Trevor Noah Compares South Africa's Leaders To America's

How many similarities could possibly exist between South Africa's President and Donald Trump? Well, according to 'Born a Crime' author and 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah...

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  • Wonderful Mom


  • Simenesh Ephrem

    Reading this book was amazing, i was very proud. Trevor Noah, you rock!!! and your mom is a badass. sorry, Trevor, i like her more than you now. I really, really like it. I feel connected to it, the things he talked in the book most of them made me feel that I relate to the culture, way of things is in most Africa, except the apartheid. it is fun and I couldn't stop laughing almost every page.

  • Lawrance Ovarabia

    What is this with Trevor Noah? I agree with his politics but that doesn’t make him a comedian. I have to be witty, clever and funny to be a comedian, right? I hear people quoting Bill Maher all the time. Or Stephen Colbert. I even still hear Jon Stewart being quoted BUT I NEVER HEAR ANYONE QUOTING TREVOR NOAH! Not ever.

  • malak

    his dimple is adorable

  • Jill I

    Guy in blue on the top row @0:23 was wayyyy to excited lool😁😂

  • JosephCecilHorne SmithJunior

    Yes You are Absolutely Friendly Wow!‼️💟🍌😇And More Favorite Forever Beautiful!❗️True Life Love!Trevor Noah!‼️💚Happy!❗️

  • Fred Farnum

    Mental health, what, we don't have to be compartmentalized?

  • Arber Gega

    I thought Trevor was going to talk about the murders of white South African farmers. Why are Americans so uninterested in what’s happening to them? More importantly why doesn’t Trevor talk about this story more often? This strangely compares itself to The Young Turks YouTube news service where Americans are not interested in the namesake that committed the Armenian genocide. This lack of interest bothers me. Because it shows that there are some things like the blatant racism towards white South Africans and the Armenian genocide that are not seen as newsworthy by the MSM and talk shows, where the latter has gotten more politicised lately. My favourite bit is the denialism at the aforementioned two atrocities. One is a genocide and the other one is state sponsored racism. Even Trevor in his Twitter back several year’s ago denied that whites were facing overt racism. He claimed everyone is suffering. It is true that there is massive crime going on in South Africa as a result of poverty. However when the Russian government allows whites to escape South Africa, with the Australian government hoping to do the same, then something terrible is genuinely going on in Trevor’s homeland. I just wish he focussed on this type of racism as well.

  • Pinay ako

    "Remember something that you love until you get tired"😂...I remember these phrase asked by one of my student..where the hell she got this from?'s Trevorrrrrr

  • cycleforwardtime

    There are people who have lived in America there whole lives and have never left their state. Trevor has been to 48 states so I say he’s more American than many Americans.

  • Christo Gaybba

    I will take Trump as a prez!!!

  • Research0digo

    Did I miss it, or did Trevor not acknowledge the band?

  • Anne Muchiri

    Trevor tell them as my baby sone once told me " Home is where mum is" When is tha last time you ate Bunny chow.

  • Nadia Janssen

    I am from the Netherlands. I love Africa. My apologies for my ancestors. They f*****::€! €? Things up. We will do better.

  • Ninii Tread

    I love YOU TREVOR... Cobar gettin tired

  • Meh!

    talking about dictators but he can't even say "the person of colour" 🙂 Meh!The Left has done some serious mind-control and psychological manipulation.How exactly they always manage to do it? 🤔 Honestly that is beyond me, yet to this day ... 🙄

  • Lulu Chanel !

    Trevor should interview Trump😂

  • Heartstung

    "we fight but don't forget at our core we are Americans" most important words to come out of his mouth in this interview.

  • Benjamin

    Yeah, I remember when I learned how to laugh like a black man ✊🏿

  • Fred Farnum

    bs, grieve for themselves, same team, blah

  • Alice Wilde

    ERM Britain is the home of stand-up, he's said himself he honed his craft in Britain before becoming known in America.

  • Polish PlumBag

    Lol amazing president in south Africa just took away all white farmer lands and redistributed them to his friends. Without any compensation. Trumps bringing jobs to Michigan, expanding your auto trade, America is also producing more oil them they ever have in the past. He brought together 400 billion in deals with China and Mexico. Trudeau is destroying Canada. We have a new carbon tax being debated, we have signed the new un migration compact. Any migrant in the world who wants to come to Canada we have to pay for their health care, education, transportation, translation, policing for communities, housing, food.You guys are spoon fed left bullshit from bought media. Political correctness is such bullshit.No such thing as hate speech, only speech people hate. Stop virtue signaling and labeling. Trumps the best thing that ever happen to you. Grow up.

  • Bea Zacarias

    I love The USA! They’re so accepting! I love TN! He’s amazing!

  • Jerome Barboza

    I'm exactly like this! Thats weird or isn't it

  • Julia Hoover

    I'm not for sure, but I really don't think any of our leaders are saying to kill white people. Failed to mention that, didn't you, citizen of the world Trevor Noah? Who are you, really?

  • Halos and Horns

    Trevor single ooooooooohhhhhh lala 😍

  • Chrysaura

    I love the subtle shade he threw at Mar-a-lago, "I would never go to West Palm Beach, Florida" 😂

  • Jordyn Mosing

    the way i feel like trevor just broke up with south africa in this video

  • P Dias

    Yes this young man is amazing.

  • 73Jericho

    Are Trevor's nails pink or just really healthy?

  • rachelle peterson

    Trevor you are a bright light...don't let no one dull it.

  • Samuel Nikanor

    Were do I get the " born a crime" book in Namibia?

  • Ice_Tiger007

    “Another horrific shooting “ and I immediately scrolled up to see when this video was posted... Sad that I had to check the date for reference. Way too many.

  • Kristy Kristy

    I read that book. Amazing 😉

  • Arina Savva

    OH! Such a BS! Before 2017..... he has no idea what he is stepping into.....chip jocks. I'm very disappointed!


    Voetsek. We don't want the Oros Man here!

  • Lynette dunn

    He is so good looking

  • Ethan Pelser

    Poor trevor has to constantly make trump jokes

  • amaechi diamond

    Trevor's interviews look like comedy shows... he so so funny

  • Ana Bê Freitas

    For a second I thought Trevor was describing Brazil's current president, except for the friends with Putin part...

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