Kilauea volcano lava cuts off key escape route in Hawaii, man injured

A man's leg has been shattered by heavy lava spatter and a stream of lava from Kilauea volcano has crossed part of a key Hawaii highway.
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  • Irada Kitchen

    Wow can't imagine what people that live there feel. Please be safe!

  • PipSaSqeak

    Judging by the comment section, it seems like everyone is misinformed so heres my best summing up the incident (I'm no Hawaiin or American but here goes). The lava is only affecting an area known as Leilani estates and others, Scientist did say thaat people could volunteerly evacuate, Everyone was aware and knew that there houses will be eventually destroyed by Lava, No Hawaii is not gonna explode and end the world.

  • Trevor Tucker

    The lava hit his shin, and shattered it. Was it hardened already?

  • you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together

    i am aware from the comments that its not as major as the media makes it seem. but allow me to just admire how beautiful nature is

  • eliminatorxx713

    Wow I can't imagine the pain. I cry just by accidentally bumping my shin on hard surfaces. Getting the weight of a refrigerator dropped in your shin, my soul would have left so quickly.

  • RandomNumber

    I wish the media would STOP over-dramatizing and sensationalizing this. I have relatives on the mainland who are texting me every 20 minutes with "Are you okay? We just saw X on CNN!" For example, you said: "When the lava hits the ocean it causes another danger for residents on this island," then you go on to list hydrochloric acid, steam, lung, skin irritiation, etc.. You make it sound like that's a danger to "EVERYONE ON THIS ISLAND," but it's not. It's only a danger if we're standing VERY close to the flow (within maybe 50 yards). That cloud dissipates almost instantly, so it's really not impacting anyone on our island -- because nobody is standing that close to the flow! In fact, we've had another active lava flow hitting the ocean for the past couple years straight (flow 61g) and nobody on CNN freaked out about that. (Probably because it didn't cut through a residential area, so the video wasn't as dramatic and easily sensationalized.) I realize the old news mantra is: "If it bleeds, it leads," but seriously, try to at least get your facts straight. You're causing unnecessary panic and you are killing our tourism, which is costing people jobs.

  • Christopher Webber

    The lava is not spreading through our the island but more in one small corner of the island. 95% of the island is in no danger and is fine.

  • Janet Fisher

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but honestly, folks who do not know this island, who do not do actual RESEARCH on what's happening here, should not be doing these reports. You have lovely pictures, but your fact ARE COMPLETELY INCORRECT. Our island is the size of Connecticut, and has NINE lava zones. PART of zone 1 is active flow. (Do you have flood zones where you live? Does zone 1 flood regularly? When it floods in zone 1, does zone 9 flood?) Your reporter had so much exaggeration in her report, it was ridiculous. The "entire island" is NOT affected - very LITTLE of the island is affected. Yes, it's horrible for those who are impacted, but it's one little part of our island. Yes, lava tosses debris - but it's only in the immediate area. The man who got hit in the leg should have evacuated that area. The only folks who can possibly get hurt by lava at this point are those who refuse to leave the area. For Heaven's sake, stop being so sensationalist and get some facts before you report like this. Go look up "lava zone map of Hawaii island" and take a look at Zone 1 (where only PART of it is active). Thanks.

  • Katie Weinhold

    This is so heartbreaking. Praying for everyone in Hawaii and their families.

  • Morrigan Ravenchild

    I just want people to stay safe.

  • kinte1870

    So part of the road blocked in 2014 is still blocked in 2018. Total failure on the local government to get that route open.

  • Sunny Girl

    I pray not only for the people but also the pets & wild life that may be trapped as well!


    The Russians colluded with the lava.

  • Snow._Sniper ._678

    I send my prayers to Hawaii and hope for the best

  • Don House

    I live n Kentucky everyone is praying for Hawaii. You are in our prayers🙏

  • Vanessa Flores

    Mohana the Disney movie, they knew this Volcano was going to erupt.

  • Boba Fettuccine

    How long have they had to evacuate now?????

  • eyes open

    they had plenty of time to leave if they didn't it's their own fault! they should(edit shouldn't) put rescuers at risk because of ignorant egotistical people who choose to stay knowing the risks

  • kazehana877

    Its not hydrochloric acid, its sulfuric acid

  • Yandere DataDigger


  • Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make

    Was it hardened already?

  • Meustice

    How can lava hurt you. Dude just pour water on it lmao

  • Lauren Goodwin

    As one who has lived on the big island for 7 months, please keep in mind that this volcano is affecting a very small (and pretty remote) part of the big island! MOST of the island is in zero danger and a lot of businesses are suffering unnecessarily because people are canceling vacation plans due to disingenuous and ignorant media reports!

  • Guy Scott

    Send in the Climate Barbie... if we can add a carbon tax, it will stop all this pollution! She has kids you know.

  • Lady D

    Its not "spreading all throughout the island" - its in one section of a large island. Still plenty of safe places to be. Not really fair of you to make it sound like the whole island is now covered in fresh flowing lava. What if this was your town, state, country, provenance (whatever it's called, wherever you are) & a fairly large portion of your economy relied on tourism...kinda doubt you'd be willing to exaggerate the situation if you were directly effected by such exaggerations.

  • John Magee

    we should pray for hawalis

  • Drive 99

    Sitting on balcony,how close or how far away from it was he?


    Madame Pele is asking politely for residents to go away. Heed her warnings.

  • Brina The makeup witch

    Just one injured?!?!? Great job Hawaii .... keep those people safe but I pray for the one that’s injured

  • repent now

    If you don't know Jesus CHRIST that's how you will be spending your eternity.

  • Armaan Brar

    Why you guys like The video this is something bad not good so Dislike the Kilauea Volcano

  • eyes open

    oh and prayers don't stop NATURAL GEOLOGICAL PROCESSES! 🤨

  • Jeremy Ordahl

    These poor people can't get a break may God bless those people and keep them safe.🇨🇦

  • Debbie Pearce

    My thoughts & prayers are with the people in Hawaii.

  • blue j

    People need to leave. Just one more picture,right???

  • The Rickest Rick

    Reminds me of the scene where Anakin lost his legs. pst, sub to me

  • Blood Raven

    Just nature doing it's thing.

  • cybershrapnel

    when this is said and done, I hope several of the public officials responsible for not sounding the alarm sooner get in trouble. All these asshat scientists on the news saying there is no danger, we are studying the situation, we are monitoring, etc... They should have at least suggested you leave Hawaii... altogether... I think it is a crime what they have done!!!

  • Miles Anthony

    People are so desensitized to everything that they now officially DON'T understand the severity of lava. Great.

  • Kathy Kent

    Love hugs God bless you all always my friend s.

  • Bob Sullivan

    I thought CNN said the world ended yesterday. Crap, just my luck....I showed up late!

  • TheBagBalm

    Never seen anything like it. Sad and devastating but beautiful at the same time.

  • Charlotte Cannon

    Run, get out, get to any safe unaffected area of the ocean, grab a mask, get to a boat, hot wire it under the dash if need be, get to a safe zone on the other side, or another island. Geez. I was worried this would happen. Thats why you always evacuate even if a precautionary measure.

  • mehmed mehmed

    you have about a week to evacute all .

  • [-S I N O N-]

    Captain Magma: Get him angry and he's bound to erupt. KRAKATOA

  • Fox1nDen

    as usual, people who waited to leave are regretting it now. Not too long before a very massive eruption happens with earthquakes and it will be harder to find helicopters willing to go there to fly you out.

  • Don't ask

    This is just beginning. Shame on officials downplaying it all in the name of tourism, optimism and panic. They should have evacuated the southern section. Yes it’s a pain to leave your home, but it’s even more painful if this volcano erupts into a sea of magma and people have nowhere to go. Kīlauea is capable of creating a VEI 3-5 explosion unlike officials admit. Gases and underwater steam can create this pressure especially if the magma reservoir has shifted as it has done. Fair warning! More important things than tourism right now folks!

  • Peter Peters

    Mother Earth is bleeding. Hope everyone is safe there.

  • Marty

    Stupidity at its peak. Its been erupting for a week. If they didnt evacuate.. O well....

  • Anthony Coburn

    Don't thumbs this up.

  • Daniel H.

    Everyone needs to research the Hilina slump. None of the media outlets are giving us the full picture.

  • TheDarkLord Emperor

    Obi wan: It's over Anakin, I have the high groundAnakin: you underestimated my power!Obi wan: don't try it

  • letsbhens

    Sensationalized inaccurate report! "All over the island" is FALSE and just wrong. Such bad reporting is only adding to the damage, by adding economic damage, deterring visitors. I expect better from CBC. I guess we can cross off CBC as a trusted news source.

  • Jesus Christ

    This is terribleShe thinks bangs are still in style

  • Centauri A Gaming

    Well this is something we don't see everyday. Instead of seeing blue rivers, we're seeing red and black rivers of lava... Looks beautiful from above, but at the same time, hoping that people would stay safe on that island.

  • MsKittysRaiinbowPassiion

    ☹ praying for Hawaii this is so heartbreaking to hear and see hope the guy is okay

  • Black n Tan

    LOL “up to 182 meters” what a specific estimate 👍

  • twoprimo

    These mainland reporters are sooooo inaccurate and are just trying to sensationalize their newscasts. The situation is amazing but limited to a small area of well known activity. WHole lot of "The Sky is Falling" going on.

  • dbl.m.dizzle

    Someone give the heart of Te Fiti back already.

  • Maria Diaz

    Heartbreaking God bless Hawaii

  • Diriangen Nicarao



    Nice Hawaii the most desirable holiday destination for Americans is almost destroyed by Lava eruptions. Keep interfering in other countries matters and lava will soon Erupt in USA.

  • Derek

    Hawaii is going to be obliterated and uninhabitable after this we will only have 49 states when this is done

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