Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Trump's administration was rocked by reports that he tried to fire Robert Mueller.
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Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
http://www.youtube.com/user/latenightseth #ACloserLook #LNSM #SethMeyers
  • I Am

    "I'm all kinds of traitor," - Donald Trump 2018

  • K L

    If you are hired to work as a liar like John Spicer man that job sucks. I don't know if I want that job

  • Dave Dee

    7:50It should be noted that McCabe's wife lost the election but she got a higher percentage of votes than Trump did

  • lorna nunez

    Trump it's because people don't like you. Your friends are afraid of you. Your a hater, Easy to hate, love to hate. Your a woman hater and a racist. You hate women because the pretty ones don't want you. The young don't want you. The ones you can have you don't want.. your a racist. Because. You want to have all white people on a

  • Chris Durgin

    That Rat Undermining Many People TRUMP get it get all the rats

  • J M

    You want to know why you get press Donny Dump? It's because you've turned the government of this country into a bad reality show. Because you don't give a rats fart about your job, you only care about getting more publicity for yourself, you disgusting garbage person.

  • Addicti0nz1

    All of this is nothing compared to how trump jokingly said he would nuke California

  • Catherine Hier

    Trump is a crazy sickening man. He's evil and will be making changes that will destroy our marvelous country and much more. I have never felt angrier towards a man who believes he is God. You are disgusting!

  • Vidya Sonavane

    because he is innocent ?😂😂😂

  • lorna nunez

    Hannity. He should be fired. For kissing trump ass, and misleading the public. WITH OUT, his severance package.

  • hank wang

    trader or traitor which one is him? LOL

  • Liz Martin

    I'm all kinds of traitor... there you go

  • Zorro II

    Hannity and Fox News has helped propagate Russian fake news and Trump lies. Face Book, Twitter and Fox News need to be investigated for collusion too!

  • luvvinallmusik 57

    I alternate this with the "tippy top" WH Easter Egg ramble ACL. Both r classic.

  • Phil S

    Well talk about that tomorrow since Fox viewers cant remember heres car keys to distract you...

  • Kevin Nelson

    Hannity and fox and friends are just going to blame Obama and Hiiary for Trump wanting to fire Mueller

  • Lois Defelici

    What a complete narcissistic early dementia maniac

  • Masha Kalinkina

    Hannity is Archie's Jughead all grown up.

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    "There are many, many sides, but some people even call me Maurice!" "WAH WAH!" "ERIC! Please go back to your room! Daddy is talking to his friends!"

  • Sam Downer

    LOL Trump thinks he is a politician...bahahahahahaha

  • TheWalletWaffling

    Trump possibly cannot decided which gender he will be.

  • Art Marquez

    Brilliant idea! The Titanic hitting another ice Burg or at least docking near one would have allowed for all of the passenges and crew to be saved by off loading passengers and refilling boats.

  • shortstoppirate

    i dont think there is any way to convey how much i hate trump, his voice makes me kringe

  • 8alot4t

    SO - you didn't think to check 'em before retweeting you dense twit!! Ugh what a lazy lying pothead of a president. Ohhh I didn't mean to press the nuke button - really `i just intended to send them a warning :(

  • Jeffrey Bull

    "Tell the lie. Make it big. Repeat it often and be sure it reaches the population with the highest concentration of the least intelligent" Josef Goebel. Hitler's minister of propaganda.

  • eddsramm1

    Seth is the funniest. Especially when he talks of donald Chump, But then again he picks donald Chump to talk about, who cant make funnies of donald Chump and his XXX woman?The worst

  • Avon Pendragon

    Robert Mueller. . . he can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He feels no pity or remorse or fear.

  • Mary ann Bensette

    Stupidest liar alive !

  • Alison S

    9:34 That's not realistic!! There's way too much work on Trump's desk there.

  • Pam Timmins

    Hysterical, we have to laugh at this chaos and chaotic nutcase in the Whitehouse or we will cry, thanks Seth for making us laugh

  • Naþan Ø

    New York, New York. The city so nice they fired Robert Mueller.

  • Spyderred

    How much longer will the Republicans continue to put party over patriotism by protecting Trump?

  • Ingeborg Gueldner

    You think you are a politician? Not even close.

  • Michael Quarry

    Fake oxymoron news. The Cartoon channel make sense then those wacko crack heads.

  • jjonestowne

    "i'm Ray and i quit smoking w/Chantix!"

  • Kevan Gunn

    Is it a coincidence that Trump hates women when he has Clinton, Huckabee, Conway and his daughter setting examples for him.

  • Masha Kalinkina

    Why cant he just say "I made a mistake & did the wrong thing & now know more/better"...!? Even over shockingly "minor" things like retweeting Britain First clips. I mean, that's Such an easy way to get out of trouble in effect And be seen as more honest.

  • Brian Smith

    senile febrile doddering old paranoiDonloon is the living embodiment of a spoiled little rich boy who never had to fucking grow up...and a heart a brain or a soul...fucking Donpressing as ALL HELL

  • Naum Rusomarov

    Hannibal Lecter is more vegan than Trump is a feminist.

  • bender42 bender42

    American democracy crawled up its own ass by electing Trump, now tRump is pulling it out its own mouth, he's about to push it back up its own ass again. If this cycle continues for much longer, it'll collapse in on itself like a dying star. I'd say that Impeachment is the only way to undue the sheer gastrointestinal damage this causes... But that would leave us with Mike Pence. Better.... But only in the context of the abysmally bad standards we've set for ourselves here.

  • hownow

    Traitor Trump is just a fucking nutcase like his Traitor TrumPutinTard troll bots ... (-;

  • Jack Rosenman

    11:23 she's queued to show her tits to the zoomed in camera for higher ratings. It worked for me and I hate FOX News. Well, I did.

  • oscar fierro

    How in the hell Trump got. To be president?... must have a doctor who's going to check psychological tests on the future president?. How all Donald passed that test is a mystery?

  • Michael Quarry

    Trump is a very very retarded child. He through childish fits. Trump should be removed cry baby. Trump has always been a little coward child.

  • Alcagaur1

    We're beyond "compartmentalized" and into polyphrenia when Don-Don thinks that "John Barron" and "John Miller" had nothing to with all the press attention he was getting.

  • Andrea Brozek

    Donald, Could it be that as time passed, you turned into more and more of a DICK? I think that might be it.


    It's cause you're a GOOF and a retarded pumpkin

  • Gregory Ashton

    Well we’re really big in space right now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the Space Cowboy.

  • Adrian D

    It thinks it's a politician? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Julie W.

    Fox is absolutely a propaganda channel, and that f'ing "Democrat" is the one that voted for Kavanaugh. I think he may not really be a Democrat. But I LOVE how the NY Times is "fake news" whenever it's bad, yet they CLEARLY don't think the NY Times is fake, but then when it's good, they are the first to report it. This is EXTREMELY straight forward obstruction of justice. I can't BELIEVE these Fox reporters, "Yeah it may be true, but do you even care?" SERIOUSLY??? OF COURSE you should care! And WHY is the President of the United States INTENTIONALLY sending racist things. IF YOU TWEET something, as president, you damn well better be sure of your source.

  • DuckNamedCarl

    I haven’t seen someone crash and burn that bad since Paul walker.

  • Roedy Green

    Trump may not know the history of a racist organisation, but he surely knew the contents of the three racist tweets he retweeted. He must take responsibility for their content.What he is doing is like sending a picture of a dog shitting to his mom and claiming he did not know what the picture was.

  • Nhan Ha

    Of course it true . That’s how trump fix thing by firing them

  • lorna nunez

    Locker room talk was patented you cannot use that one

  • doug keyes

    Republican - Democrat there is really no difference all guilty asf

  • 4D4plus4is4D8

    Trump: "Someday someone will explain why I always got so much media attention."It's because you made up a fake PR agent and called the newspapers to tell lies about yourself, you fucking weirdo.

  • Sam Downer

    Trump likes to tweet becasue he is a bird brain

  • Jandelle Cobbs

    I didn't do it (create the original video) I just tweeted someone else... Uhhh, you mean spread fake news to your 50 million followers? (+ once you add the additional retweets of your followers) ???? Trump = Fake News!!!!


    Sean Hannity is a trump buffoon. As is the entire Fox staff and it's owner.

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