Nina Zilli - L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

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Italy: Nina Zilli - L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) live at the Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Star Gaming

    Its A Hard Race Between This And 2018 For Best Italian Entry But I Choose This Also This Was My Number 2 In 2012 ( Sweden Still 1 )

  • Piero Pelù

    bellissimo sound e grandissima gnocca la zilli!

  • Jony the Goat

    This is my favorite Italian entry together with Grande Amore

  • Albin

    2:00 "Your an independent roman after all"

  • Kristoff De Guia

    the italian version is much more powerful

  • Zander Sutton


  • Antonio Farina

    Per me l'icona italiana dell'Eurovision Song Contest :-)

  • henry riley

    Still in my opinion, the best Italian entry in recent years! ♥️

  • Lunaros

    Key change like Popular...

  • ThePerkins30

    One of the best Italien ESC-entries ever ! In one range with "Gente di mare - Umberto Tozzi & RAF" (1987) and "Il treni di Tonzeur - Alice & Franco Bottiato" (1984)

  • Simas M.

    Great music, beautiful voice, subtle dancing is proof, that perfect performance doesn't need everything-overdone approach common to most singers in eurovision.I will never understand, why songs like that do not win, and songs like Toy (2018) (which is disgusting at best) do.

  • Rishad Aliev

    Блин она украла образ у Эми

  • ElzearYoung

    came only 17th in the televoting, unbelievable

  • Jasmine Migale

    avrei preferito la cantasse in italiano!

  • TaffBrigade

    Representing Italy in 2012, we have...Amy Winehouse...Okey dokey.

  • serdar winehouse

    bitch u r not amy winehouse

  • Jaime Quiero Bastías

    My favorite song of Eurovision 2012!!! Masterpiece!

  • Miamaar Mimi

    In my opinion, best Italian entry in 2010s!

  • Mosa Aghbaria

    The Best Italian Entry hands down :)

  • ime prezime

    goosebumps everywhere!

  • Heccistan

    This really should have won, this song was like nothing else.

  • Star Gaming

    Also Who Cares Some Is In English Its Still A Excellent Song

  • Junkproductions

    Nina is gonna compete in the italian selection next year. I hope she wins, Europe needs her. Greetings from Sweden.

  • Last Dreamer

    Awful song, my last place in 2012 year.

  • BillGreek

    Great song but I prefer it all in Italian !

  • S T

    She looks great , moves great and sings out of this world. Listen to per sempre another great song. She is simply out of this world

  • Agressive Burritto


  • Red Soul

    When Class takes place in Eurovision, You know is Italy.

  • Kokomiu

    she should have sang in Italian

  • Teddy James

    If only they'd kept the song in Italian... It just felt more powerful then.

  • Giovanny Ramírez Barrera

    Hermosa Nina <3 _ <3

  • Poland Mapping

    My best song!Love from Poland

  • Aziza Alkan

    This is James Bondish. I like songs like this

  • Henrik Larsson

    it´s sassy ,sexy and she got attitude !! work girl !

  • Ld Ld

    The real winner for me...

  • Luiz Lima

    She should have won...

  • Petar Majer

    when i was watching her in 2012 she was scaring me and i was 9,now this is my fav song ever

  • Christophevalere

    Cette chanson aurait du gagner

  • Lu Gui

    Ne ho pieni i coglioni che lei assomiglia A.W. Nina è Nina . Stop O ti piace o no ma solo perché è Nina

  • Nural Huseynaliyev

    Love from Azerbaijan😍❤

  • Sandra

    This song is much better in ITALIAN. We have beautiful languages, why do we have to sing in English?? I don't understand it.

  • Konráð Arthúrsson

    One of the BEST Italian songs!!!

  • francesco ariano

    Perché non ha cantato più italiano!?

  • Hitbox Music

    I can't believe It was 6 years ago...

  • eren demirel

    one of my personal bests in eurovision history ,the most underrated song !

  • A Human

    Best song of ESC 2012 ❤

  • Louis R

    This song is my winner of 2012 !!! 12 points from France !

  • Dawid_ESC_TD_KP 23


  • dominika gogolek

    I love this song !!!

  • Matilde Bianchini

    ma il corista...non sembra clopin di ndp ?

  • David Ramos Botero

    Best entry of Italy for me😍😍

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