Wakey Wakey... смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 kinogo

"Wakey Wakey..." no description available.
  • lily kilgore

    y’all are stupid they obviously have to go to area 51 to find the video 🙄 dumb. anna oop- skskskksksksksks

  • Logan Florea

    It’s cool just keep making us wait. Lead us on like a high school thot

  • god of gaming

    Anyone else still waiting underground? I’m not coming out until this episode is released

  • Geof Lewis

    "Wanker Wanker" ... LoL ... Jezus, aren't we so fucking special..

  • Pinoy Boy

    August 19, 2 months after June 19Me: wow look nothing!

  • julio gentil p correa

    All this waiting is better be worth it...

  • Slender man

    Wow, still nothing...

  • Li Gao Son

    That sounds really boring.

  • Sophia Guerra

    Is it weird that I kinda like the music in the background?

  • Cenabull McDank

    its been a year what are you guys doing

  • panda Rojas

    Please make more don't hug me I'm sacred 😍🙋

  • Gemma Massey

    What this town is safe

  • Joey Zhimnay

    Fun Fact: British people had to say wakey wakey when trump was elected.

  • Sr_ Misixs

    Someone more see the creeper at 0:30Aww men

  • Giulia_ Boi



    SomedaySomedaySomedqySomedaySlmedqySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomdaySomdaySomedaySomedaySomdaySomedaySomedqySomedaySomedaySomdaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedaySomedqySomeday.... I Wonder what Will happen

  • Sam Berry

    Wakey wakey to the new day and today is my birthday

  • רן גןלן

    Alright boy let’s just rewatch until they’re are new episodes

  • g forgarbage

    august 19 and no sign of a video

  • Irsen Oldac

    How are they going to do this after season 1?

  • P247

    It's been 3 years since the last episode and almost a year since this teaser came out. When the hell it coming.

  • Golden Galaxy Ghost

    _wh e r e i s i t _Is this what they're hiding in area 51

  • Green_Basment Boi

    Nobody knows what we had to go through...

  • Colin Moore

    The creators: let's make a new DHMIS in 2018!also the creators: and let's also have it on Film Festival, and on YouTube, but they have to wait for 2456 for it to come out on YouTube!

  • Amber_ gacha


  • cLoUd

    WhAtS tHe TiMe?It’S qUaRtEr tO NiNe TiMe tO HaVe a BaTh.ScRuB, sCrUb, ScRuB TiLL tHe wAtEr TuRnS BrOwN

  • garland landis

    mom please dOn'T hUg mE i'Am sCaRed

  • Fernando Garcia

    I still remember when this first came out and I was hyped for an episode to come out the next week

  • fortnite gamer

    Why didn't tell me guys this is in the tv

  • MR Noob

    There gonna be a second part

  • Erin Devlin

    Is this a trailer for a new one!?? And also who seen when don't hug me I'm scared made an amazing world of gumball episode 😂

  • 곤고

    I heard this is a teaser for tv series and they had shown pilot episode in Sundance film festival about the series.

  • Kamdenquinn Johnston

    this better be the intro

  • Julian Fletcher

    It's nearly been a year Jesus Christ where is it I thought it would come out June 20

  • Sonic Paramount

    I coulda sworn that this video was different the first time I saw it

  • Connor Detiveaux

    Who is here August 2019?

  • Emily OHalloran


  • Voidy The Gamer

    This was made on my birthday last year c:

  • KonRoGoCrazy

    CADE PORRA, TO ESPERANO so brazilian taok

  • clarissacortez

    Whos here in August or beyond in 2019 and still waiting waiting waiting just me ?

  • I hate everyone. even you

    I'm so upset because it's been almost a month and we haven't gotten a single thing. I just want more of dhmis...

  • luisandsanditorrez

    When will we see the episodes

  • You wanna gimme my Vaseline please Bryant? 1220

    I guess I’m stealing the time stone from thanos

  • NHQuak '

    I want it out already 😢

  • Davide Facchini

    Man, people probably have been dying already, and still nothing

  • Kiefer Narwandi

    Are the episodes just hidden and we just have to wait until someone finds them and spread the info?

  • Lukas Millard

    When’s this coming out?

  • Jensen Hutch

    I’m your 11th like and coment how convenient

  • Lilly Talty

    I’m waiting for Father’s Day.The usual day.

  • Green_Basment Boi


  • CANDYMAN 7688

    Gay love bug: "Everybody hates you and no one cares"Me: WHATS THAT, PLAIN WHITE SAUCE? PLAIN WHITE SAUCE MAKES YOUR TEETH GO GREY

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