The Dagestan Chronicles - Ep 7. (All-Access of Eid Mubarak with Khabib & his family)

The Dagestan Chronicles presented by Will Harris Productions

I am back with another episode after shaking off this jet lag from being n Russia for days. Here is episode 7 of the Dagestan Chronicles (The Celebration of Eid al-Fitr)

As you all know, back at UFC 223, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov invited me to Dagestan, Russia.

Me being the trooper I am, took him up on his offer and came abroad to witness and learn more about the people of Dagestan.

Directed by Will Harris Productions


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  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    Khabib is such a one dimensional fighter (I'm not a McGregor fan, I've just always been a MMA fan, not a boxer or wrestler fan) but its not long till he gets exposed like McGregor did. Especially when you don't at least have stand up you are so lame, so you can hug a guy for whatever rounds. If you are knocking people out or submitting them then I don't want to watch you.

  • Muhammad Ehsan

    What a true muslim he is

  • reality bites

    Is It true his wife is a towel? What the fuck

  • Philip Petersson

    youre wife is a towel

  • Irfan Raja

    This is the reason why Muslims r so strong in every field . No care for life . They can give their live for Allah. But no other one can do


    Doesn't matter what religion you are but still you can be nice and friendly same khabib should we all be kind and semple.

  • Kaneez Fatima

    The best English, I had ever heard 👂.... Really sweet accent..... 🙂🙂🙂😉Especially khabib's English.... Happy family So down to earth...

  • 『Velikaya Rus'』 Slavyanskiy narod

    Случайно хабиб не озвучил Никко Белика ?

  • Jordan Schlansky

    Damn khabib deserved the win

  • Mohammad Sihabuddin

    Same tradition like Indonesian muslim during Eid, visit our neighbors and family

  • Hicham El bhiri الراقي

  • Muhammad Muhtorzhonov

    Саламалекум хабиб я мусирман спасиба Аллаху

  • Hottyt1

    Fucking Commie Terrorist.

  • WDPLUS -قناة غير رسمية-

    Instead of hes poor or rich... Islam teachs us to stay simple and humble... <3

  • Game Time Mojo

    I wonder if khabib talks shit into his wife's ear like when he's in the cage when he's pounding her at night 🤔😆

  • GilGit Baltistan

    Khabib Allah Blessing u & ur Family ❤❤

  • Dark Reaper

    he attache kick ass but most importantly he make connor tap tap tap

  • talat ahmed

    so much respect for khabib mashallah such a humble human

  • Anatomy of a Fighter

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