Телепередача фазенда

Гибкие бордюры (телепередача "Фазенда" 05.09.2010)

Гибкие бордюры (телепередача "Фазенда" 05.09.2010) Китайские мотивы
Мы решили немного преобразить ландшафт, а для начала обозначить его границы. Для этого мы выбрали гибкий бордюр терракотового цвета. Его можно укладывать везде, даже на такой неровной поверхности как у нас. Готовить основание под такой бордюр не нужно. Получается линия без швов и неаккуратных стыков. А терракотовый цвет -- прямо наша китайская тема. Затем на еще не застывшую смесь нанесли рисунок змейкой, который так напоминает иероглифы. А сверху покрыли бордюр лаком -- для надежности и защиты от погодных сюрпризов.

Гибкие бордюры (телепередача "Фазенда", 17.10.2010)

Гибкие бордюры (телепередача "Фазенда", 17.10.2010) Навес-бабочка.
По краю площадки для машины уложили оригинальный гибкий бордюр. Технология его укладки позволяет делать бордюры любой формы. И для этого не нужна специальная подготовка.

Picapau em Português Desenhos Animados Completos 2017 Live 7/24 HD

Picapau em Português Desenhos Animados Completos 2017 Live 7/24  HD Picapau em Portugus Desenhos Animados Completos 2017 Live 7/24 HD

O Pica Pau Season 1 uma srie de televiso animada baseada no desenho original de Walter Lantz, produzido pela Universal Studios de Animao Universal Cartoon Studios Universal Television. uma verso atualizada de O Woody Woodpecker Show personagens da srie clssica e alguns novos que aparecem em seus prprios segmentos.

O Novo Show do Pica-Pau o nome de um personagem de desenho animado de mesmo nome, um pica-pau antropomrfico (animal corpo e caractersticas humanas), que estrelou vrios curta-metragens de animao produzidos pelo estdio de Walter Lantz e distribudos pela Universal Pictures. Embora no seja o primeiro dos personagens malucos que se tornaram populares nos anos 1940, o Pica-Pau considerado um dos personagens mais notveis do gnero.Pica Pau Novo Portugus Desenho Animado Pica Pau Descendo A Ladeira (Novo)Pica Pau - A Granja Do Pica Pau (Novo) Portugus desenhos CompletoPica Pau (4) Parte 10 Desenhos ( Total 20 Partes 197 Desenhos ).avi
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O primeiro Episdio do Desenho do Stio do Pica Pau Amarelo,Vale a Pena conferir.
Pica Pau - Competio Em Moto Cross
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Episdio especial de Natal, da segunda temporada
035 Pica Pau Cricket Maluco

034 Pica Pau Durma Bem

033 Pica Pau O Mensageiro

032 Pica Pau Delcia Gelada

031 Pica Pau O Xerife

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028 Pica Pau O Fila Bia

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027 Pica Pau A Cartola

026 Pica Pau Mata Gigantes

025 Pica Pau O Ovo da Galinha

024 Pica Pau Roubando Gasolina

023 Pica Pau O Passarinho do Relgio

022 Pica Pau Presuntos Defum

A Fazenda 8 eliminação da Roça Douglas vs JP 03/12/2015

A Fazenda 8 eliminação da Roça Douglas vs JP 03/12/2015 Doas est de volta no jogo. A fazenda na reta final. Esses prximos episdios sero decisivos para chegarmos ao vencedor. Participe deste canal curtindo .

A Fazenda Doas vs JP eliminao da Roa. Como ser que a fazenda vai ficar sem um desses dois. A fazenda est chegando no seu final. No percam .

Inscreva-se, curta epartilhe nosso canal Obrigado e at mais tarde.

Seja bem vindo ao canal de variedades, Tnia Rocha - Tutoriais e Receitas, aqui voc encontrar muitas receitas, notcias, tutoriais, diverso e variedades.

Infested!- Insane Mouse Plague!

Infested!- Insane Mouse Plague! Visit animal.discovery/tv/infested/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 When micen out of food in Streaky Bay, Australia, it leads to a mouse plague of Biblical proportions. The sea is the only place safe from the rising tide of rodents.

Brazil Ka Bigg Boss Videos.flv

Brazil Ka Bigg Boss Videos.flv Nnow-a-days many actors and artists are experiencing disastrous wardrobe malfunction in front of the camera. The Bigg Boss house in Brazil experienced the same recently.

The Night Club 1925

The Night Club 1925 The Night Club - Wikipedia

Directed by Paul Iribe Frank Urson
Produced by Jesse L. Lasky Adolph Zukor
Screenplay by Cecil B. DeMille Keene Thompson Walter Woods William C. deMille
Starring Raymond Griffith Vera Reynolds Wallace Beery Louise Fazenda William Austin
Cinematography J. Peverell Marley
Productionpany Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date April27,1925
Running time 60 minutes
Country United States
Language Eish

The Night Club is a 1925 Americanedysilent film directed by Paul Iribe and Frank Urson and written by Cecil B. DeMille,Keene Thompson,Walter Woods and William C. deMille.
The film stars Raymond Griffith,Vera Reynolds,Wallace Beery,Louise Fazenda and William Austin.The film was released on April 27, 1925, by Paramount Pictures.


Raymond Griffith as Robert White
Vera Reynolds as Grace Henderson
Wallace Beery as Josy
Louise Fazenda as Carmen
William Austin as Gerl

Preservation status

The Ceca Del Friulli, Library of Congress,UCLA Film and Television Archive,George Eastman Museum,Pacific Film Archive all hold this film.

Ghost Paranormal Activities Caught on CCTV Camera!! GHOST VIDEOS

Ghost Paranormal Activities Caught on CCTV Camera!! GHOST VIDEOS Ghost Paranormal Activities Caught on CCTV Camera GHOST VIDEOS

Scary Farm Channeles up with the Most Haunted Ghost Videos ever seen. If you believe in ghosts, youre not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm. In fact, ghosts are among the most widely believed of paranormal phenomena: Millions of people are interested in ghosts, and a 2005 Gallup poll found that 37 percent of Americans believe in haunted houses N9OP8# and nearly half believe in ghosts.

Animals Finger Family Song - Mega Finger Family Collection Part 2! Learn to count with the animals

Animals Finger Family Song - Mega Finger Family Collection Part 2! Learn to count with the animals Its our big Animals Finger Family song collection, with over 75 animal costumes Learn to count as you sing along with Bounce Patrol and all the animals Its the Daddy Finger song with a twist... theres lions and tigers and bears, oh my Plus elephant, giraffe, hippo, panda, farm animals like pig, cow, sheep and so many more Made for children and toddlers to enjoy, so jump up and bounce along with us

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Bounce Patrol make videos for kids - from toddlers and preschool, through to kindergarten and elementary school age.

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Feuerwehrmann Sam RettungsStation Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre SIMBA Toy Unboxing

Feuerwehrmann Sam RettungsStation Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre SIMBA Toy Unboxing Join Tracey again for the all new Feuerwehrmann Sam RettungsStation Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre SIMBA Toy opening and review. Straak Sam - Ocean Rescue Station / Stacja Ratownicza - Simba - 1663038. Oceaniczna Stacja Ratownicza - Strak Sam - 1663038 From the hit ABC2 NETFLIX BBCTV Television Fireman Sam series. This set includes a number of accessories for you to make up your own adventures.
Fully movable figure with life vest . Suitable for 3 years +
The Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Station is the operations centre for ocean rescue. Every rescue operation starts here. The microphone alerts the firemen and they can launch themselves onto the water in their vehicles via the chute and set off for the site of operation. The all new SIMBA DICKIE Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue Centre has fantastic features, such as lights, sounds and a lift. The set contains the ocean rescue centre, the Ben Hopper figure and much more, such as furniture or PA microphone. Youll have lots of fun packed hours of fun.
Letspare this set verses the older original ocean rescue set : youtu.be/gysQ5ys2__Q
Amazon link to buy at the best price ; amzn.to/2adMkip USA Use this amazon link for best price : amzn.to/29Zo6Eq #firemansamus, #jupiterfireengine #FeuerwehrmannSam
SUBSCRIBE : youtube/user/MGTRACEY?sub_confirmation=1. MGTracey theme tune link ; youtube/watch?v=Rf-Pu68ng6Q Fireman Sam is a UK animated childrens television series about a firefighter called Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other Pontpandy fictional folk from Wales. Fireman Sam is the Hero Next Door where he helps with fighting fires, manning the lifeboat, helping the mountain rescue, or joining up with the emergency medical services. Even the new lighthouse
Wee to the MGTracey Fireman Sam YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you can be the first to watch all the best Fireman Sam videos available on YouTube.
Sing his song
When he hears that fire alarm,
Sam is always cool and calm.
If youre stuck, give him a shout,
Hell be there to help you out.

So move aside make way, for Fireman Sam
cause hes gonna save the day,
Fireman Sam.cause hes brave to the core,
Sam is the hero next door

If theres trouble hell be there
Underground or in the air
Fireman Sam and all the crew,
Theyll be there to rescue you,

So move aside make way, for Fireman Sam
cause hes gonna save the day,
Fireman Samcause hes brave to the core.
Sam is the hero next door

Here are my other favourite toy videos;
Fire cks Responding -- BEST OF 2015 youtube/watch?v=TODbytB2UB4
OLD McDONALD HAD A FARM : youtube/watch?v=tdJhPUTrLf4
TOP 10 TOY FIRE ENGINE TRUCKS COLLECTION - 2015 ; youtube/watch?v=PvylPqDDPow
Take Care and Bye for now - Tracey
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Feelin Good by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativmons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: ipetech/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100475
Artist: ipetech/


EDITING REEL GULLO 2013 - 2014 Raphael Menezes Fiorentino Gullo - EDITOR FINALIZADOR

Band - Miss Brasil 2013
Band Folia - Carnaval 2013
TV Record - A Fazenda De Vero (reality show)
Band - Miss Brasil 2012
TV Record - A Fazenda 5 (reality show)
Outubro /2008 Abril /2012

Remembering the coffee plantations of Rio de Janeiro state

Remembering the coffee plantations of Rio de Janeiro state (23 Apr 2009)
AP Television
Vassouras, Brazil 20th April 2009
1. Wide shot, pan showing city of Vassouras and valley of coffee.
2. Pan right from forest to old farm house. Cachoeira Grande (Big Waterfall) farm.
3. Tilt down toins.
4. Coffee tree and beans.
5. Right pan with Cachoeira Grande farmhouse, swimming pool and old slave house in background (senzala).
6. Cachoeira Grande farm house. Left pan to opening front door.
7. Lady walks visitors through the house.
8. Tilt down from chandelier to Nubia Caffarelli talking UPSOUND: (Portuguese) This room was reserved for men.
9. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Nubia Caffarelli, Owner of Cachoeira Grande Farm:
Why was there so much refinement in the Valleys farms? Because of the proximity with the court in Rio de Janeiro, which brought Dom Pedro (Pedro II emperor of Brazil) visitors and nobility to visit here. A curious fact: princess Isabel and Conde DEu had dinner here.
10. Travelling shots of highways, paved and dirt road. Tall palm trees appear.
11. Pan showing large farm house and tall palm trees. This is Ponte Alta farm.
12. Pan long white building. Part of the slave quarters (senzala) at the farm.
13. Man shows model of the farm. the production square
14. Man shows ball and chain used on slaves.
15. Woman serving food.
16. People having lunch at the farm.
17. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Deusa Basilio, Descendant of Slaves
When slavery was abolished my great grandmother never even found out. She never left, not only her but many blacks.
18. Actors posing with period clothes, taking photos with visitors.
19. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Michele Assuno, History teacher:
Coffee had its triumph but also a fast decline. The soil soon became infertile due to the wrong use of the land.
20. Man spreading coffee beans on ground at Fazenda Taquara.
21. Hand shows coffee beans
22. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Marcelo Streva, owner of Fazenda da Taquara:
This is the founder, Comendador Joo Pereira da Silva, started this farm in 1830. The second owner (points)
23. Paintings of his ancestors. The child is his grandmother.
22. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Marcelo Streva, owner of Fazenda da Taquara:
I lived with her here at the house for thirteen years. She is my grandmother. My fathers mother married an Italian descendant.
23. Travelling shot, highway.
24. Wide Shot of So Joo da Prosperidade farm.
25. Owner Magide Muniz in period clothes leading group of tourists.
26. People having tea at the kitchen while the owner lectures on the history of the place
27. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Magide Muniz, Owner of So Joo da Prosperidade farm:
After slavery was abolished, the free slaves were paid for their work and this farm had then this leather coin. This is how they were paid. They bought groceries here at the farm. It was a way to keep them enslaved.
28. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Beatriz Costa Visitor:
Other people should follow their example. This is really charming. Its a return to the past, to our history.
29. Square in town of Mendes Choro style music playing.
30. Musicians playing choro, couple dancing.
31. Man with wooden barrels of cachaa (cachassa) or Brazilianm.
32. Man serves cachaa, two men drink. One says Very good
33. More music.
34. Another farm Santa Cecilia
Northwest from Rio de Janeiro, the region known as the Valley of Coffee was the first important coffee producing region in Brazil.
Coffee production was at its height in the area in the mid 19th century.
But by the turn of the 20th century the industry moved to So Paulo state, leaving behind hundreds of unused coffee farms.
Originally there were about eight hundred farms in total according to a study by the Cidade Viva Institute in Rio.

You can license this story through AP Archive: aparchive/metadata/youtube/6763231fd51bdb82f137d2d898e0b532
Find out more about AP Archive: aparchive/HowWeWork

Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl (Official Video)

Fazerdaze - Lucky Girl (Official Video) Shot by Samuel Kristofski
Edited by Amelia Murray
Styled by Courtney Macris

A big thank you to NZ On Air - nzonair.govt.nz

Song recorded by Amelia Murray and mixed by Murray Fisher

Fazerdaze on Spotify.

Debut album Morningside will be out on 5th of May

You can pre-order here: buff.ly/2mz9TZO

Tourdates: buff.ly/2nLSsoz

28.04 Leicester - Handmade Festival
29.04 Leeds - Live at Leeds Festival
30.04 Islington Mill in Salford - sounds from the other city
01.05 Glasgow - The Hug and Pint
03.05 Bristol - The Louisiana
04.05 London - Thousand Island
05.05 Bournemouth - The Anvil
06.05 London - The Shacklewell Arms
08.05 London - Rough Trade
11.05 Amsterdam - Sugarfactory
18.05 Brighton - The Great Escape Festival
19.05 Hamburg - Molotov - CARDINAL SESSIONS
20.05 Kln - Gebude 9 - CARDINAL SESSIONS
22.05 Paris - The French Escape Festival
26.05.Neustrelitz - Immergut Festival


fazerdaze: buff.ly/2nLGdbA

Hotel Marine Inn (Machado, Brazil)

Hotel Marine Inn (Machado, Brazil) goodsoul.club/hotel/br/marine-inn.html - best price
Hotel Marine Inn (Praca Antonio Carlos, 63, Machado, CEP 37750-000, Brazil)
Hotel Marine Inn offers pet-friendly amodation in Machado.
Rooms include a TV. Rooms are fitted with a private bathroom fitted with a shower. This amodation features free WiFi and private parking.
You will find a 24-hour front desk at the property.
goodsoul.club/hotel/br/marine-inn.html - best price