Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Trump's administration was rocked by reports that he tried to fire Robert Mueller.
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Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  • KingOfMadCows

    Sean Hannity is able to handle the whiplash from all those sharp turns because he has no neck.

  • zoznammic

    The worst thing about this presidency is not the clown in chief himself, but everyone out there still supporting him and deflecting the facts. They all should be ashamed (or deported onto some abandoned island).

  • Lori Elhassani

    IMPEACH! Seriously, I'm tired of watching the multiple reasons pile up and he is STILL in office!

  • Mandy B

    The more I see Trump, the more I cringe. He's getting creepier by the minute. I'm guessing that by tomorrow all of my resistance will go and it'll only take one word for his voice to sound worse than fingernails down a chalkboard. Please, for the sake of your allies' nerves, get rid of him!!!

  • Kevin Sebastian

    Since when does Fox News have journalists? More like paid trolls.

  • Jim's videos

    "Journalists" at Fox "News" lol omfg

  • RurouniStarchild

    1:50My gosh... for once... I... I actually AGREE with Trump!He's all KINDS of TRAITOR!Well said, Mr. "President!"

  • Priscilla Jimenez

    "The president said it's fake news. It happened last June."-Fox and FriendsSo is it fake news or did it actually happen last June?

  • Serai3

    Twitler believes Mueller would hold that ridiculous grudge for years because THAT'S WHAT HE WOULD DO.


    MAGA Mueller Ain't Going Away

  • Corey-Shae Hurley

    "That's just New York talk," like "That's just locker room talk"?

  • Hame Kharpuri

    Have the family of the fox crew been taken hostage by the trump administration or do they do this because they enjoy it?

  • Cole Krieger

    I feel like no matter your political affiliation, you have to admit the answers trump gave to those questions were just not good answers. It only takes a moment to get your thoughts in order before you speak. He just literally does not think twice about what comes out of his mouth. Also he is a bad man.

  • shananigans08

    Hannity, seriously? Do you ever listen to yourself? So after what you have been trying to disregard as fabricated information... is actually verified and presented to you, ignoring it completely and changing subject is your best move? What sort of reporter/anchor/journalist or whatever you want to call yourself, are you? And then you have the audacity to ask why he doesn't have the right to "ask these questions?" But, but...I thought you guys vehemently denied him even having anything remotely related to this entire subject! Such hypocrisy! Shame on you and those that follow your "logic"!

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ

    If Trump fired Bob Muller, republicans in congress will still back Trump because they don't believe in check and balance of power.

  • madcurls

    Fox News; what a joke. Please do a survey of it's viewers and you'll find many of them are angry old people whom sit around in hot living rooms with their TVs blasting as they bark relentlessly into the air . My elderly aunt  would rant on-and-on about Obama birth certificate and  Obama that. I sometimes thought about getting a water hose to separate the two.

  • Mother Nature

    When people say anyone could be President they weren't kidding.

  • Lookintomyeyes

    trump accuses Mueller of holding a 5-year-grudge because that's what trump would do.

  • Joe Bloe

    Trump, you certainly all kinds of traitor!

  • Horizontal Tendencies

    Starting to believe we’re in a simulation

  • Roberto Iván González Bueno

    I think what's most disturbing about all this is something that is actually not very noticeable. In the lower third on the Piers Morgan interview clip it reads: "I would certainly apologise if you would like me to do that". First of all, who has every said that in a formal setting? Second, who says that to someone whom they don't owe the apology to, other than when your dad asked you to apologize to your mom. And third, and that's how I know he's a psycopath with no empathy: he doesn't get how apologies –sincere apologies, even though that's an oxymoron– work. One does not bargain an apology. Apologizing is one of the most vulnerable moments in our lives, and when we truly are stripped of all our pride, yet vested in our most dignified outfit. Apologizing means you realized you had done a mistake, meaning you know yourself and the world well enough to know when something is wrong by YOUR standards. If you don't have any standards, well then, you may never feel guilty and never feel the need to apologize. And finally, apologizing is an act of reflection and thus, growth. Apologizing makes invariably makes you a human being. So what are we to think of a man who never seems to feel the need to apologize?

  • Russell Fine Arts

    It's obvious, Trump's guilty of obstruction of justice! Going back to 2014, Eric Trump admitted that his dad's company borrowed over: $100 million from Russia as no U.S. banks would finance his profit-losing golf courses. Russia admitted to helping Trump win the election as they didn't want more sanctions for invading and occupying a foreign country: Ukraine, which Hillary promised to do. This should be the easiest crime scene investigation of ALL TIME!!

  • chad gayken

    I'm not sure if FOX is pro Russia or Pro Republican? Is it possible it could be both?Question 2: Why are some Republicans so worried about this investigation about Russian interference and Obstruction of justice? Could it be those same republicans are being paid off with Russian money?

  • Marie-Therese Hayes

    Funny he says he got great press when he was a business man. I watched a documentary about him from the 80s and he was complaining about the fake news then!

  • No need to worry about my username

    Imagine hannity saying "Yeah, maybe Obama did want to fire a special counsel who was investigating him for obstruction of Justice. Big deal! I mean does he not have the right to? You know what, we'll talk about this tomorrow"

  • Deb D

    Regarding the theory that Mueller holds some long-festering grudge about golf club fees makes perfect sense in Trump's world. In that same year, 2011, Obama told some jokes about Trump's presidential aspirations at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Trump STILL holds a grudge about that. Hence, the systematic un-doing of all Obama's policies, initiatives, and of course, the Affordable Care Act.In other words, Trump thinks everyone is as small and petty as he is.

  • Joshua Price

    Piers Morgan and Donald Trump in the same room? There's not enough content in my stomach to cover how much I'll need to vomit.

  • Alondra Silva

    All political opinions aside, I’m just really tired of hearing about the dumb things Trump says everyday.

  • Akshay Vasant

    As a businessman, you filed for bankruptcy 5 times I think.

  • Chris wicks

    Treason is a Capital crime.

  • CavemanJesus4Life

    Obstruct, to Obstruct. Can I Obstruct?I love when Hannity makes himself look like a an idiot. That's everyday

  • Star Cherry

    I actually don’t feel any sympathy for Melania Trump, she did sign a prenup after all, so when/if she decides to leave him she’s covered

  • Dana LaMure

    God I love you. Never seen anyone crash and burn that bad lmao

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    Trump did it either because he's guilty, or a blithering idiot..... Or both... both is good.

  • trnharris

    Spicer. Still tellin those spicey lies

  • Sandra Nelson

    Trump is an out of control tantruming two year old. He can't be treated as an adult. He wants his own way, right or wrong. The legality of the issue doesn't concern him, he must have what he wants, when he wants it. Good parents don't let their children get away with this behavior. There must be repercussions and discipline.

  • vazak11

    The GOP and Fox are so corrupt, great coverage!


    Trump reminds me of most all voters... They don't know what the hell they are taking about. PROVE ME WRONG, ANYONE, PLEASE!!

  • MissAshley42

    Forget "fake news." Those FOX News folks are fake people. I refuse to believe human beings can be so sycophantic and brainless. They clearly have to be some kind of advanced androids or trained pigs in human clothes.

  • Fredrick Smith-something.

    The press ALWAYS sought him out? Really?Says the guy who has a FAKE NEWS of himself on the cover of TIME MAGAZINE " Man of the year".. This ego

  • SilkyC

    "Bring me my 5 year hourglass!!"

  • Billy Smith

    North Korean news has more credibility than Fox News. And that’s not a joke.

  • Jarvias Owens

    Get Trump out of there!!!

  • James Harris

    When you are the unofficial propaganda wing (FOX NEWS) of the GOP, and you are covering a lunatic, it is not always easy to do your job, especially when the truth is always in need of 'adjustment'.

  • Bogmire777

    Trump is not a good dude

  • It’s Barker

    Bob Mueller is an American hero.

  • AbeO DEZ

    Well he admits that he is all kinds of traitor And I do believe the President has too much power Now firing everyone who is trying to stop him ONE man shouldn't have so much power, it only leads to corruption Love Seth

  • Terry G

    He's all kind of moron!

  • Roedy Green

    Trump may not know the history of a racist organisation, but he surely knew the contents of the three racist tweets he retweeted. He must take responsibility for their content.What he is doing is like sending a picture of a dog shitting to his mom and claiming he did not know what the picture was.

  • ozvoyager

    Yeah, it's such a mystery that Trump has attracted so much media attention over the years.  Of course, adopting a fake name - "John Bannon" - and pretending to be your own PR person while calling the press to talk up everything from your dates to your latest dubious business ventures might have something to do with it.

  • aprilwearsgucci❤💋

    It's Mueller Time.

  • Angel Rivers

    Donnie is such an A-hole.

  • Leah Villmer

    Not only is Trump awful, he's also offal.

  • Jake Grunwald

    They were booing the media

  • David Weiser

    Trump, replies, "I'm not a feminist. I'm all for groping women without consent. My daughter loves it when I do it to her."

  • Graham Strouse

    “I’m all kinds of traitor.” Trump has a sudden and illuminating attack of honesty...

  • Barry Nichols

    Joe Manchin is not part of the resistance Primary him

  • jed Tomczat

    fake news fake news that cop out line is getting so dam old, anything negative or critical is immediately labeled fake news. the way he has turned people against news is scary, he's taking steps out of the dictators playbook. trump has the intelligence and behaviors of a 6th grader and he has the nuke codes its terrifying. and fox and friends they are pathetic the way they fondle trumps nuts is a joke they are the fake news

  • Alex Quaesar

    Donald trump is for men, women, for everyone? So he's bisexual? Neat.

  • Juan Diego Alvarado Karste

    Why is nobody talking about the influence that Ruppert Murdock has in Fox News and his alliance with Donald Trump? Fox New's agenda of supporting Trump no matter what, raises a lot of questions about Ruppert Murdock, not Hannity, he is just a puppet in Murdock's theater. The most important questions are: What is Murdock getting out of Trump? What is his true power? Why is no one talking about him? Is Trump the president or just another puppet, like Hannity?

  • Cinni Minni

    You used to be funny Seth. Shilling for the corrupt democraps has ended your career. it's ok that Oblamer abused the FBI and DOJ to spy on Pres. Trump, setup a non-investigation for Killary, and then cover it all up in a package saying Russia collusion. This is beyond believe. Oblamer, Killary, the democraps and you trying to start WWIII and throw the US Govt. Too much. What ever you are being promised, you will LOSE and continue to LOSE! Hope your career was worth it.

  • Cinni Minni

    Those were MSM shills like yourself. Switzerland treated President Trump like a rock star! Most of you shills have never even heard of this annual meeting.

  • PS Wright

    I thought he was about to start singing Steve Miller, too! lol

  • Dark Star

    You know, if Trump didn't know who "Britain First" was when retweeting them, I'm once again wondering if he writes his own tweets, or if he just gets that racist cheeseburger in his bed to manage his Twitter for him.

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