Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how Trump's administration was rocked by reports that he tried to fire Robert Mueller.
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Did Trump Try to Obstruct the Obstruction of Justice Investigation?: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
http://www.youtube.com/user/latenightseth #ACloserLook #LNSM #SethMeyers
  • GreatDayEveryone

    The man who called news outlets pretending to be his own publicist pretends he doesn’t know why the press talks about him

  • jjonestowne

    "i'm Ray and i quit smoking w/Chantix!"

  • Teri Browning

    TrumpDog Is. Creepy. Donniejr. Criminal. Creepy

  • Sam Downer

    Trump likes to tweet becasue he is a bird brain

  • Ingeborg Gueldner

    You think you are a politician? Not even close.

  • 4D4plus4is4D8

    Trump: "Someday someone will explain why I always got so much media attention."It's because you made up a fake PR agent and called the newspapers to tell lies about yourself, you fucking weirdo.

  • Meghan O'Brien

    6:03 in all fairness donald trump is the type of person who will hold a grudge for 10+ years so he probably is under the impression that everyone does. I am fairly certain that his problems with the nfl has more to do with him suing them years ago rather than kneeling.

  • Craig Mather

    Trump has been the greatest addition to comedy since they slapped the stick.

  • Scott Dunning

    Fire Muller Ruller 😂😂😂

  • doug keyes

    Republican - Democrat there is really no difference all guilty asf

  • Julie W.

    Fox is absolutely a propaganda channel, and that f'ing "Democrat" is the one that voted for Kavanaugh. I think he may not really be a Democrat. But I LOVE how the NY Times is "fake news" whenever it's bad, yet they CLEARLY don't think the NY Times is fake, but then when it's good, they are the first to report it. This is EXTREMELY straight forward obstruction of justice. I can't BELIEVE these Fox reporters, "Yeah it may be true, but do you even care?" SERIOUSLY??? OF COURSE you should care! And WHY is the President of the United States INTENTIONALLY sending racist things. IF YOU TWEET something, as president, you damn well better be sure of your source.

  • Alcagaur1

    We're beyond "compartmentalized" and into polyphrenia when Don-Don thinks that "John Barron" and "John Miller" had nothing to with all the press attention he was getting.

  • Maranda Gillespie

    I think the president should not be a loud to fire people unless he sees that person as a threat to our nation's future.

  • Tajic Blade of the Legion

    "And a fine fire Muller Muller to you"

  • K L

    If you are hired to work as a liar like John Spicer man that job sucks. I don't know if I want that job

  • scott carlson

    🤮And this idiot is our president. 😭

  • glenda harris

    Trump is a paranoid lunatic, what a train wreck he is to watch.

  • David Boudreau

    Feel President gets FAKE News? According to Treasontrumpski!

  • Liz Martin

    I'm all kinds of traitor... there you go

  • Masha Kalinkina

    Hannity is Archie's Jughead all grown up.

  • Slomofogo

    The question is this: How long will the USA allow the poorly educated to breed and vote incontinently? In 2020 the poorly educated need to stay home and allow educated people to decide.

  • patricia lafountain

    Too funny, You should ask your wife to be married to a loser...lol Trump wants to give the rich another 5 billion tax cut on top of the 1.5 to 2 trillion they already have. He's just a dictator. We need his ass out of office right now.

  • Serai Rai

    At this point what is worse, trying to wait out the two years and hope he gets voted out, or impeach him and be stuck with Pence? What a nightmare.

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    "There are many, many sides, but some people even call me Maurice!" "WAH WAH!" "ERIC! Please go back to your room! Daddy is talking to his friends!"

  • Mike Dempsey

    How did LBJ become President?

  • patricia lafountain

    Trump would cry if the media stopped reporting on him??? Wow what would he do then? He would have no , it's all about me anymore. I think all media outlets should stop talking about this idiot. BUT then again it's a comedy show.

  • Nhan Ha

    Of course it true . That’s how trump fix thing by firing them

  • Ever Hernandez

    Lol what are "yes or no"...not allowed at all¿

  • Thomas B

    They weren't booing him, they were saying BOO -- URNS

  • Chris Durgin

    That Rat Undermining Many People TRUMP get it get all the rats

  • Ever Hernandez

    this a great video 😂

  • Sam Downer

    LOL Trump thinks he is a politician...bahahahahahaha

  • Howard Kerr

    Here we are, a year later, and SEEMINGLY not much closer to any kind of move against Trump. Pretty much how Trump kept the U.S. from seeing his tax returns, that is delay and "run out the clock" until you can distract the masses with something else.And when all else fails.....DEFLECT.

  • DuckNamedCarl

    Last time I saw someone crash and burn that bad, Paul walker had just gotten into an accident.

  • Pam Timmins

    Hysterical, we have to laugh at this chaos and chaotic nutcase in the Whitehouse or we will cry, thanks Seth for making us laugh

  • I Am

    "I'm all kinds of traitor," - Donald Trump 2018

  • Brian Smith

    senile febrile doddering old paranoiDonloon is the living embodiment of a spoiled little rich boy who never had to fucking grow up...and a heart a brain or a soul...fucking Donpressing as ALL HELL

  • Phil S

    Well talk about that tomorrow since Fox viewers cant remember heres car keys to distract you...

  • Traugott Müller

    Fox News is exactly like the Minitrue in the novel 1984. Changing their story mid-sentence if Trump says so.


    It's cause you're a GOOF and a retarded pumpkin

  • Lois Defelici

    What a complete narcissistic early dementia maniac

  • Jack Rosenman

    11:23 she's queued to show her tits to the zoomed in camera for higher ratings. It worked for me and I hate FOX News. Well, I did.

  • Adrian D

    It thinks it's a politician? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Disability City

    Update your naming list now to include firing jeff sessions

  • patricia lafountain

    .THIS IS A VERY LONG READ ABOUT MUELLER AND WHAT HE HAS DONE SO FAR, if your up to it. .WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge ordered former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos to report to prison as scheduled, rejecting his last-minute bid to delay his two-week sentence. Papadopoulos is to begin serving his sentence Monday. He was sentenced in September for lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation. He had sought a postponement of his prison term until an appeals court had ruled in a separate case challenging the constitutionality of special counsel Robert Mueller's appointment. The special counsel’s investigation has, so far, produced nearly 200 criminal charges against 32 people and three businesses. Five people have pleaded guilty to crimes; including three former Trump associates (former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and former campaign adviser Rick Gates). On August 21, 2018, a jury in Alexandria, Virginia found a fourth former Trump associate, former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, guilty. And 25 Russian citizens and three Russian businesses face charges for meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. Mueller’s probe started in May 2017 and soon expanded to look into whether Trump obstructed justice. He filed charges of financial crimes on October 30, 2017 against Manafort and Gates – who ran the Trump campaign for five months in 2016. That same day, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials. And on December 1, 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI about his conversation with Russia’s U.S. ambassador. He’s been cooperating with the special counsel since. The New Year brought with it a new list of developments. On February 16, 2018, 13 Russians and three Russian companies were charged with meddling in the 2016 U.S. election through social media. That same day, a California man, Richard Pinedo, pleaded guilty to identity fraud for selling false bank accounts, including to some Russians. Just days later, on February 20, 2018, Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan, who has ties to Russia, pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his work and his communications with Gates. On February 22, 2018, Mueller added 32 new charges against Manafort and Gates. But then Gates flipped on the next day, pleading guilty to lying to investigators and conspiracy. Less than two months later, on April 3, 2018, van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in prison and received a fine of $20,000. He becomes the first person to be sentenced in the Mueller probe. Then on June 8, 2018, Mueller hit Manafort again with charges of witness tampering. That led a judge to revoke Manafort’s bail, end his house arrest, and send him to jail to wait for his August trial to start. The special counsel also charged one of Manafort’s former aides, Konstantin Kilimnik. He worked for Manafort in Ukraine and potentially has ties to Russian intelligence. One month later, on July 13, 2018, Mueller charged 12 more Russians with hacking the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election. Things intensify As a Virginia jury deliberated Manafort’s fate in August, The New York Times reported White House lawyer Don McGahn has been cooperating extensively with Mueller. On August 21, 2018, the 12-person jury found Manafort guilty of eight of the 18 financial crimes he was charged with. Gates was the government’s star witness. Manafort faces another trial in Washington, D.C. in mid-September. That same day, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to eight counts of his own financial crimes. He also implicated Trump in his courtroom statement. Mueller had previously handed over the investigation into Cohen to prosecutors in New York. A lawyer for Cohen has said his client has information that will be ‘of interest’ to the special counsel. Like Comment Share Comments

  • DuckNamedCarl

    I haven’t seen someone crash and burn that bad since Paul walker.

  • Andrea Brozek

    Donald, Could it be that as time passed, you turned into more and more of a DICK? I think that might be it.

  • Steve Carrigan

    Only a couple more days until we hear from Mueller - Goodbye Trump, you fucking crook!

  • Walt F.

    They may call him Space Cowboy, but I bet no one calls him the gangsta of love...

  • eddsramm1

    Seth is the funniest. Especially when he talks of donald Chump, But then again he picks donald Chump to talk about, who cant make funnies of donald Chump and his XXX woman?The worst

  • Avon Pendragon

    Robert Mueller. . . he can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He feels no pity or remorse or fear.

  • Karie Hollingsworth

    Manchin is a TRAITOR!!!

  • andrew macedo

    That’s perfect ! Cover up after cover up & excuse after excuse & pointing fingers and just deflect ! Obviously ! Trump has turned on all you guys ! Not even Donny jr is safe trump sells out his own kids !

  • Coletha Albert

    Sniffing is evident 🤔

  • Masha Kalinkina

    Why cant he just say "I made a mistake & did the wrong thing & now know more/better"...!? Even over shockingly "minor" things like retweeting Britain First clips. I mean, that's Such an easy way to get out of trouble in effect And be seen as more honest.

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