High-tech drones steal the show at the Winter Olympics

The new drones by Intel played a prominent part in the opening ceremonies and will continue to be used in medal ceremonies, but their battery life can be limited by freezing temperatures.

  • Sober Grid

    Skynet has come online lol

  • Miley Cruz

    I like fireworks, but now I am starting to love these digital fireworks. very well😉👍

  • 조예나

    대한민국 우리나라 너무 자랑스럽다 최고다~~!

  • 보솜

    Guys im korean thats real drone i swear

  • Physics Lagos

    nice Pyeongchang olympic!! nice ceremony with drone!!

  • 김정식

    최고의 올림픽 개회식 평창 동계 올림픽대한민국 만세

  • Princess Park


  • Chris123zxy

    Terrible quality video. Just show the damn drones

  • Utopia Lord

    Samsung and LG Sponsorship.

  • Luís Miguel Viterbo

    Did I hear "less than two pilots"? How many pilots would that be?

  • Jemma Abrantes

    Do A Drone Batman Signal🤔🤔🤔!???...

  • Miguel F

    "less than 2 pilots" , why not just say 1 pilot...

  • 육식은동물살해

    Help Korean dogs and cats. Please ask your Olympic athletes to hold a banner at the closing ceremony, 'I want a ban on dog meat.' You can save Korean animals

  • Dave Brown

    pre-recorded = fake admitted by intel :(

  • 흐이차

    This is a real drone punking net japanese

  • Utopia Lord

    Brought to you by Samsung and LG.

  • Veronica Brooks

    Now I know how I want to be proposed to.

  • God

    Presumably all of you in Yankee doodle dandy land are completely oblivious to the fact that it was all pre-recorded - last December !!!

  • 딸왁굳

    This is not CG it’s real~

  • Eslinger Ultramedia

    Wait until these happy swarms are weaponized. Things will get real exciting.

  • Mike Evans

    Here comes the ufo conspiracy theorists

  • Bloodgod40

    Imagine someone from 1,000 years ago saw this. They would think it was the gods.Technological progress is mind blowing.

  • 游士林

    "Largest number of drones previous to that just over 500? " Plz be serious to ur work, the previous one was also over 1000.

  • ResortDog

    You talk like they actually flew instead of a prerecorded show playing.

  • eerm song

    한국의 5G통신기술이 있었기에 1218개씩이나 되는 드론을 저렇게 정밀조정할 수 있고 기네스북에도 오르는거지 미국에선 5G기술이 없어서 절대 저런모양 못만든다.쟤네 기술로는 드론 600대가 한계야.왜냐하면 5G기술은 한국이 개발해서 지금 세계최초로 시도하는 것이기 때문에. 사실 5G기술만 있으면 드론은 인텔이 아니라 중국산 드론으로도 저렇게 할 수 있어

  • Chris Johnson

    Less than 2 pilots??? Who says that.

  • 표승연

    2018Olympic=평창동계올림픽 <--Korean

  • Scott Engram

    "less than two pilots" soooo uh one?

  • Tomáš Rakuščinec

    2:46 - less then two pilots can operate the drones? One and how many? :D

  • zzibiya

    Amazing drone show is all possible thanks to 5G .

  • 이가영

    For those who keep thinking that those are cg...they are all drones 1208 was it?

  • Wan Seok Seo

    Director Song made great jobs! He was an actor in the 80"s. He changed into music and concert director and he made Nanta. I really impressed about his new jobs!!

  • Sherlock MacGyver

    FAKE NEWS .... they never did the drone show at the Olympics, it was pre-recorded from back in DECEMBER http://www.nydailynews.com/newswires/sports/latest-wellinger-withstands-cold-win-olympic-gold-article-1.3811252https://www.geekwire.com/2018/intel-sets-record-1218-drone-salute-olympics-opening-ceremony/

  • Eran Yoran

    ⚠⚠⚠ #abcNews, Please Stop promoting this #FakeNews !!! Intel’s drone light show never got off the ground for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. You are airing pre-recorded footage anyway. Why?www.recode.net/2018/2/10/16998652/drones-guinness-world-record-pyeongchang-2018-winter-olympics

  • mika line

    Just PERFECT 👍💕💕💕💕💓💓💓💓😍

  • KarenVS&Rexie

    Please help end dog meat in S Korea and throughout Asia. Torture is beyond cruel to make the meat taste better they say. Prayers to ban dog meat trade.

  • The Greenman

    Great. It starts as something fun like the shape of a snowboarder, dove etc. But be prepared to have rammed down your throat 7 nights a week/365 days a year corporate advertising. Seeing Pizza Hut logos in the sky, Ford Trucks etc. etc. That's what will ruin the entire gimmick so that you wont even want to see one of these coordinated drone shows.

  • YC S

    We Koreans love American high tech as well as liberty. We hate north korea and their president moon jae ang.

  • Mike McGlock

    Take that, North Korea

  • GS Wing Nut

    How to take something that should be amazing and mind blowing and turn it into another pathetic politically run of the mill boring commercial.. I'm disappointed.. :/.

  • eges efseg

    This show never mention how more than 1100 drones can be manipulated so smoothly by one person. lol Look at the previous drone show. The Pyungchang one is much more advanced due to Korean 5g technology.

  • MrBrunoLandon

    There were no drones at the opening ceremony...not even the 300 that were scheduled.

  • bigsun Jo

    어차피 인텔이 다한건데 머가 한국이 자랑스럽다는 거지 ?

  • ro ti

    south korea's KT's 5G did that! 1218 drones .

  • liz yune

    Nice Pyeongchang Olympic

  • o RION

    ㅜㅜ 마징가 제트가 잠깐 우리 나라 건줄 알고 환호한 골이네..

  • immrnoidall

    now imagine each drone with a 20 shot clip. 20,000 bullets for 20,000 heads. scary.

  • Panzer Blitz

    South Korea is terrorist. They kidnap, torture and massacre millions of dogs and other pets in horrible ways. If you go to their Olympics you are guilty of supporting a terrorist state. The South Korean government is the most criminal in the world, they continue to let this terrorism happen despite the whole world telling them to stop.

  • Kim Kim

    병신들 KT가 왜나와 미국기술인데 아직도속는 바보들이잇네

  • Rich C.

    How many waviers do you need to do this in the USA?

  • charterlau

    Intel sets a world record? Yes, but only with 20 more drones! There was 1180 drones performance in the sky of Guangzhou during FGF( Fortune Global Forum) 06/12/2017. The pre-recorded show in PyeongChang is a good one nonetheless.

  • Only Me

    arh! a sample of tech tools for the false flag conspiracy!

  • Kai Yuan

    North koreans be like dafuqq brooo aint nvr knew there were flying robotic shitsss

  • Birk Nygard

    civilian palestinian live jewish correct dignity praise political turn medal.

  • さくらざわ桜子

    it’s not cg , real drone

  • AGMO

    Its not liv ladies and gentlemen, be crampy

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