Trevor Noah Compares South Africa's Leaders To America's

How many similarities could possibly exist between South Africa's President and Donald Trump? Well, according to 'Born a Crime' author and 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah...

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  • the EQUATION

    i kind of just want trevor noahs to shu up.....he is controlled opposition for the usual suspect. no sane person would think this niggha is really.

  • daebbiri

    Two good looking and intelligent men

  • رائد 'ستيفن

    Hey it is your brother quit fucking around were dying.he does not care about you get off the ride

  • Khalid Bahaj

    No homo but this guy looks good. Looks, humor and intelligent he is a package ladies go give him some yeah you know love?

  • Nat

    Trevor history lesson 101 The Russians where bankrupt the world was on the Gold standard, SA was a prize for the Russians. It was my friends who lost there lives keeping our country a capitalist, state, the ANC cadre use Communist slogans and address each other as comrades on the blood of white South Africans who ensured that our country was not taken over. The ANC have looted and destroyed our country in just 20 years. They have stolen from there own people, at least the Whites looked after there own people, it s the whites that built Baragwanath Hospital not the blacks, Even our little seperate development has delivered more than the ANC. What is a shame the White South African Soldiers are treated as criminals for defending our borders. Yet the ANC loot, If the believe in Socialism why hasnt Cyril divided his wealth amongst his people. Yet the want to loot now even the whites mans houses like is there anything else you would like to take

  • Ahmed Hamraoui

    Trevor is pride of Africa he is one great comedian. He is not ashamed of his origines

  • easlyn alexander

    Trevor Noah should come to Trinidad and Tobago... He have the energy for carnival.😊

  • Crypto Chuck

    Im not understanding why they are trying to infer that donald trump Is not planning to leave the whitehouse. it would make no sense, such an act would embroil the US in a civil war that would crash the global economy.

  • ACD

    It warms my heart to see two competitors respect the hell out of each other. What s beautiful conversation.

  • Ashley Davies

    South African president reacts here:

  • SWProductions

    sadly they didn't really talk about the book. I read it and it's amazing!

  • Danica naude

    American leaders: University degreesSouth African leaders: Didn't even finish primary school.No wonder we've become a junk state.

  • rayzur9

    if you hurt America, you hurt the generous feeding of millions of people worldwide that survive based upon the generosity of the American taxpayer.  If you don't want to eat anymore, and cant turn your 3rd world shithole into anything anyone can survive in, then don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Luke

    this guy is so wrapped up in his own image and ego it is hard to watch

  • Stephanie G

    You dont gotta be alone bb im here and ready

  • ih8snow30

    note that Einstein renounced his citizenship to become a "citizen of the world" ✌

  • Charlotte Tran

    Honestly can’t tell if he’s joking or being serious lol

  • Rara Zap

    It always is a treat to have Stephen and Trevor in one screen and conversing. Hihi 😍

  • Doug Biden

    Actually,New York is in a country.That's the USA.Why else did Saudi Arabians hijack planes and fly them into the buildings there? Its not because New York is in Mexico or Canada

  • Alicia Lowe

    Me like dying cause he mentioned El Paso TX!!!

  • MyBrainEatsEverything

    Trevor is such a snappy dresser! I love that shirt and the blue suit, and the tie "ties" it all together perfectly. Such an elegant man.

  • farha sameer

    Great book..started and finished half of it today your mom Trevor..such a fearless woman..the book is so well written its like living your life through your eyes..that getting thrown from the van amidst all the curfew must have been so horrifying!! Jesus really wanted you to go through all of it so you come out stronger..But really Patricia Noah is the real hero of 'born a crime'..

  • Destiny Kramer

    Wow!!! Trevor Noah for President?

  • Kgabo Senyatsi

    Making us proud to be south African

  • your comment might not work so please

    Ur stealing others show TREVOR

  • siad barre

    This guy will be the next ellen

  • rayzur9

    South Africa is about to become North Africa, and just as "prosperous"... lol....

  • ali jariani

    The book is great. I seriously suggest it to everyone.


    South Africa, where white people who have been in those parts longer than the blacks due to it mainly being empty scrub land and blacks coming in looking for work, Are now getting killed by the blacks, South Africa is becoming another crap hole country where blacks live in their own filth and ask for handouts from white countries after killing all the white farmers.You can take the primitive man out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out of the primitive man.

  • April Marie-char Clemente

    Perfectman: Trevor Noah🤗😘❤️

  • Brenda Otin

    Right cheek dimple 😊 me too


    Do people really agree with this coward?

  • Angela Elle Ndlovu

    Stephen does not know how to respond to Trevor well, He feels attacked and just comes off as defensive when replying, in stead of going with you'r guest's flow.... Jimmy Fallon can handle Trevor this guys has no clue

  • Matsidiso Maba

    Is he wearing pink nail polish?

  • Andrea Yanez

    Hey, I am from El Paso.

  • RALUCA Pirvu

    What's that place in Florida that Trevor says he wasn't allowed in?

  • Nat

    Trevor Stay out of politics, keep doing what you do best entertain

  • Pastephine Taylor

    Imagine that Donald Trump was black... The silence and discomfort was Thick.I promise.

  • Taufik Rahman

    Trevor is just so funny. 😂

  • Patriciabomari Omari

    The difference is, you have the African blood in you. We don't tire

  • Isra Tabib

    Trevor is soooo amazing ,, !!"

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