Nina Zilli - L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) - Live - Grand Final - 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

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Italy: Nina Zilli - L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) live at the Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

  • Ella Hüseynzade

    reminds me of Amy Winehouse :)

  • dažadi

    I really have no idea why the hell would Italians want to sing in English when they have the most poetic language in the world!

  • Mike ESC

    Amy Winehouse of Italy

  • Dandi

    I can hear this as a James Bond theme 

  • Dawid Agostini

    L'Italia ha sempre mandato le canzoni di grande stile ed alta qualità (a parte Emma Marrone). Allora Nina torna per Vienna ;)))

  • George Austin Tay

    Our best entry so far. The quality we served to Europe in 2012, the class, and the talent of Nina Zilli! I hope Arisa represents us this year to show the real quality music and the unique voices of Italy!

  • Gajol1000

    Absolutely great! Nina Zilli is brilliant!

  • Berkehan

    Italia's best entry.I love this song. <3 <3 <3 Love from Turkey.

  • Iván Valle Velarde

    IS SO MUCH BETTER THE SONG IN ITALIANIn english this song lose all the italian colour A good song despait of it

  • Louis R

    This song is my winner of 2012 !!! 12 points from France !

  • lorenzo urbini

    Classe, stile, voce....l'italia è questo, non una che urla.....

  • pogodziej

    She's perfect. :) I love this live performance.

  • Samantha Innocent

    Such Amy Winehouse vibes :D

  • adamantios katsis

    Thee Italian Amy Winehouse. Nina rocked in Baku. I'm still listening to this masterpiece and I must say it's the best Italian entry since their comeback

  • MrTwilighter

    WE NEED NINA BACK! Send her again italy! She nailed it in 2012!

  • Larita Whittaker

    too good for eurosong..

  • HurrayTsk

    Did anyone else notice the backing singers at 1:32

  • mcrsal

    It should have been in Italian.

  • music is life and love

    Best italian entry ever, delighted Italy actually sent Nina! Should have been top 3 for sure :/

  • Maria Karpenko

    I think this is much better then 2015's Grande Amore,This was my winner of 2012

  • View Veo

    Que gran artista Nina!!!! y la canción genial!!! saludos desde Barcelona!! 

  • Sera

    Lol, i thought i was listening Amy Winehouse

  • Hubert Rogut

    Omg. Italian Amy Winehouse

  • MsDinoPlay

    Que canción mas ritmica y mas bonita, Esta canción es una de mis preferidas ::))Saludos desde España :::)))

  • erhakuysal

    I cant understand how this song wasnt select 1st ?

  • george98080

    Italia 💕 my fav country is the contest! Always in my top 5

  • Itayetzin Torres

    I don't know but.....this song is sexy!!

  • Rene Mortensen

    i remember something about that the televoters raped this song..... jury kept it up

  • Pete Tofky

    Nina was great but Pastora was even better than Ninna !!

  • Zagor Mud

    We'll be there also in 2014!!! Europe, we're coming :)

  • Florian Sander

    Hey, we found the sister of Amy Winehouse!

  • Naber Lan

    How did this song not win?! It is by far the best Eurovision song I've ever heard; I still listen to it.

  • pop96Life

    Even if Italy sent Andrea Bocelli it would never win.Countries vote each other not for the quality of the! I think Italy deserved the victory in all the last three years.The song by Marco Mengoni was wonderful but obviously won that distusting song from Denmark.

  • asia_r_1989

    Shame that she didn't sing it entirely in Italian.

  • charlton pace

    Nina Zilli Sei stata brava!! Italy robbed there victory! but I do prefer Spain over this! Greetings from Malta

  • Patrick G

    En italien svp,l'anglais ça suffitin italiano por favore,ingles basta !!!!!

  • Carl Johnson

    It sure doesn't beat Euphoria, but it deserved a higher place as well :/

  • charlton pace

    The Italian version of amy house!! I don't get this why Italians want to sing in english when they have the most beautiful language in the whole world!! La lingua e molto bella!!

  • degoudenkoo1

    For me the best entry of Italy. Period. :) From The Netherlands!

  • Junkproductions

    Nina is gonna compete in the italian selection next year. I hope she wins, Europe needs her. Greetings from Sweden.

  • Sand Sand

    amazing hole she return

  • ArgyESC

    Masterpiece. Thank God there are juries who can appreciate quality music.

  • Can Yürekli

    What a nice song !It should have been in top 3.And also Nina is so beautiful and elegant.

  • Opheilas

    Studio version was amazing but she kinda screwed up at the live show.I really like this song and her though

  • Genādijs Rusanovs

    I'm I the only one who thinks, that she looks a litlle bit like Amy Winehouse?

  • Red Soul

    When Class takes place in Eurovision, You know is Italy.

  • Jaime Quiero Bastías

    My favorite song of Eurovision 2012!!! Masterpiece!

  • Nail Nevmatulin

    Catchy song much more better that Rafael with that boriiiiiiiiiiiiing song which took 2 place , but Per Sempre was much more better that this one

  • morellina19

    She has a gorgeous and unique voice....this song is very good in comparison with the other ones.

  • Pierluigi M.

    I hope that if Italy really win this year, Nina will be the host next year

  • Miguél Ferrer

    2012 - 2014 were the best years (for a great song) for Italy, and 2016 too!

  • Caro Schön

    this song is the real winner song!!! really cool!! the gun shot is cool!!! go on nina!! you're the best!

  • Can Öznurlu

    this song never become old 

  • ArgyESC

    Amazing! Best Italian entry since their return! It really deserved the top 3.

  • Luca Focardi

    Another robbery. 2011 was already gived to a song and a singer that has been clearly forgotten. This song from Nina is a masterpiece.

  • BillGreek

    Great song but I prefer it all in Italian !

  • Nenad Markovic

    BEST Eurovision song EVER! Beautiful! :)

  • OneBanksManor

    She should have sung the whole song in Italian. And what a depressing background. WTF!Great dress!


    Discover the truth from the comparison: Nina Zilli, an italian music star, has been existed more many years, before Amy Winehouse, who also was and remain as a big music star!!!

  • birddragon soul

    my number one italian entry

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