shit lol

  • Random League of Legends (Thresh) games

    This is amazing! So relevant that it's scary.


    You described my life so accurately. But i don't know how to find the thorn. Wish you could have another video on this subject.

  • Matthias Smit

    I've been "addicted" to the same videogame for almost three years now, spent hundreds of dollars only to avoid my sense of underachievement and failure to adapt to the new and harsh reality of my country, Syria. I've changed so much in the last few years, from a confident outgoing person to melancholic introvert cut off from the world outside. I refused every opportunity to leave the country, cocooned in my room holding tight to decade-old memories of people and places long gone. I'm always distant confused and edgy. What scares me most isn't death, of which there's plenty around, but failing to live life. This video.. Clearly moved something in me, but what's the point when I can't find an answer within me.

  • Bystander232

    How much does it cost to hire a designer to illustrate a video like this? Any designers out there who can estimate? Thank you very much.

  • samson

    I know i've seen this fable being replicated in some modern cartoon show or movie, but I can't remember what it was. Does anyone else might know what I'm talking about?

  • Abhilash S

    Fishing in our own subconscious to gain cues that can help us understand our woes . I think you mean that we should be mindful and meditate?

  • KiteGr

    Androklis look and sounds like a Greek name.

  • Sbeast

    Great video. This also relates to Carl Jungs work on the Unconscious Mind and the Shadow, which I recommend people look into as it is invaluable information.

  • fadoua1996

    i wish i could identify my thorns ...

  • Alejandro Leal

    wow so that's what is called

  • Lucas Santoro

    I know what my thorn is. What can I do? I have so much fear to confront it.

  • +Psychology

    I did a video on Introspection myself. I really like the way it was told in story form.

  • Miguelina Museau

    I wish I could like this video a million times

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