Gerard Batten smashes sky news in first interview as leader

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  • Enoch Pow Pow

    UKIP is getting my vote!! , and I hope everyone in the country can see through the media tactics they use to try and slander and silence Gerard batten and tommy Robinson and the vast majority of the British public, the sad thing is the British establishment is the most institutionally racist people you will ever meet. They can’t keep silencing the masses for much longer

  • Stacey

    Keep grubby Saudi hands off Britain. Funny we created America to get religious freedom. etc, and now Britain is faced religious problems again. From extreme crack down to too easy to the point of not caring, and its going to end you if you don't stop it.

  • Hugh Jones

    What Sky News doesn't realise is that more of their viewers agree with Gerard than with the cuck host.

  • 20 20

    sky news reporter got destroyed. what a muppet

  • Huw chardon

    Sky what a bunch of cunts! Just like the BBC,not fit for purpose.

  • I AM

    It's amazing how people hate Christianity even though it's prime teaching is love and forgiveness, yet people will jump to defend islam even though it teaches hatred

  • Flynn Ch

    He destroyed that presentar👍

  • English Warrior

    We need to get behind this man collectively as a nation so there is someone inside parliament forwarding the thoughts of the majority of British people today... also to put a stop to this police state abomination we have going on here where the might of the law is being used to protect a bunch of racist Muslims hell bent on imposing their barbaric traditions and beliefs on us....

  • Shell Beechey

    I wil be voting for UKIP but only if Gerard Batten is leader and only him. Absolutely no more mosque. Half if not more UK don't want more mosque, don't want more immigrants and no more Muslim's in the UK. I don't care if you call me racist, it is the Muslims who have come here with a racist towards us.our governments went to their COUNTRY along with other's and kicked the bees nest so to speak. Then the come back home, and instead of shutting the doors and windows so the bee's can't get in , our GOVERMENT, our QUEEN , our establishment left all our doors and windows wide open for them to swarm in. Bee's being Muslims and doors and windows being our borders. This was an analogy I watch it was a young lad and I wish I could remember who but sadly my memory can be not of it's best but this is one that made it lol. This news turd, trying to make Gerard Batten look bad for not having Islamic Muslim brotherhood back in some way a bigot. See how they work, I hope you are all awake to see how they work UK. We can comment on any issue of a religion we choose , we can select any religion we choose. I unlike most have seen in black and white where the whole purpose /intent is that every living person who does not worship Allah is a inverdales and all must be killed. This is fact this is at the very Hart of their religion, they are bought up on this to do such a thing and in the name of your god is to be rewarded many times over just like if they give their life in a suicide bombing they become a huge honner to their family and his or her family will be looked after from then on for their sacrifice. So yes well said Gerard Batten, they are a race of murders and hate. They kill their own daughters they call it a honner killing. I would be here all day if I don't shut up lol. But I know it is hard to grasp, but we have to and fast if you don't want this to be your grandchildren to live in a world like this . Remember it was our own country who KICKED them and opened our borders wide for them to come in angry. So treason may out monarchy out. As the crown is the power at the top and believe me they have had a long plan to depopulate us, look it up there are quite a few statements in interviews floating around the web .don't take my word for it.look there's things up.

  • Andrew Oldacre

    You can't flatten the batten

  • Hugh Jones

    I didn't realise he was only a temporary leader. I think he should stay.

  • karyn connor

    No no more bloody 🕌, sky news are bonkers ! The question should be , why do sky news think more mosques should be built? The presenter is rubbish, typical Scot.

  • Pax Meds

    Journalism - unbiased, free of agenda, free to ask difficult questions, free to represent both minorities and majorities, free to probe and investigate - in a word FREE. Whatever happened to that idea I wonder? This 'host' should be barred from profession - along with the vast majority of the hacks that infect our airwaves, sadly. Pathetic. Well done Mr.Batten. I like what I hear from you so far. Keep it up!

  • The World Is On Fire

    Leviticus is in the Jewish book not the new testament. We are a Christian nation, not a Jewish one.

  • karyn connor

    Divert immigrants to Scotland , build theMosques, as many as you like, Happy days for the rest of us.The Scots come to England in droves, why? however, when you get here, don’t presume to tell us what we want 👍

  • Tony Ves

    The interviewer is moronic - his questions knee-jerk stuff. He ignore the answers and carries on as if his virtue is enough. Gawd help us if this is what journalsim has become.

  • christopher briscoe

    Gerald Batton is much more switched on to the plans of Islam to invade by immigration and impregnation. He speaks the truth like a true English Gentleman and sends the dark forces of political correctness to hell!

  • Grant Grove

    Please don't beat-up the interviewer. His job is to put the opposite view and give the guest the opportunity to counter the argument, which Gerard did, very competently.

  • Bob Martin

    At last somone speaking up for the British people.Batten for P. M.!

  • william goodnight

    as usual the liberal host wants to justify islamic violence with old testement texts which are 3000 years old and are historical unlike the koran which is for all time and now. the new testement does not promote violence unlike the Koran

  • Spivze Spivatron

    I wouldnt even entertain an interview with the lying islamic media

  • Chris VW T4

    We need this man as priminister , he's cool as a cucumber , knows the facts and seems a very genuine bloke , he is saying what millions of the UK want to say , if they come here they sign to stand by peace or don't come at all , is he talking about every Muslim having to sign agreements as well as new comers , it's time for a big turn around in great Britain , vote Ukip people , I've never heard such a genuine member of a political party before as Gerrard Batten , VOTE UKIP , Chris UK ✌️👍🇬🇧

  • Marty ldl

    Exactly! Well said gerard, this reporter trying to demonize him for speaking the truth , outrageous

  • Linda Jane Lapworth

    UKIP has a big future with Gerard batten in charge!

  • Tommy DH

    what a great man he is

  • Mark Layland

    I have just watched the 2 hour uncut interview with Tommy Robinson and Ezra, I incourage all of the good people of the UK to watch it. It’s a real eye opener how the government is treating the good people of the UK, why is the government pandering to Muslims. Why does the British prisons have so many Muslims in them, send the bastards back to where there forefathers came from. Why should hard working British people’s taxes go on keeping Muslims in British prisons. Tommy Robinson feared for his life in prison, why, because he is making good British people. aware of Muslim grooming gangs that are raping British children. It is unbelievable what is happening in the UK and it’s all within the past fifty years, all you people out there who are about 60 will remember what a fantastic place the UK was when you were young. Why are your grandchildren not having the same childhood as you had, instead they are being blown to bits in Manchester or being raped by some filthy low life Muslims. Many wonderful brave people died in wars for our freedom, do you think they would have died for the way the UK is now? I don’t bloody think so and it’s only going to get worse. Get rid of the present week government and give ukip a chance, this man seems to tell it the way it is, something radical has to be done and the sooner the better.

  • csokipaci 1

    Nobody could relate to the Bible in order to kill somebody, because Old Testament was replaced by the new Testament. This is the essence of the Christianity. Only those people cannot understand this, who isnt familiar with the Bible. Like catholic people in the middle age, or like this reporter.

  • Elizabeth Cartner

    What is wrong with these stupid reporters, why are they so determined to lie to themselves. The Muslims are a deadly raping cursed religious bunch. If their children were to be the victims of the gehad rape gangs I am sure they would have a different call on the Muslim gangs,

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