Gerard Batten smashes sky news in first interview as leader

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  • scott warwick

    This man gets my vote.

  • Sam Crutchley

    Its a free country.... tell that to my landlord the gas lecy and water board the shopping centres and then my weed man. Sick of being skint!!!

  • Michael Lamont

    Oil money will run out one day.Islam will sink our welfare and NHS. 70% of the patients in Israeli hospitals are Arabs. Why are they so violent and expensive???How much of our police force are monitoring any exponentially growing high risk demographic?

  • idaslpdhr

    Can anybody give me the name of the head of the Muslim peace movement, Anybody ?????

  • Alan Parkinson

    @ 5;16....the look on this cunt presenters face when he realises he has been turned over is priceless...haha. Onward Christian Soldiers.

  • Stuart Jamieson

    Perhaps one day the interviewer will come across Islam in its harshest way

  • Fin 04

    The interviewer was getting more unprofessional as it went on, completely silly.

  • francisjtuk

    I used to work with Gerard Batten at BT. Interesting side note - his cousin Jimmy Batten fought Roberto Duran in the 80's to a 15rd decision loss.

  • Bill Horrobin

    All of the Media are the same, they support Terrorists & Terrorism if there's an Atrocitie, they'll say" Ho " he had Mental Problems they had Mental Problems, and there you go again Interviewer jumping in & not let him finish ignorant Bastard, and yes he's right Muslim doctrine or Islam certainly is a Death Culture, if you don't follow their ways ,you'll get the Bomb , Bullet , Knife, ever since that Evil Despot Mohammed wrote that peaceful Book the Koran, 250 million Innocent souls have been put to Death & rising , by the Islamic people's.

  • Wayne Goff

    CHRISTIANS DON'T FOLLOW THE OLD TESTAMENT YOU WITLESS PLANK. THE CLUE IS IN THE NAME...… CHRIST>>>>IANS. Bet Cameron wouldn't have called Muslims fruitcakes! And we all know why.

  • Phil Phil

    It will be great when Brexit is delivered, then that pathetic sneering auto cue reader, will have to fuck off home.

  • Marc Williams

    Ah Sky News at it again with there left wing agenda. Boycott Sky and boycott the BBC.

  • a true patriot

    well done say it as it is

  • Tony Chalmers

    This is England no mosk should be built and all the others should come down.

  • Tony Chalmers

    Sky news a bunch of lying wankers. No one believes you fake news anymore.

  • King Brilliant

    wow, that Naill Paterson is a really disingenuous, ill mannered, uniformed prick.

  • rex tyler

    Infeel sure this man is working hard and is honest

  • Ian Buchan

    Be could not smash a China shop full of China

  • Tony Chalmers

    If you can abide by the English laws then you don't deserve to be here. Simple. Stop being ignorant and report the truth.

  • Tony Chalmers

    You have to abide by the laws in other countries so why is the UK so different.

  • Julia Hancock

    UKIP as got my vote 1 million % ❤️👍🏽👏🏽🇬🇧

  • Nelly Phare

    Gerard spot on, more fake news from sky

  • Patsy Porter

    cool calm collected, Gerard stood his ground nice and clear and fair, a man who is becoming a stronger voice, more please

  • Jamie Carroll

    How much money are sky news paying those people in the background to protest against brexit?

  • Astro Peanut

    The Fake News Drones carry on. EU funded?

  • Steven Howe

    Gerard 'I hate Islam' Batten has turned UKIP into a Muslim bashing BNP type party - Unfortunately there just isn't anyone better to vote for so begrudgingly they will still get my vote.

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