So Much News, So Little Time - The 2026 World Cup & Bill Clinton's Dodgy Interview | The Daily Show

Time Warner joins forces with AT&T, North American countries gear up to host the World Cup, and Bill Clinton takes heat for his remarks about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

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  • Emma SpAce

    How dare you, you confused and excited me, and then said the u.s. DIDN'T win the world cup. that shit never happens and I love soccer. Although if the world fought the u.s. and canada at hockey few would come out alive. FIGHT ME.

  • cheerios4canaries

    Time to get out of my AT&T contract and get Comcast

  • M Umo

    Oh, the media. They constantly hype up Clintons. Remember the last election, oh, Hillary. Go ask the current president these questions.

  • Samuel Jerkson

    Wow. Still using Bill Clinton as a punching bag for a bunch of consensual stuff he did over 15 years ago as president. Who the fuck cares. He was one of the best presidents we ever had.

  • Jazzy Jaz

    I'm going to laugh if america doesnt make it into the world cup again

  • QueenxofxthexBurbs

    His face at the end should be a meme or gif.

  • Jamie Hill

    Wait didn’t James Patterson right maximum ride and confessions of a murder suspect dude those are my favorite books

  • David Barnwell

    Clinton was right though.

  • Max Ramos

    "The way I said Cohen is like my son I meant Eric. Not related to that guy at all"

  • Belinda Gagelman

    lewinsky did intentionally seduce him only to ruin his presidency

  • Culilus

    Bill Clinton just went full Trumptard.... never go full Trumptard.

  • Pigeon

    Fuck ATT and that snaggletooth son-of-a-bitch Ajit Pai

  • ForeverMe543

    I can’t wait til there is a liberal or non-republican in the White House so that when conservatives try to open their mouths about sexual assault (which I sincerely hope no more rapists enter that Oval Office) and marital drama and oppression we have all the video footage and evidence of shit trump did and got away with.

  • Mark Pemberton

    You want the man to apologize for getting a blowjob two decades ago? gtfo

  • OrionoftheStar

    Fans would be just fine running through warzones if that's what you took.

  • pittkidd2008

    James Pattersons face is epic in those interviews.

  • fclavijo

    great jon snow impression

  • Blessed Veteran87

    People just need to own up to there mistakes. Say yeah I fucked up...wat can I do better to change it. Wrapped in lies will only get ya so far. Own them mistakes n try to do better. Everyday is a blessing. Have A Blessed Day

  • Mhlengi Ndlovu

    1:38 who the fuck is John Stow, Trevor?

  • QHHT Practitioner Apostle Matthew

    Bill Clinton aka Elvis is a funny kind of lizard lmao

  • Alexis Sanchez

    Bill Clinton is a rapist fuck you

  • Daphne G

    Why?!?!? It was consensual!

  • Luthien Seldomane

    Okay wtf? Bill is still getting crap about a hummer and Trump is 99.99999(infinite) guilty of multiple pornstars (who he paid so techincally they were prostitutes)? Ah haa.. see question mark? I was asking! :D

  • Maya NYC

    Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal:

  • jerico641

    But...the sex Clinton had with Lewinski was consensual, wasn't it..?

  • Adam Dang

    The join forces because their puppet killed net neutrality.

  • JoeMamaGames

    Trevor, you should make a gaming channel like mine xD. I would subscribe in a heart beat.

  • Gold Osburn

    But I tell you one thing that guy sitting next to Bill is the most interesting person ever and he probably made the entire interview more better than Bill talking

  • paokmoo

    F north america for having the world cup!

  • emayaych

    James Patterson’s face though...😂I feel sorry for him cause I really enjoy his books and it’s a shame he has to be caught up in this hot mess.

  • Dedrie Johnson

    Well, Clinton was impeached iver this and won..he had a consensual affair, no apology needed

  • ForeverMe543

    And I love how we can harass bill Clinton (rightfully) after he has already been forced to trial, but no one is prosecuting the current Cheeto in chief.

  • Leon Deveraux

    I disagree with the people saying liberals are pushing the #metoo movement too far, and I ESPECIALLY disagree with the people who say the MOVEMENT is a "fad", since I myself am a victim. I cannot, however, offer in my mind a "valid" opinion seeing as I was not alive at the time. Whether it was consensual or not, the fact that he infamously said "I did not sleep with that woman" and is still struggling to answer questions about it (like 20 years later) proves that either he feels no remorse (which is terrible) for the entire situation and thinks it all should be swept under the rug, or that he's still hiding things. Point being: it's sus as fuck. James Patterson gave a good response when Stephen asked about it on the Late Show. He said Bill has done many nice things, and while there is the mistake that he made, working on the book with him has let him see the many sides of him. I agree that the Clintons do many things like any other person, but that doesn't mean that you're not going to be "known for" what you're known for, so you have no right to get cross with interviewers. You definitely shouldn't be struggling to answer questions about an incident that was already extensively covered. That's suspicious.

  • BrownC6H12O6

    Monica Lewinsky’s consentual 2 year long affair is not a #metoo qualifyer. He didnt force her, didnt hold back any job opportunities. She had a, I repeat, a 2 year relationship with her married boss. She persued this man, she was in love with this man. Inappropriate to have a relationship with a subordinate, yes; inapropriate to get involved with a married man, yes. But they both chose to do it for 2 long years. NOT a me too moment.

  • Cesilia Hansen

    I hope Donald put you in prison🖕

  • Adriana Silva

    You know what, I do not think Clinton have to apologized to Monica Lewinsky. She was an adult, she knew what she was doing. She is not a victim, I am pretty sure she was flattened to have an affair with the president of the US. I also hopped people stop trying to see all women in the ME to Movement as victims. Before said something do some search on the past of the some so called victims. Some are some not. I feel really sorry and sad for those that really were abused.

  • Debra Williams

    Me too movement, need to find something better to do with their whoring life with their bosses, CEO and promotion. where they use their body to get promoted for jobs . and now calling for sexually assaulted.. bloody liars.

  • chichoos07

    I’m never eating Sbarro’s again!

  • Britt Waller

    James patterson looks like a turtle.

  • Sarah Johnson

    When you think about it, this guy is just talking to himself in front of a camera while someone else times in a laugh track.

  • asrsi

    North-America hosting soccer? That's a bad decision. Just to remember... BTW: In my opinion... #metoo is just another feminism bullshit, like a witch hunt... Every stupid bitch would now just call #metoo ...

  • Leon Deveraux

    James Patterson is a sad turtle watching Bill Clinton fumble his way

  • Greg Reilly

    Patterson looked like a turtle! LMAO

  • SakuraProductions

    Oh Trevor, you missed an opportunity to promote John Oliver's segment on corporate consolidation... :D

  • enyacoladas

    My dad reads a looot of James Patterson books so I'm sure he's a brilliant and very accomplished authorSo I feel so bad he has to put up with this nonsense 😂

  • Lava Earth

    This whole Trump presidency is so entertaining like they turned the white house into a comedy club. I feel bad for The 46th president shit he got hella work to do😅😅

  • filipe nunes

    Poor crowd, didn’t get the “wall joke “ at football.

  • Sana -

    Great; now we’re going to have shit cable and shit internet service.

  • Bryan Russell Thomas

    He owes nobody an apology.

  • JonsLana

    Love you to death, Trevor. Hate the mustache. Hate it. 😣😫

  • Gold Osburn

    I was about to say something strange about this video but I don't want the US government breaking down my door and arresting me so I'm going to keep my mouth shut you don't know who's watching

  • Garry Kasten


  • Gu Baby

    Can you imagine being the woman in this case. I am glad this is following him. They are still making propaganda tshirts disrespecting Monica defining her by one sexual affair. I am glad these men are finally feeling it. She has had to endure this for years and Hillary too. They ask him more about Monica than his own wife. Smh yeaaaaa #TimesUp

  • Debra Williams

    Mr. Clinton don't have to apologize to the whoring Lewinsky. he did apologize many years ago. she was using her body for higher position.

  • DMC1

    James Patterson looks hilarious.

  • Char Lina

    James Patterson should be the new "white guy blinking" gif

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