Dyslexic McDonald's Worker Sets Sign to Wumbo

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  • Triggered Tro

    Where's the #Before1Milli Squad 👀Love ya guys <3twitter.com/TriggeredTro

  • Space Duck

    1:04 "McDona;d's" THEY SPELT MCDONALDS W R O N GEdit: Its not Triggered Tro's edit, its on the original video https://youtu.be/2F6dB8T_exY

  • PowderyStAnK YT

    Mabye they're australian

  • Feathered Fury

    W stands for Wendy's, McDonald's has forfeit the war. Wendy's is victorious! :D

  • Sparkk

    Every Saturday let’s go

  • Annie O

    What I hate about YouTube comments1. Liking your own comment2. writing in bold font3. Commenting on your own post

  • GreekSwagLord

    yo Tro why dont u just call it the Trews?

  • Jane Smith

    What bullshit. So much wasted time and money on nonsense. Come on ladies, are we so sensitive and weak that we need to see an M turned into a W to feel empowered and valuable? This type of stuff is just insulting to me.

  • Farmer Fella

    The gender pay gap is a myth and everyone should know that now,it's just women choose to work part time more


    Congrats on 1 millWow you scrolled all the way here?

  • Rokas S

    1 day for women to get recognition with the ‘w’, rest of the time it’s ‘m’ for men.

  • Esteban Rodriquez

    "they turned every M into W's" he says as the owner of the restaurant has an M on her shirt...

  • ChloetheChlam


  • James Lloyd

    You know what would be the best? Daily TroLoads or at least every three day uploads☺️ we love the content, keep up the good work!

  • Zane Dalton

    1:16: "McDona;ds Customer"

  • X Vøid X

    I was the 999,999th subscriber #Before1Mil

  • Elevens_ Eggos

    #Before1Milli squad pullin through here 🙌🏻

  • Hunter Malloy

    I been here since 200k bro, what happened?

  • Jeffery Egg

    Forget PewNews, The News is what I need

  • Erin Beach

    Hell ya. This is funny af

  • sliice

    Yes! Do an episode of "tro news" every week (yes I did give him a name idea for his news thingy)

  • kooketh-shooketh_imdone

    Call it The Trewsteam up with Pew News, i only watch trusty resources

  • KoalaLala

    congrats on hitting a million subbies!

  • Emma Wares

    #before1milli I was here at 100k and it’s crazy you are at 1 million it’s crazy

  • Patrick Star The not so Smooth criminal

    My boi tro making history as the only good commenter on YouTube.

  • Keegan Adolph

    Flip the M to W for Wow this is unhealthy

  • JoiceVaderd

    Wasabi IS NOT hot. It gives off vapors that clears your sinus. This thing makes your nervous system go wild.

  • aliyah

    i’ve been here since 360,000 subscribers ! you gained subscribers hella quick , but anyway congrats on 1 million , i’m happy to say i’ve sorta been here since the beginning !

  • •Hobi•

    How to give your child trust issues

  • Jamalie Tf3

    Women aren’t that important.

  • Austin The Gamer

    What about Mens day???


    2:36 I would of just gave her something else and told her it was wasabi, If that stuff can put me In pain I know it be a thousand times worse for a child. Some parents I swear man 😑, they basically just put their child in pain for views.

  • melli melon

    Am I blind? ??? Tro is at 1 million 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💓💓💓

  • Shadz

    "The news, the news, the news, the news news news, the news, we didn't know what to call it sooooo, we called it the news"

  • savageHD

    at 1:09 hispanic fat boi saying women should get rights when they already have rights and get paid the same lmaooo

  • LT43

    This the only time I will say the news is not boring

  • DandyyWolf AJ

    OH shittt congrats on 1mil man <3 Love your videos

  • Mason Burke

    I have dyslexia and I don’t know what your talking about that McDonald’s is the only one that has a m all the others are w?

  • Acid Trips420

    every couple of weeks ( i be high af rn lol)

  • I panicked! At the chemical Bøy

    Last month you had like 500k...... What happened

  • DaGbomb

    Congrats on hitting 1 million dude! I’ve been subbed at around 40,000 and you make me laugh on every video. Keep it up. I’m glad that plan F is going good for you.

  • Clive The Führer

    Manuel is my hero “He saved me In fortnite”

  • Swabi

    Hey Tro make a video on that, realy wanna see this

  • Queen Technol

    When you were there at 200kIM SO PROUD OF U TRIGGERED TRO!!! MY BESTIE AND I LOVE UUU

  • Lofo 006

    They did indeed hit that H O E

  • Jewel Brava

    1:14 what an intellectual👏👏😒

  • Braiining

    Make a video on this and that

  • Raymond S

    Feminism isn't real

  • Mark Tomeny

    holy shit tro last time i watched ur vids u were at 800k and that was like a month ago, congrats on 1 mil

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