Gerard Batten smashes sky news in first interview as leader

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  • JesusChristNeverLived

    Very nice, keep moving forward UKIP!

  • Mercian Saxon

    This is what we want to hear! Finally

  • parkey107

    thanks for speaking the truth gerald

  • Stilgar

    What a monumental prick that host is. The usual tiresome modus operandi of constantly trying to undermine those speaking uncomfortable truths with smug little 'gotchas' is again on display. I despise the media class with every fibre of my being. Props to Mr Batten for his patience.

  • The Green Knight

    If UKIP continue to address this issue they will get their voters back.

  • So Angry

    "But, but....what about Christianity?" Same old Sky. Same old bollocks.

  • yahoopig

    No New Mosques. Got my vote.

  • Simon Blanchard

    Absolutely brilliant interview. Batten not afraid to speak the truth about Islam, which is a political death cult stuck in the 7th century. Hope he puts his name in the hat for UKIP leader.

  • Reality Of Dorset

    Rather refreshing to listen to a guy that tells the truth and will not kneel to the leftists news media.

  • Sunguluez456

    This was sorely needed. Other leaders were too weak or afraid of being labelled to actually talk about policies and issues that need to be addressed. Unless we steer the narrative back to sanity, more bloodshed will follow and it will get worse and worse if we don’t fix it now.

  • Mercian Saxon


  • Schizoid_man

    Wow....seriously considering re-joining UKIP if this keeps up...

  • littlephoto bug

    I went to school with Niall Paterson. He was an obnoxious arrogant twat, safe to say he hasn't changed.

  • pivotset2

    I hope he takes the leadership of Ukip, he talks common sense, unlike the interviewer.

  • Christine M

    Sky news is a joke, not Ukip. What a rude host! Gerard Batten is going to do wonders. The right leader, no doubt.

  • nottmdude

    Batten, I like this chap.

  • Satya Nanda

    Well done Gerard Batten. Not quite Cathy Newman proportions but I am so sickened by the way the fake news media try to portray truth and common sense as somehow outrageous. I would hope the huge majority of viewers agree with Gerard.

  • Alpha Go

    Speaking truth to power

  • Stuart Parkinson

    The answer is yes, the Christian,s have to sign it, we are a Celtic logic law and the Christian,s are still here only on our patience ,as with any other religion that want to come and form a balance with us.

  • First Edition

    No new mosques ...................He gets my vote !!

  • Alert64

    Fantastic, finally a leader with principles and strength to stand up for Britain and its people.

  • PETER-isn't- HERE

    i liked the way batten called out George Soros at the EU,and he holds well against idiot interviewers like this drainer at sky,i would hope,he takes up leader full time

  • Graham Carnson

    What an Utter Negative ,Appeasing ,Pathetic Cretin the Host truly is.

  • ry 96

    This is the leader ukip has needed

  • Stephen

    Surely....THAT is a Leader?

  • Blair Gubernath

    Ok WHY do all of the great people in UKIP hide behind the scenes. Mr. Batten is awesome and very well spoken

  • JRWB78

    Can't flatten The Batten!

  • Shaun p

    Hes got my vote just for sticking up the facts on islam. Sky news and bbc still pushing the same fake news.

  • Mark Clohessy

    Thank God UKIP have a very smart and calm tempory leader this guy should be heading up the movement

  • Sideshow Bob

    britain is the heartland of christianity actually mr interviewer.

  • expat08

    Well handled Mr Batten.Leadership material. :-)

  • peter

    Well said Mr Batten , perhaps there is hope for UKIP after all.

  • Ray Navarro

    Definitely gets my vote 👏

  • dissident atheist

    Dear lord, please give us a political landscape that is comprised entirely of UKIP and For Britain. Thanks,An oppressed indigenous person.

  • Catonius

    Batten the down the hatches.

  • Geordie 103

    If Gerard Batten had taken over the leadership from Nigel, the party would be scaring the pants off the Tories now.

  • David

    I'm torn: I gave up on UKIP & turned to FOR BRITAIN but this guy will restore UKIP if he keeps telling the truth about Islam.

  • NowisEvollovetion

    Mr Batten talks sense, whereas the SKY News talking head is clearly a complete fool. Anything to marginalise any threat to the current power structure by the now rottenly corrupt MSM.

  • sayresy Devino

    De-Niall Paterson - defending the poor muslims..

  • rickross01

    God the media is getting worse by the month, soon any advocate of a policy that puts national interests first will be a racist. Ohh wait it's already that bad.

  • MrEd

    Niall should make the trip back over the water if he's outraged by British principles. Batton made him sound like he was defending terrorists 😂

  • Mack Lee

    I thought Sky was owned by Murdoch. Why are they so cucked and pro-muzza?

  • William Marshal

    Batten doesnt go far enough for me, but its a good start, and refreshing to hear a politician tackling this problem of islam.

  • Pwecko

    I voted for Gerard Batten to be leader years ago when Lord Pearson was voted in. I didn't renew my membership after that. Batten has always struck me as the most serious contender. He isn't a showman, like Nigel, but he knows what he's talking about and he won't back down. I am so glad he's in this position now and I hope he stands for the permanent job. As long as he isn't stabbed in the back by some traitorous scum within UKIP posing as a patriot, he should do well. I hope he will work with Anne Marie Waters and For Britain to build bridges between the new UKIP under his leadership and those who left the party after being spurned by Nigel Farage (who, for some reason, has always had an aversion to the truth about islam) and the grotesque caricature that is Henry Bolton (how the hell he was elected in the first place is beyond understanding). Good luck, Gerard. This interview was a great start.

  • Lesnixonlive

    Tired predictable gotcha hitjob.

  • Jax

    Niall Patersson is getting his talking points from the Gov

  • Gregory Van Der Mewve

    Christians are not blowing themselves up.

  • Paddy Pravda

    The man speaks the truth. Unfortunatley the truth can not be has to be realised.

  • marie1797

    We don't need anymore mosques in Britain.

  • acutelychronic

    i dont think ukip is dead yet because they got a lot of good people still

  • Mk Bln

    sky news corrupt leftist bringing upour bible quran a book of hate

  • Avid Fan

    Do not Cuck, Batten.#NoMoreMosques

  • Thomas Holland

    Okay I'm back supporting UKIP now.This presenter just reignited the fire.They don't even try to hide their biases now these news presenters that's how triggered they are by Brexit and the truth that Islam is an absolute disgrace.


    BANG ON.....saying it how it is....AT LAST.......see how long it is before MI5 send in another infiltrator to make batten look boltons bird 'agent'...

  • John McKevitt

    Its a waste of time asking them sign anytjing they lie!!!!

  • HarshMuffin

    Leviticus is the old testament. Not relevant to Christianity. Go pester some orthodox Jews about it, but you won't because that would be 'anti-semitic'. Cowards.

  • Sn0wman _2064

    Good luck UKIP, and thanks for your stance in the EU these last decades.

  • krileayn

    Smart guy, he should remain leader

  • Owen Sheridan

    This interviewer was trained in the, so what your saying, Cathy Newman School of interviewing.

  • Thomas Irving

    Well done Gerard Batten. I see here a representative of the British people who is prepared to give a straight answer to questions relevant to the problems likely to face the British people in the near future if the present suicidal policies of the government on immigration are not stopped.There is no requirement for such a murderous, insane religion to be allowed in this or any other European country. The problem is. How are we going to handle the present situation? He should get together with Mari Ann Waters and Tommy Robinson to work out a policy of containment which will really gain support of the British people.

  • Number1Daz

    Not the force they was with Nigel but a joke? Come on sky news you are as much of a joke along with the rest of the msm

  • Jamie Doyle

    What a dreadful interviewer.....wont say journalist because he aint one...excellent from BATTEN kept his cool....the facist left media wont like this because it brings the immigration debate to the table.

  • IratePirate

    His honesty is refreshing.

  • Rallan

    Ramadan runs from 15th May to 14th June in 2018. If recent history is anything to go by there will be numerous Islamist Terror Attacks during Ramadan. Following the fall of Islamic State it's likely there will be more/bigger attacks this year. Let's see how well the politically correct media can keep their virtue signalling up.

  • Owen Sheridan

    Batten fo UKIP leader.....


    Fantastic news which henry bolton has gone.

  • Neil T

    Sky News labelling others a joke you say . Really ? 🤣🤣🤣

  • cult of ravenhill

    no new mosques in britain at all!!!!!!

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