"Why do you swear so much?!": Kids Ask Ryan Reynolds Difficult Questions

"I never swear, ever. Not even once!"

#Kids ask #Pokemon Detective Pikachu's #RyanReynolds the questions no grown up would ever dare to: My dad looks lasagne but why is that? Why do you swear so much? Who is your least favourite person you've worked with?

Find out how Ryan handles 2019's hardest hitting young journalists.

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  • 1_2_Die

    2:10 Kiwis are nicer =) (all of them, fruit, bird and people)

  • Andrea Prochowski

    The male interviewer looks like Jason Momoa and sounds likes James Corden

  • AMIみろリい

    This guy is perfect❤

  • Bella

    How in the world does be come up with all those hilarious lines on the spot, its crazy

  • Yesits Kam

    I remember lazer disks lol

  • sxnema edits

    "My favorite game is 'close your fucking eyes for 12 hours'-" MAJSJSJSJJS

  • blackcactuz

    The only reason Ryan Reynolds said that Charizard can wipe mom right out is because he's never met my mom :P

  • Andrew Holmes

    Ryan is a fucking savage

  • The King Of Norway


  • Pickle Person

    “I think you can, I know you can”Words we don’t hear enough

  • Spud Nugget

    Do you think he said Hugh Jackman because he's Wolverine and Ryan Reynalds is deadpool and Deadpool like hates Wolverine?

  • Israel Tseona

    Did anyone else have trouble understanding that accent?

  • ScreamingBeast

    Dude I'm 27 and I barely know what a laserDisc is.

  • Kpop_Trashpanda 2013

    Ryan: Fix your broken win-Me: yeets self out of room

  • Grayson Graham Cracker

    Ryan Reynolds will always be one of the funniest people to ever exist

  • kash W

    The interviewers were ass

  • Doodlemaster

    Deadpool: I love Wolverine! we're best buds! maybe even more...(smirks and winks)Ryan Renolds: Hugh Jackman! what a dick!

  • Sergio Madera

    This movie was funny

  • Carrie Haines

    " I hate to sound so Canadian" 😂❤👍

  • Tamara, Redguard, lvl. 30

    Omg I am dying of laughter. XD Everything that leaves his mouth leaves me in stitches.

  • Crystal&Stephanie_ Forever

    Is body is like LaSSaGnE 😂

  • Sutter Family Films

    Is Hugh Jackman a D*%# ?

  • Slashcard

    That moment where you go to watch a video about Ryan Reynolds being asked difficult questions by kids, and then "HOLY CRAP, IT'S ALICE FROM JAMES & ALICE!"Been a minute.

  • Alexandra Pruijt

    What is this interview 😂😂

  • Ian Jenkins

    Meh Tara Strong would have been a much better choice for Pikachu than Ryan.

  • Marty Mcfub

    What the heck is happening

  • bigwille11

    You do swear I love you my husband and I ❤️you we love your movie's u must be a great dad u are funny🌹

  • yoga asix

    They should interview him with Dopinder 😁😁

  • mindthedog

    🤔 thats the liberals take on journalism too

  • OldManSkimpy

    Ryan Reynolds is such a straight up guy

  • Cynenite

    My dad’s name is Ryan we are Canadian and from Vancouver. Oooooooo

  • Katie Marigold

    Kid: Why do you swear so much?Me: Fuck you, kid. Get a job. Stay in school. Do both. Most of all, mind your own fucking business. Peace. ✌You focus on the wrong things and ask the wrong questions. Parents should broaden children's world views, not condense them down to daily life. Get them to see the bigger picture. Train them to lead by example and not point their little fingers. That makes them into overly sensitive followers with silly values. "Thou shalt not curse!" Listen. That little boy is going to curse at some point. You hide it from him, tell him it's forbidden, and he may actually develop a desire to actually try it. Then he likes cursing. Then what? You've wasted a good lesson.

  • xtinneee

    "His body is like lasagna" I lost it😂😂💀💀💀

  • Jordan

    “Hugh Jackman, what a —-!”I love their feud

  • Shannon Gillespie

    Walk out🤣 just walk🤣

  • pretty slacko

    i literally dont remember anytime ryan has sweared but i know he has

  • Liam Neeson YouTube

    00:06 dont you forget since marvel was bought by disney kids watch deadpool because its disney movie so they know yo swear like a sailor

  • Candy60701 Msp

    I would ask is deadpool 3 coming out

  • Tino Wil

    Why does a 7 y/o have a deeper voice than me im 11

  • FBI

    don't you say anything about where babies come from.

  • David Benson

    Kid: why do u swear so muchRyan: where have u ever heared me swearKid: the dead pool movie Ryan why were u watching that Kid:hmmmmm bye

  • Liam Neeson YouTube

    his least favourite actor he ever met is Stefan Kapičić. or he only hated him in the movie?

  • David Hartin

    Co stars.... Wesley Snipes

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