Eminem x Sway - The Kamikaze Interview (Part 2)

Eminem sat down with Sway for an exclusive interview for his tenth studio album, Kamikaze. This is Part Two.

Kamikaze is out now: http://shady.sr/Kamikaze


  • S Molta

    Seriously . People dissing Revival and it not being so great , makes me appreciative. Since he got focused and made Kamikaze... Kamikaze in my opinion is my top Eminem album .. And no one has to agree , I know what I like and Kamikaze is fire .... If you don’t agree that is ok , I don’t listen to music for you .. lol .

  • francdom 4life

    FEMINEM copied Ja Rule's "Blood in my Eye" albulm concept of going against every one & called it "Kamalazi"? She copied Ja Rule's "Daddy's little girl" a song for his daughter & called "Mocking Bird".I think fEMINEM Secretly draws inspiration from Ja Rule...

  • Yanisel Garcia

    If Budden had an issue with Em about business he should have addressed it directly with him. Instead of trashing him on national television. Zero loyalty. Budden and MGK both trashed Em for no reason other than to get clout. Em is humble and doesn’t come for people unless they come for him.

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